Thx!They don’t have anything 4 dec..(Voc.Reh.)I’ve an apt.4 in Jan..2 get a job.

for friend B who has been sick for almost 2 weeks with bronkitis and extreme cough so much so that she is now coughing up blood shes been to the hospital and tests showed nothing left without meds continued feeling called her MD he prescribed antibiotic which may have been the wrong med for her she called him back another new med please help with prayers as she herself is a prayer warrior for so many .. all the time so I’m calling on prayers for her…..Thanking you ahead of time

Please pray for my brother, JM. He has Vertigo. He fell and is now in the hospital with bleeding on his brain. They are giving him medication for the bleeding, but he is really really scared. So, please pray for him. He is in his early 80’s.

Please pray for me that I can get transferred away from my supervisor who is causing me so much anxiety and stress that I do not want to live. I do not have a support system, my family is deceased. I please ask that you pray I can get transferred in a positive way soon, my health is deteriorating more now due to my stress. Please I can not take this stress and pain any longer. I pray for people to never have to go through this. Please pray for me to get in a better situation soon. PLEASE I am desperate

I feel lonely, unloved, uncared for. I do not know why I am here, why I am breathing. I want to be loved, liked, someone that gets a call from people because they care. I do not get those. I am always the one that checks on people, cares for them. I Just want to be loved and cared for.

Thx!I’m having a M.R.I.of my back tod..NervousDon’t know if I’ve ever had 1.4 my depress..

Thx!My(pain)dr.’s suppose 2 get the results in 1 to 2 business days.(From M.R.I.)That the pain dr.’ll know the best treatment 4 me.

Thx!I don’t see my chiro.for 4 days.Sorry.I’m in a fair amount of nek&back pain.

Pray for my husband T to get the mental health counseling he needs

I am a Mom of 7 young children and have been struggling with severe dizziness and weakness and other significant health concerns. We are in alot of debt and my husband is working 60-70 hours a week. Please pray that I recover back to normal so I can be there for my kids and husband!

Thx!I’m having a M.R.I.of my back tod..NervousDon’t know if I’ve ever had 1.4 my depress..

 Please pray for me

Thx!His name’s B.J’ll take Bud 2 the vet tom..Sorry.That it won’t cost a real lot.

Thx!That my dog, B’ll be ok so he won’t’ve 2w go 2 the vet’s on Tue..

Please please pray for me. Please pray that I am able to positively be permanently transferred to my old position at work. My supervisor in my new position has caused me deep anxiety, stress and my health has deteriorated under them in a short amount of time. I cannot take this stress anymore and need prayers to help me please get out of this situation in a positive manner. My health has done downhill and I have been very sick. Please pray for me that this person will no longer be hurtful towards me and I can go back to my position that was positive and healthier. I can’t take this mental anguish and pain. Please pray I am in a healthier position. Please help this pain stop