My landlord wants to sell the house that I live in, but is willing to consider a rent-to-own arrangement to give me time to qualify for a mortgage. I need prayer that I’ll be able to raise a sufficient down payment to make this happen. Thank you.


Pray for God to have already heard my prayers for no more trouble with owing money, and for my sister to be healed totally , spiritually, mentally, physically, NOW. NOW. Jesus said, if you pray, ask for anything in my name , I will do it that the father my be glorified. Jesus in your name and by the blood you shed answer my prayers, I ask and answer them NOW. thank You.

Jesus, Please save my job as I need this job to support my family and I ve worked at my job for over ten years. amen


God, please let the money I am paying out be the end of it. Pleased Lord, do not let them take all the money I have. Please God, in Jesus name and by his blood. I thank you.

I feel the presence of evil. Our world and politics are making lives miserable including mine. We are better people than what is happening today and what is on the news today. We need prayer warriors our election is coming soon. If it goes the wrong way America is over. The book of revelations is upon us. Be prepared.

My paycheck was not deposited today. I am already $150 overdrawn. I have rent due today and animals to feed. My phone is shut off until I get paid.. I need gas to get to work for the next 2 weeks. I REALLY need a miracle.

Please pray for my daughter she is a nurse and has a fever for 2 days now. They tested her for the virus but it takes a few days to get the results back. Please pray it is negative. Thank you for the prayers

I had to have police intervention for a violent situation in my household tonight. Verbal abuse made worse with alcohol. Tonight my 86 year old mother was the focus of his anger. He is a person Ive tried to help who had no where else to live, no vehicle and no job. Like most, he is okay when not drinking. Although he does help us in many ways, it has become unbearable. Im afraid what tomorrow will bring because he is a very vengeful person. Ive prayed a long time that he would find the Lord but instead I get persecution and ridicule for my belief. I cried out to God tonight like many times before and I feel He doesnt respond. Im stu ck in th is awful situation. The Word says that God frees the oppressed. I pray to be free of this situation. I want J to be saved but I no longer think the witness of my family can reach him. I feel there are demonic powers at work and I need the Lords protection. Im afraid.

I need deliverance from a relationship that has become verbally and emotionally abusive. I sense demonic attacks. I pray for a hedge of protection around my family. I am uncertain what to do

Prayer for healing – received a troubling doctor’s report (maybe cancer). Please pray for me.

Please pray for my stomach issues. 5 years now and dozens of antibiotics. I feel like I cant handle this anymore. From strep B in my GI tract. Diverticulitis, UTI’s, gastric problems, IBS etc.I know God as my healer, but I just cannot handle anymore. Public prayer is fine. Thank you.


my daughter M is in the er sick . i dont know what for. she does have serious ulcerative colitis. i am waiting to hear back from her.

Please pray for me to get a car loan for I am in need of a ride. Every day. For work.

My Gf met a guy kayacking with her GF. But shes a good person it was 85 percent me. I was raised rough can be a jerk treated her rudely.. I did not deserve her. We both smoked weed backsliden Christians. I truly believe God sent her to me. And if i had been a better man she would be with me now..I wasa fool. I am broken shaky cant sleep. I am beggingthe lord on my knee in tears to forgive me change me and give me one last shot i wont blow it. And as soon as churches open up in MI i am going to find one with or without RD thanks TE

I need god to healed my thyroids and my throat