Thx!4 me with all my chronic pain,depress.&anxiety.

I have several needs. First off please pray I do well and competent in my job and have favor with GOD and man I fear not getting along or not having friends…pray others give me favor and my work is competent and correct and noticed..Pray for GOD advancement and favor…. Pray i get along with others and do very well at work for GOD glory….Second pray for my health I am sickly and run down a lot.My diabetes, some kidney and dehydration and weight issues. Also low blooded. Pray for me. ..third pray for my sister L heart stress test that all goes well and for D kidney and foot plus to get her income coming back to her. Pray also for my brother K to be saved and health and W….fourth pray GOD guides me and gives me land and home to own and a spouse of my own thanks

Thx!4 me,with my depress.&anxiety.chronic pain&.Imarriage.It’s hard!

Thx!My hubby.4 J .He’s legally blind.In his journey.

My Twin Brother and may get in touch again.
 My Twin Brother

 Thx!My name’s L .4 healing of a bone.That’s pretty painful!Don’t know why.

Thx!My name’s L .4 my arthris 2 heal in my body.

I need prayer to be set free from tinnitus (a constant sildering sound in my head), for my marriage to be recovered and friendships established, in Jesus mighty name. May the Lord bless you aboundantley


Thx!My name’s L .I’ve 2(cleaning)go 2 the dentist.Nervous.4 Jon,he’s going snowshoeing tom..

Thx!L &J 4 more Love&respect,in marriage.

Thx!4 B’s back.4 me(L)2 become(#2)regular again.

Thx!My name’s L .4 me,with my depress..

Please pray for me to be delivered from all distractions and to focus on Jesus again and to overcome all spiritual battles and attacks

Thx!My name’s L .4 me,with all my chronic pain.

 Please pray for R and L