D in Florida–Self-loathing, shame, constant reminders in my mind that I am unloved, a very bad person who just can't believe I can be forgiven, and, most of all, the idea even belief that I am stupid, unable to learn and comprehend most information required to get a job. A voice says, in my mind, "I wish I were dead," on a regular basis.
I now have the opportunity to finalize a good paying job which I've been praying for, but, instead of joy, deep depression has set in because of the above facts. 4 weeks of paid training is required and you know what i'm thinking. Shame, stupid , unable to keep up, and flunking out! I am of average intelligence and I.Q. so it is this self-sabotage which is destroying my life. I do not keep firearms in my house because I would blow my brains out. Please pray for me if you desire too,I'm out of words. Thank you for reading my story.

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3 Responses to “Location Not Given”

  1. My prayer request was published on March 26th of this year ” D in Florida–Self-loathing, shame, constant ” Well, The Lord has heard the prayers of those who took my concern to heart, and He opened my eyes to truth and has set me free in my mind. I am as sure of the truth He revealed to me, as I know I’m writing this email

    I start a new job on May 14th, and I will tell you that the interviews, tests, and background checks were as rigid and thorough as an FBI investigation. I now have confidence in my abilities and gifts which The Lord has given me, and no longer depreciate myself and what I can accomplish. I want to thank . Patricia 15:30, 26.03.2018 for her comment and intercessory prayers, and also Michele 15:14, 26.03.2018.

    Your brother in Christ,


  2. D. I just have to talk to you. I do not know you but I know in my life I have done myself in as you do. I just want to say I am not as smart as others perceive me to be, but not dumb and I see from your letter you are not either. You are very well spoken and spell and write good. What you think is a lie stop believing it. I had a family that was very critical, and think that is why I had so many problems. Please realize everyone gets nervous from time to time when being tested. Admit when you do not know something. I never wanted to admit I did not know something. But it is ok, people do not mind. I learned to admit I don’t know, and found the best thing in my case was to take notes and that way I had more confidence and could do what was needed and not keep asking and feeling stupid for it. I will be thinking and praying for you .

  3. You are a child of the most High God! These are lies from the enemy. You need to speak out loud that you are loved, that you are a child of the most High God, that you are smart, that you are forgiven! Christ died on the cross so all of us could be forgiven. No one is without sin but have all been forgiven through the blood of Christ Jesus.

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