God my sister who is schizophrenic and diabetic, over weight, high blood pressures and blood sugars. He AC1 was 8.9. She is having nerve damage in her back and legs. Almost cries with the pain. Her teeth and eyes are being effected. God she is not capable of taking care of this disease. Please, will you take this disease from her body. She is going to have worse health or die, if you do not intercede for her. I can only do as much as I can, it is not enough. I cannot do for her what she cannot do. Please pray for her, please ask God to hear my prayer for her. She has not had much in life and now it is even less. God shine your life giving light on her. Her name is V. She needs your divine intervention and the prayers of the people reading this. she is most precious to me, as it is just the two of us left in our family. She wants to feel well and not be fat and tired, stuck with pins and take all the meds and shots. She does not really understand how bad this disease can do awful things to you. She does not have the understanding or will power to help herself. She also needs to somehow find a life and not eat food as a substitute. that is hard for us all as it is every where. Please God you are the only one who can take care of this. I have tried and I cannot. Thank you Father for all that you do.

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One Response to “Georgia”

  1. Carrie steck bauer
    14:38, 24.01.2019

    I have 2 schizophrenic brothers who are in the same boat as your sister. The paranoia keeps them from seeking treatment and taking medication. I have turned it over to God, I can no longer help them and they cannot help themselves., if I get too much into this with them they become violent so I have given up. Turn it over to God. Whatever is his plan for them so be it., I will keep you in my prayers. Life is just harder for some.

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