Me and my husband have been married since June 4 were both recovering drug attics and we both need to learn how to communicate with each other without violence and screaming we go to church faithfully and pay our times but at home we dont know how to communicate with each other I try to just go in my own room and pray and he follows me every time I try to get away so please pray for us to change her behaviors and to trust in God please and thank you

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  1. Patricia A Griffith
    19:05, 09.12.2019

    you need to talk with your minister, Or counselor. You both need some more help. It has to be rough for you both and trying to help yourselves and each other would be very hard. He seems to be trying to get help from you at a time when you are overburden with your own demons as well. Good luck to you both and keep on working with God.

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