Hello prayer community… I am coming today to give a desperate prayer. I have been involved with a man almost 3 years now. We sinned by having sex before marriage and while I deeply regret it, I repented my sins to God and said no more. We grew into a romantic relationship for about 4 months then he called it off. I was destroyed, and it did not help that it happened while I was away in training for my job. Before we were even in a relationship we went back and forth as if we were already married. I’m not sure what his background is, but he’s so reserved and to himself I can’t find out much about his past. I feel someth ing has happened to him that’s caused him to think he can be fully independent and to himself if a woman does not meet his exact criteria. After our break up I didn’t reach out to him, I tried to block him on everything, but he still managed to find a way to reach out to me. Even by adding some of my family members on social media. He tells me time and time again “If it’s meant to be then it will” but I think he’s leaning more towards there “won’t be”. I am at such a loss. I don’t know if I need to leave it alone, I don’t know if I’m bothering him, I don’t know if he even has feelings for me the way he used to anymore, I don’t know if he even sees an interest in me as a relationship anymore. Right before we broke up we had a very brief conversation about a wedding and had talked about it before. Shortly after, it seemed that all was just a fantasy to him and it went crashing down. Our relationship currently is good friends, he has a house of his own that he allows me to stay with him sometimes, and I just recently transferred to the city where we first met, in hopes of getting back to where we were before… It seems hopeless though. I’ve tried talking to him about how I feel, I’ve tried asking around to his family members about him, I’ve tried writing letters/poetry, extremely long well thought out text messages, emails, meticulous games that were to bring us closer… but he shuts down after a while. He’ll be happy and energetic to see me one day then the next it feels like I’m a nuisance to him. I’ve gone back and forth with this over the course of knowing him and he has some extemely great Godly traits about him. I’ve prayed about everything I can think of and it just seems we’re drifting further and further away. I need a miracle to help me through this or help me out of it because I’m confused, lost, and just wondering if this is what I’m supposed to do in God’s name or if I’m just being convinced that it is.

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