My daughter, S, is a kind Christian woman with a tender heart. She and her 3 sons have been living with me and my husband for almost 2 years since she left her horribly verbal emotionally abusive husband. He lies relentlessly and is very manipulating. The court system where we live is extremely backed up. She has been waiting for a divorce hearing for nearly a year and still doesnt have a date. Her husband pays a minimal amount of child support and no alimony, but wont settle out of court on any other assets. He believes, despite the law, that she doesnt deserve anything because she wasnt working when she left. He harasses he r, pretends he is willing to settle then pulls the plug, many mind games. He is also inconsistent and manipulative with child sharing which is upsetting to the children and my daughter. I have prayed relentlessly for all of them, including my son-in-law. He is stiff-necked toward God. I believe God is just. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne. The circumstances seem unjust. I am praying for a breakthrough in justice for my daughter and grandchildren. Thank you for your prayers!

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