Thank you for reading my prayer. I’m 77 and need a job desperately. After much searching and praying I was hired by a supermarket chain as a cashier. The job paid close to minimum wage bur I was thankful for it. They won’t hire full time so I only get to work about 22 hours a week. Here is the problem, I’m on my feet, in constant movement and lifting items that weigh 30 and 40 pounds through the shift and I must be fast. I’ve already injured my ankle and am getting physical therapy but it’s not healing as the next day I’m back at work. I know my Lord had a purpose in giving me this job and experiencing all that goes with it. I learned humility, reliance upon the Holy Spirit and to be a branch that bears fruit. I can no longer hold up under the physical demands. I will soon resign before I do permeant damage. Please intercede for me as I must have employment just to pay my room rent and food and debts. The Lord has brought me to this decision after much prayer and thought. I’m not rejecting what he gave me, I believe he knows I’m shot physically and whatever he wanted me to learn from it, I believe I have. You are doing me a wonderful kindness before Him. God bless you all, amen. PRAYER REQUEST

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