Please continue to pray for me. I (dl) have had this Sexual Addiction since early childhood when I was repeatedly molested. I hate this addiction, and desire to live a pure and Godly life, but have been powerless to be free of it. All my life, I have sought every avenue to be rid of it, but always resulting in failure. Jesus said: “better to enter heaven with one eye, then to enter hell with two eyes.” I would give one eye to be free of this addiction, in exchange to be empowered to live a Godly life which I so much desire. Please, I need your prayers desperately. Thank you so very much.

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One Response to “Location Not Given”

  1. Belema Brown
    16:18, 27.03.2017

    Heavenly thank you I have nothing to give you just to say thank you Lord, the great and mighty one, the I am that I am, the ocean divider, the fourth man in the fire, the unchangeable God, the creator of the universe, I give u all the glory ascribe unto your name, take your glory in Jesus name.
    Heavenly Father in sin do our parents conceived us, we are not worthy have mercy on us in Jesus name.
    Merciful Father show me, her/him your mercy and Father Lord I stand in the gap and I ask forgive her/him of every sexual sins in Jesus name
    For it is written our body is temple of God, O you demon of sexual addiction living inside that body come out and enter no more in Jesus name
    Every spirit of dogs assigned against her/him be terminated now in Jesus name
    Powers behind sexual addiction and powers supervising it die by fire in Jesus name
    Holy Ghost overshadow her/him now in Jesus name
    Blood of Jesus wash her/him clean and make her/him whole in Jesus name
    You that spirit that hates sins incubate her/his life in Jesus name
    Power to overcome sexual addiction come upon her/him now in Jesus name
    Grace to live a holy life overshadow her/him now in Jesus name
    Every arrow of sexual addiction go back to your sender now in Jesus name
    Power of God silence every power contending with his /her salvation in Jesus name.
    Lord Jesus wipe away every bad memories tormenting her/him in Jesus name
    Father Lord replace every bad memories with good memories now in Jesus name
    Lord Jesus put testimonies in his/her mouth now in Jesus name
    Heavenly Father defend your interest in her/his life in Jesus name
    Thank you Jesus for settling this case in Jesus name Amen

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