Help, I am in a bad way. I’m 74 years old without anyone of family and live in a fourplex apartment. Two of the three tenements are on psychotropic medication and have acted out against me. The neighbor across the hall is a violent drunk in his early 30’s and has physically confronted me with threats to bash my head in. I’m living on Social Security and in debt and now fear for my safety, perhaps my life. I live in an area known for the worst and laziest police departments in Florida, and they just tell me to ignore them-how about that! My Christian brothers come by and pray with me and thats a great comfort, but today I almost got beat up. I called the cops and same old story since I was just threatened and ran into my apartment before the man could do harm to me. I have helped two of them with food and money to buy medication, but it means nothing to them. I must move and get out of this lease asap but the landlord couldn’t care less. Please help me. I need my dear brothers and sisters to approach My God and yours for intervention. I must find a new place to live and can afford, I might be able to borrow the money for that. I don’t know what to do at this moment, I’m almost in tears. The Lord Himself knows I’ve always and only been of help to them when needed. Thank you for your prayers.

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  1. You need to get your church to help you find a place to move. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE MONEY. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING. That will only make them rob or hurt you. They are evil. STAY away from them. They are not the kind to care if you do good to them. They will only want to take what you have. Please get those who come to see and pray with you to get you out of this place. Ask God to please protect you put his light and arms around you and find you the way to go. I will pray very hard for you. Bless you. Call Social Services, get a Social worker to help.

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