My fianc walked out on me and out daughter. Hed been cheating for quite some time. He used me for money. Im bitter and hurt. I dont know what to do. I dont know if I should wait for him or just walk away. I want our family healed I dont want to hurt any more. I dont want to think about killing myself any more.

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  1. Listen I want to give you some advice. I will pray for you as well. This person is not a good man. If you and he have a child it does not matter. He has cheated on you and now left. Please for your sake and your child, do not hurt yourself. He is worth nothing . He has no love for either of you or indeed himself. Do not let him back in. He has years ahead to change, if he ever does. He does not love you. I know it hurts but there is someone for you and your child, who will love you and be right. NOW, you must think of you and the child. You are not a FAMILY with him. You and your child are family. PLEASE begin to think of you and the child. Live in the minute. Thank God for all you have. Make a list of what you have, what God has given you. You will find it is endless. Give thanks for all. Let this terrible man go. move ahead for both of you. I believe in the near future you will see, you did not love him as much as you believed and one day will wonder what you ever saw in him. It was not real. He did give you a wonderful gift. Your child, Love you and the child, plan your lives with each other. Good luck and God bless both of you.

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