B was found on the floor in physical distress. He is being taken to the hospital now by EMTs. He is a good man who has had a very challenging life. Please give him another chance at life and touch his soul to renew his faith in you,

I am requesting prayer for me (B). I will break my addiction to wine today. I am tired of being tired. Please pray for me as I talk to my wife tonight

Please pray for my daughter who was raised a christian. She is married to a non-believer and has turned away from the Lord. She has a son that my hubby and I are very close to. We watch him 5 days a week until he goes to Pre-K. He is 4 years old. My daughter and I have had words and she is very angry at me. She nows says she does not want me to be around my grandson. As she does not want him brain washed. She says she now believes only in science. That we are from stars. I don’t want to argue with her. We have always been close. UP until covid hit, She was in a prayer group at her work. But now works from home. I saw the change coming i n her. I’m shocked, hurt, confused. Thank you for your prayers.


Please pray for me and my 2 young kids. My husband wants a divorce and I have no support group – no friends or family or enough money to support the 3 of us. Im afraid and alone and I dont know what to do. I really need something positive, anything to show to that me and my kids will be alright. Im desperate.

This prayer is for me my husband and my son. For protection for my husband at his job protection for our family so that we may be protected from our enemies. Bless us dear Lord bless us dear God bless us dear Jesus bless Us dear spirit..give us your blessing give us your guidance give us your protection from all worries and troubles. protect Me, protect my husband protect my son From our enemies from the darkness and from all unnatural things. free us god so that we may be free. Please let the plans of the enemy fail in Jesuss name. Thank you and amen


God, I ask in Jesus name and by his blood that Republicans take the Congress and Senate, Trump wins by a landslide. Thank You.

Yes I need prayer desperately. I am in a relationship with F and he has been hurt and I have been hurt he is suspicious with Christianity we have issues and right now I am trying to reach him and he wont respond because he thinks I didnt answer him. I dont know how to reach him I am praying that God talks to his heart and he get back with me I love him with all my heart and I think he loves me. Right now I want him to respond to me. We are not young. Please pray for him to call me and realize I didnt get his message Please pray that he gets to know that God is good. He had a military life and has seen so much evil. We are tr ying to make a life together

I’ve been depressed since 2015 when my husband (after 25 years of marriage) told me about all his cheatings and porn addiction. For a few months he helped me but then, he quickly moved on and doesn’t care I’m still depressed. He doesn’t understand how deep his betrayal was. Every day I feel worse. Today is awful, I’m so sad, antidepressant is not working. He barely talks to me. He only likes his job and his friends of his church. He spend almost all of his time with them. All my friends left the island after the hurricane. I just ask for a pray. I pray every day but today Im totally weak, not wanting to live, all my d ays are the same. Please pray for me, please.

Thx!4 me,with my depress.&chronic pain.

My fianc walked out on me and out daughter. Hed been cheating for quite some time. He used me for money. Im bitter and hurt. I dont know what to do. I dont know if I should wait for him or just walk away. I want our family healed I dont want to hurt any more. I dont want to think about killing myself any more.

I need prayer for my girlfriend from high school. She has been a good girl, never got in trouble, always attended church every Sunday. I know and believe that this person is the one that the holy father has selected her for me. I need prayer for JR. I pray that she will come back into my life. Amen and God Bless.

TD. Merses disease. In ICU at MSU Michigan in critical condition. Brain bleeds, Heart and lung complications. Please pray for him nothing short of a miracle.Thank You.

Pray for Belarus that they will get freed from their 26 years of their dictator president that the people of Belarus will get to know God and see changes in their country

Please pray for my brother T, he needs salvation……he get extremely depressed, disappointment hits him harder than most, he isn’t able to live a normal life and will not seek help of any kind, he is not able to work at all in his condition, he will not speak of his issue, there is no talking to him about it. He needs the Lord now. Thank you

please pray for me and my situation. We need a wonder of god! His Salvation and shelter in my live. There is a problem but i believe there is nothing to big for god jesus. HE can help and save us and shelter us. Thank you so much! blessings from Germany