Hello. I am currently in a relationship and am trying to figure out if I should marry this man or not. While he is a man striving after God's heart (is saved) and has a lot of good qualities, there are things about him that make me hesitate (condescending attitude with me at times, lust, impatient, difficulty being flexible, selfish). Are the red flags to end it or things I should just give him and God time to work through?

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One Response to “Location Not Given”

  1. I hope my experience may help.
    I was a learning and growing Christian when I met my husband. I DID NOT heed warnings I should have in dating and have suffered because of it for over 20 years of marriage.
    *Wait and watch; are these red flags or yellow?
    What I mean is, as you know, we’re all growing. IS he growing in these areas or does he even realize they are areas that need growth? Are you able to be candid and express to him they are areas you see biblically, need change?
    **Fast and pray. And then get pastoral counseling & premarital classes. Do not wait to learn things about him until after your married. Marriage magnifies hidden weaknesses.
    ***You, stay pure and strong. Do not ever compromise your values… If it’s OK with him if you do compromise: that’s a big fat: RED, run fast the other direction flag. Always keep in mind, time outs work as well for adults as they do for children. If there are enough yellow flags that may warrant!

    Please, take your time and know it’s right by way of many confirmations, pastoral guidance and people who care for your soul before you ‘go for it’. A little bit of consecration now is far better than years of tears that accompany hasty decisions!
    Father God, help my sister keep er eyes on You. Help her to trust You fully. Give her peace in every yes and every no. Give her strength and confidence, knowing: Your ways are always best for everyone involved! You are a righteous, just God who blesses righteousness and punishes sin! We believe on Your love, mercy and grace to do Your will, everyday! Help this man fear You; not just look for Your blessings, but understand You desire Holiness and purity from those who will be recipients of Your best! Help him draw closer to You and teach him how to submit to You and be filled with strength! In Jesus name Amen

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