East Texas

My job has me so stressed I'm thinking suicide. My husband treats me like a roommate rather than his wife. My entire blood family are dead. I feel alone and sad and fed up with all this life. I think god hates me and has forsaken me. I believe in Christ and begged him to come into my life and help me. Got no answer at all. Forsaken in Texas….

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3 Responses to “East Texas”

  1. I am praying for you. I too have been down a similar road and even contemplating suicide. It is not easy I know.

    Father I pray for my sister in Christ this morning..you know her needs fears and hurts. I am praying for a hedge of protection to surround her…….I am praying for healing in her marriage…..help with her job. I am praying for the peace that only the Holy Spirit can give. In Christ name……..Amen

  2. Rose in Georgia
    16:21, 10.05.2017

    Hello, Forsaken in Texas..I SO know how you are feeling!
    I have no “blood” relatives..at least, none that care about me. I still have a brother who lives nearby, but, he has been mad at everyone all of his life..including me. I could write a book!
    I just called a cousin in NJ, for he 10th time..she is nice enough, but, never has she phoned me. I am all out of olive branches! Let me tell you one thing, though..your life is NOT based on these relatives..they are not worth it. As far as your husband, well, he needs a good talking to. You are the one to do that! I wish we could talk. Always look up.you are not forsaken. The Lord will always be there…but, in HIS time. Have faith, stay strong in yourself!
    Smiles from Rose

  3. Christine Will
    15:09, 10.05.2017


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