Please pray for me to truly become reliant on God's will for every aspect of my life so that I do not continue to fall back into the bad habits and attitudes that I struggle with. I know troubles will come, but I deeply desire the Lord's help to no longer give into worry, dread, or frustration, but to totally rely on Him and His Holy Word for guidance in all areas of my life. I know I can take comfort in Him, but also in knowing their are other Christians out there who will pray for me. Thank you all for the support, for in this world anymore, we all need one another.

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One Response to “New Smyrna Beach, FL”

    15:29, 30.04.2018

    I read your prayer request, and struggle with some of the same issues. I suspect we are not alone in our struggles. Take heart, the Lord knows your heart and sees your sincere desire to fully trust in Him. Take an honest inventory and appraisal of what items/things you value the most i.e. financial security or fear of lack there of, material possessions, vanity etc. If there is anything that you value so dearly that you would not be willing to give up and give to the Lord, then it is an “Idol.” I’m not saying to give up what you value, but only be willing too. The very first of the Ten Comments is: I am the Lord thy God, thou shall not have any gods (idols) before me. Living contrary to this commandment is what robs us of peace and lets anxiety and worry dominate our feelings and thought life.

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