My Gf met a guy kayacking with her GF. But shes a good person it was 85 percent me. I was raised rough can be a jerk treated her rudely.. I did not deserve her. We both smoked weed backsliden Christians. I truly believe God sent her to me. And if i had been a better man she would be with me now..I wasa fool. I am broken shaky cant sleep. I am beggingthe lord on my knee in tears to forgive me change me and give me one last shot i wont blow it. And as soon as churches open up in MI i am going to find one with or without RD thanks TE

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  1. Sorry that you have had your heart broken. I know how that hurts. I also know that this can happen to bring us to God. You are going to get through this and you will be OK. Most of us get hurt in life. If the hurt brings us to our Father and opens our eyes and hearts it is for the best. In years to come you will find the right one that was meant for you, you will always have God. This may feel like the end of your world. God may bring her back or not. You will be OK. You will be better and believe it or not all will be ok. Bless you.

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