Please, pray for me. That God will deliver me from religious bondage and give me again the joy of salvation in Christ and what he has done. Please pray for God to make a way for my son and I. Please that God would take away the guilt of my sins and give me a heart o& true godly repentance that leaves no regret and leads to salvation. That God will give me grace to trust and pray again. Please I am depressed and barely hanging on. Please pray that God would revive me give me life in him again and spare my life, heal my body and mind and make me whole. Please help me.

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One Response to “Nassau Bahamas”

  1. Patricia A Griffith
    17:59, 02.12.2019

    I will pray for you. I just want to say, Religion is not God. God hears you ,loves you and he wants you to know that your mind is telling you wrong things. Look up to him. He is always there for you. Do not look at material world but read his words and know he is with you now and always. Read his words.

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