please pray for V. She has diabetes, 3rd stage kidney failure, over weight. High blood pressure. Ask God to heal her now. Please pray for my cat, T, ask God to heal and keep him well. Please ask God to bless this small family of three. We are all we have. Thank You P.

First I want to thank God for answering my prayers. I want to ask for his blessings spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, for P,V,T. our home and all the beautiful trees around us, our home. Keep us and the trees safe. Thank You. P

I ask that you pray that the trees and limbs stay sturdy and firm. lots of rain and many trees. Also ask that the used car I bought be a real good and safe car for us. We have no money for another or repairs. Thank you I am a prayer partner with you.

Please pray for my sister to get the dental work she needs in our town. Please pray for me to have more energy, more patience, less worry. Help me to let God and stop hurting those I love with my crazy demands. I am so grateful to have them but raise heck all the time. I just don’t seem to be able to control myself. Then the guilt and being so sorry and ashamed for it. Thank you

I ask that when I go to traffic court on Feb 24th 2020, that I won’t be too nervous to say what I need to. That if God would make it so the policeman, who did not get there for 45 minutes after the accident does not come to the court. It is not a big bad accident, but I am not guilty and I need the right words to have it go my way, Silly but I have never had to be in court and it is a big thing for me. Thank You, P

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