Please pray that on oct 14th when I go to court for a traffic accident that I was sited on, that the judge will throe it out, my insurance will not go up, I cannot afford it. The person hit my car doing a left turn, much damage to my car none on her truck. Police did not witness wreck, sited me because I said I did not know what happened. 16 year old girl, said I was coming into her lane. I had just turned right going straight, had no reason to get in left lane. Then, instead of calling police calls her mother-father, brother. Mother come asking me if we needed to talk, I said call the police (did not have cell phone). 1 hr before c op was t here. Then on to of all this, they claimed damage to the 2 ton truck, my car a Honda CRV. Fender and wheel destroyed by her wheel. Thank You P

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