Pray to the Father through the Son of the living God, The living God himself Jesus Christ and ask him to give me assurance of my Salvation, And ask The dear Lord to confirm or deny that have commit the unpardonable sin. Pray for that EXACTLY WORD FROM WORD – I need alot of Prayer. Also please may you pray for peace and joy of the holy spirit. And to forgive me of my Sins. Thankyou Regards, IC

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One Response to “Cabridgeshire”

  1. Dear friend in Christ, you can be sure you have not committed the unpardonable sin. If you had,The Holy Spirit would not bother with you and your conscience and emotions would be dead concerning spiritual things The very fact you are concerned is prof that God has not abandoned you. Take note: engendering this fear into the minds of believers for some past sins-regardless of how grievous, is one of Satan’s favorite torments. Remember what your Savior said: ” He, Satan is the Father of all lies.”

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