i am a vietnam veteran that was exposed to agent orange. AO causes 14 diseases. I have had parkinson for about 10 years. there is no cure for parkinson. Please pray me..WP

Our daughter is getting married to someone we do not approve of. He has called her names, even called his soon to be mother in law names and states it is his way of “humbling” others. He has not worked a single day he has known our daughter. Nor does he show interest. He says he can live off of her salary and claims not working is his “sacrifice” to the relationship. Daughter is a christian, and soon to be husband claims to be as well. Yet when we send verses to them to help, they just twist the scriptures to suit their desires. Daughter used to call often, but thats changed and she would rather listen to her boyfriends parents than her own. They are getting married in 2 weeks and can use prayers and so can our family who is struggling with accepting this.

 I am asking that prayers for my husband to show me signs of love for me I hurt so bad when he hugs and gets so excited to see his old girlfriends. I have told him that it hurts me to see them hug and carry on about all the good times that they have had. He told me that he didn’t want to hurt me but that it would happen again because he still wants them in his life. I know this doesn’t compare to praying for souls to be saved but I hurt daily because of this. I love him and want our life to be happy and living for God. I need help because his lack of devotion to me and lack of his showing that he loves me hurts me daily. Please pray that God will speak to me and him to get us where we need to b

I need faith. I need hope. I am trapped in a negative marriage that once was my light every day. Things change. People change. I am empty and controlled. I wish I could wake up in heaven. Please pray for strength and guidance. Where do I go from here. What is my purpose?

i need someone to pray for me.

 please pray for me cause my mind is messed up but not on drugs just confused

To have heart failure condition healed and to stop smoking

B H. Deliverance from bondage, victory over the enemy, patience, peace of mind, freedom from Kratom. (Drug)

Job house nany

Job baby mental health

My son is an insurance inspector and is driving to Louisiana from Florida. He is an upright and compassionate man who always gives the full limits of the policy to the insured. I taught him to do onto others has they would do unto him. He may be there for a month and probably living out of his’ van. Please pray for his personal safety and protection while there and that The Lord will bring him home safely also when it is time. Thank you so much.

Please god save us from this evil in the world

I pray that my retirement pension and social security meet most of my financial needs. C

 Please pray for Strength, Healing, Protection and God’s merciful blessings for S, M, C and R. Asking this request in the Name of Jesus. Thank you for praying at this time of need and God Bless all of you.

 i need pray .i want my salvation . i have went through of pain and problems. please pray for me