I had to have police intervention for a violent situation in my household tonight. Verbal abuse made worse with alcohol. Tonight my 86 year old mother was the focus of his anger. He is a person Ive tried to help who had no where else to live, no vehicle and no job. Like most, he is okay when not drinking. Although he does help us in many ways, it has become unbearable. Im afraid what tomorrow will bring because he is a very vengeful person. Ive prayed a long time that he would find the Lord but instead I get persecution and ridicule for my belief. I cried out to God tonight like many times before and I feel He doesnt respond. Im stu ck in th is awful situation. The Word says that God frees the oppressed. I pray to be free of this situation. I want J to be saved but I no longer think the witness of my family can reach him. I feel there are demonic powers at work and I need the Lords protection. Im afraid.

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