I am a survivor of child sexual abuse and am currently in recovery for the abuse.

I am currently struggling with my relationship with my father and the unforgiveness I have towards him for abandonment issues and feeling of inferiority I have felt and still feel.

I am also having problems with co-workers and issues of controlling my anger when things are not perfect or they "don't get it" or "grasp things easily". I am also having issues with a co-worker who I thought was a friend who is now attacking me and trying to get me fired and has been doing so for almost a year.

I have been told my job is on the line now due to my behavior. I've been with the company for 9 years and my behavior has never been an issue previously.

I ask for prayer for understanding and compassion from my employer and that they will continue to work with me as I continue with my recovery. That God continues to work with me on the renewing of my mind and that I learn to humble myself with regards to my co-workers. That I learn to forgive my one co-worker. That I show love to my co-workers and show them compassion and understanding. That I learn how to forgive my father and release all of my anger.

That I don't lose my job.

Thank you for your prayers for me.

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One Response to “Janesville”

  1. Belema Brown
    20:59, 02.05.2016

    Father Lord I thank you for your son. Lord Jesus he has acknowledged his sin and weakness have mercy on him. Every spirit of rejection loose your hold upon him now in Jesus name. You the spirit of unforgiveness living inside of him receive fire and come out in Jesus name. You that personality called anger assigned to destroy his destiny die in Jesus name. Blood of Jesus wash him clean in Jesus name. Any power or personality that has vow to frustrate him in his place of work be disgraced in Jesus name. As many that wants he to sacked O Lord my Father let them be sacked now in Jesus name. Every enemy of his laughter be exposed and be disgraced in Jesus name. Every unfriendly friends be disgraced and be exposed in Jesus name. O Lord in this recovery process perfect your total healing upon him emotionally ,physically,financially,etc and all that need to be perfected and Grant him the grace to forgive and forget in Jesus name. Holy Spirit transform him completely and let not another take is position in office rather let him be promoted in Jesus name. O Lord my Father surprise him this day in Jesus name Amen. Thank you Jesus

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