I need prayer for comfort. My little dog of 16 yrs had to go. I am so sorry I left him at the Vet clinic. I thought he was going to die but I hoped the vet was right and maybe he would make it through. But he wouldn’t if I brought him home. I just feel like I made the wrong decision for him. I wanted him to die with us (our fur family at home) I feel like I let him down. This little dog has been such a loving cuddly little guy his whole life. My other dogs are not the same as he was. I love them too but this one was different and I admit I loved him the “most” lol (with tears) I miss him already. I’ll go pick him u p in the morning. None of my family or friends ever liked this dog. It so strange that I always loved him from the minute I layed eyes on him. I remember our ride home from his home. He curled up on my lap and stayed there the whole 3 hours. Anyway, I need prayer for comfort please…I don’t have family near by and not many friends at this time of life and none of them loved him anyway. He wasn’t just a dog. He was a 10 lb heart full of love and I miss him and wish he could have stayed longer. He was blind and had gone deaf and I know life was not like it used to be. Im just so so sorry that I left him there and he died by himself. And I can’t change that. 🙁

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