My current situation makes social contact difficult, thus I currently have little to no outlet for prayer, church, general friendships. Thus my prayer would be for that to change – I’m very isolated and need Godly people in my life that would be introduced through non conventional outlets, etc. Pray also that I would be able bare this loneliness and not fall into depression. Second, pray for endurance to persevere over 30 years of struggles with sin (also to overcome) and the extreme hardships (which destroyed my life) I have reaped because of them. Help me to not loose hope and assurance of my salvation. A double-edge sword of Humility and Brokenness is despair over the sin in my life simply being an indicator of not being saved, and then I fall into depression. Also pray for a job, but not just any job, but one that will fit my (seemingly impossible) circumstances. Thank You and God Bless

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