Thanks giving – Not long ago I requested urgent prayer for my son who decided to have nothing more to do with me, most of which was my fault, and was being talked into legally changing his name. I’m an old man and he is my only son. Today, after several months I felt led to call him. I did not expect him to answer, but after 5 rings he did. At first he was cold and after awhile he began to warm up and we talked for about 45 minutes. We ended the conversation with him saying:” I’ll talked to you soon.” He would only say that if he meant it. I believe our relationship is going to be restored and I have learned humility and awareness of other people’s feelings through this. I know my brothers and sisters here have been lifting my need to God’s thrown of grace and I am eternally grateful for your intercession. All though I still request your intercession and those who also have just a much need as I. God bless you all!

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