Prayer for healing – received a troubling doctor’s report (maybe cancer). Please pray for me.

Please pray for my stomach issues. 5 years now and dozens of antibiotics. I feel like I cant handle this anymore. From strep B in my GI tract. Diverticulitis, UTI’s, gastric problems, IBS etc.I know God as my healer, but I just cannot handle anymore. Public prayer is fine. Thank you.


my daughter M is in the er sick . i dont know what for. she does have serious ulcerative colitis. i am waiting to hear back from her.

Please pray for me to get a car loan for I am in need of a ride. Every day. For work.

My Gf met a guy kayacking with her GF. But shes a good person it was 85 percent me. I was raised rough can be a jerk treated her rudely.. I did not deserve her. We both smoked weed backsliden Christians. I truly believe God sent her to me. And if i had been a better man she would be with me now..I wasa fool. I am broken shaky cant sleep. I am beggingthe lord on my knee in tears to forgive me change me and give me one last shot i wont blow it. And as soon as churches open up in MI i am going to find one with or without RD thanks TE

I need god to healed my thyroids and my throat

Please pray for my Nephews child. He has been visited by some type of unknown entity. His mother has personally witnessed it. She is so scared. They need prayers of protection. They live in Alaska and feel so alone. Thank and Godbless

My GF RD and I broke up been together six years. I was rotten to her sometimes. Never hit her but verbally abusive sometimes and did not show her respect she deserves.. Been a few weeks I cant sleep hardly can eat. I know it was mostly my fault.. I love her with all I have in me. I never showed her.. Rhonda D I Am think she dating another man.. I truly believe God sent her to me. And like the Jews manna from heaven wasnt good enough.. I am broken cant eat or sleep I am begging God to bring her back to me. And this time I will be the Man God her wants of me Thank you

Please pray for my 17 year old daughter. She is severely depressed. Thank you.

Thx!That my next caregiver’ll be just as good as last 1.

Im in need of deliverance from depression.I need to find a job and a new place to live in Jesus name.

Please pray for my brother. He has covid 19 and please pray for my husband. He is very sick as well.

Asking God for directions on finding a place to live, my Wife and I are in need, homeless and thankful for a job that God open a door for me!!!

Thx!4 me with my stress&depress..

I’ve been trying to put my ranch style home on a foundation on some land that we bought. The surrounding neighbors are against this. They don’t realize that my home is a home that was meant to be put on a foundation and not just a trailer. I need a miracle to help these people to Understand that my home will increase their home values not drive them down. I need God to silence those that would talk against me and spread lies and rumors Which I believe they do out of fear and perhaps selfishness. I need many prayers for a positive outcome on the 22nd of June. But I also need prayers I need a miracle to raise the money sooner than I thought to be able to move my house and build a basement for it. Otherwise we could be forced to sell Our home and this is where my family has created so many memories. As a child growing up and as a young person I never had a place to call home we moved to many times. As a young woman I lost many homes and had to move many times. This is the 1st home where I felt like I was safe and secure and I wouldn’t be hurt. I put a go fund me page out there but it doesn’t seem to be getting much notice as I don’t do Facebook. I need God to show his mighty hand so that my son’s can see how my faith in God is not something stupid. I need a miracle of biblical proportions. So would you please pray for me that 1st the people that are spreading lies and rumors would be silenced in the name of Jesus. Would you pray that there’s an overwhelming support to move my home to this piece of property. And would you please pray that somehow someway God shows me just how capable he is of handling things by raising the money we need to move my home as soon as possible. I wake up eve ry morni ng anxious and crying. It’s not my lack of faith in God but my fear of the devil himself who wants to hurt kill and destroy. The closer I get to God the more he works and I’m desperate right now. I need the peace that only God himself can give. I don’t know where to turn so I’m turning to my brothers and sisters in Christ and begging you please help me pray for me So that I might show victory in Jesus. Is the mother of this family and the matriarch even my husband questions whether or not God will help us. I keep saying trust Jesus trust Jesus because that’s all I can do. Won’t you please help me to. God bless.