I need prayers for peace within myself.I been hurt by so many people since my Veteran husband passed in 2019.I been hurt badly on Facebook bashed on someone’s wall.I have been lied to by many and threatened,I keep getting lied too.The pain just keeps on going.I can’t seem to find peace within myself as I am still grieving for the loss of my husband.Thank you and God Bless.

For being a Christian, my family has shafted me as crazy for honoring my culture since I was a child. They keep away from me because the works of God are good raising up points about living a squeaky clean life when they have addictions like in Proverbs. This was my grandparents culture that I had followed, but they left it long ago to chase the strangers than to keep up with it like at Mt. Sinah for children to remember love and dignity. My heart is raining down tears that ever time I tried to steer them to a good path, they take two left turns, like they’re all in one mindedness. The church of a Christ loves me though because I meet a lot of strangers around the nation’s who love me in the 12 Tribes of Israel for Jesus in a way. I need prayers to move away from them to follow the church. Heal me ofr my scars. Bear my cause like you did the David’s campaign to take me away from my perspecutors to places where I can serve the church. It is my only safespace left where I can love new and old faces to save their lives instead of returning. I trust in their fasting, praying, and kisses even when I don’t get replies by mail because I know they kept me trucking along long-living.

My grandson’s wife is being unfaithful, trying to turn their children against him, too much to go into here.
Thank you.

please help me I am a teacher and I have a student in my class that beats everyone up and punches and kicks and hits me. I need him out of my classroom before he hurts someone. Please help me I need him to go away.

Thx!I’m nervous about my situation! I see the Dr.on the 29th.Hopefuly,then,I’l just have a biopsy&it’ll be ok.4 my mass situation.

Thx!I’m nervous about my situation! I see the Dr.on the 29th.Hopefuly,then,I’l just have a biopsy&it’ll be ok.4 my mass situation.

Thx!4 our Marriage.Also,4 me with my pains.4 healing.

hx!4 our Marriage.Also,4 me with my pains.4 healing.

We are believing that the sale of our business to go through. We have a buyer but there seems to be delay after delay. My husband and I are excruciatingly stressed. He is almost 67 and I am 64. PLEASE PRAY the bank releases the funds this week and the business is transferred to the new owner.

Thx!4 me,with my pain.

Thx!I’ll’ve an apt. with the OB/GYN on the 29th.Now,found out I’ve some masses in my uterus.Now,nervous.

I request a prayer to pay off my debts and sustain an income where I can have the opportunity to help animals in need.


4 T &I with our stress&depress..4 K,with his macular degeneration.Thx!

4 my ankle 2 heal.4 me,with my chronic pain.