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Pastors family needs a miracle, person in family has been falsely accused by an individual who has falsely accused a female relative of child sexual abuse, this is a horrible way to seek revenge on someone you dislike but it has happened. We need God to move on this female relatives side and clear her […]

I have strayed from the faith. My wife and I havent been to church in over a year. I seem give in to besetting sin frequently and Im Carrying a lot of guilt. Please pray that I would overcome this and that God would change my heart. Im so tired of this cycle in my […]

Nashville TN

My pastor hates me and does not allow me to do anything in the church because He does not teach me on Wednesday night. I work 2nd shift, but others also work nights and they are allowed. He yells at me and tells me that I am no use to him. Many members are leaving […]


Hi!Plz pray I'll be able 2 find a Mental Health Prescriber soon.Sorta challenging.That J'll take me 2 church this weekend.Thx!

I'm a 70 year old man (DS) living in Florida. I'm all by my self-wife passed away as has most all my relatives. I am in need of a job very much, for financial needs, and to have a purpose and reason to no longer stay isolated. Please pray also that the Lord will lead […]

Husband has gone back to smoking pot after 26 years m and has strayed away from church nad god, he is very mean and has no remorse for doing it, he justifies it . Please pray that he sees it is wrong and tomdepnd on god for fphis pain,thank u


hi i need prayer for reconciliation between me and my sister B.A.R., its been eight months since she wont be talking to me and im in a deep depression, also i need prayers for her to be set free and find another church cause these people manipulate her and allow her having sex relations with […]

I am retired and feel like I have no purpose or usefulness. My husband doesn't talk very much. We've left our church in May after 36 years and are church hopping. I see my Christiangirlfriends often, but I'm ashamed to share any of this with them. I have lost purpose and hope. I feel I […]

Toledo ohio

Yes, I've been a Christian for 32 years. I do understand about salvation. And the Lord will never leave you. But I just moved from Las Vegas, nv to toledo. Ohio. I have 4 adult girls, and 11 grandchildren. I went to a church across the street with my cowboy hat on. They told me […]


Thx!We'll(Moved 2 a new area.The decision'll be between 2 churches.)go 2 a new church tom..4 it 2 go ok.

Seattle area

Our 35 year old son RF is running from God. He has turned his back on his family and church. He met a young lady on line who has deceived him with lies. He now supports abortion and family fracturing.. Has left church. Dear Jesus speak to Him as you only know how… Cause the […]

I have to make some hard decisions in the next few days. I have been a Pastor for a small & struggling congregation in the Central Texas Area, founded in the early 1970's, for now 3 yrs. My tenure has been painful & of great struggle. The Pain & struggle Ive endured has mainly come […]

Fresno ca

I need work, and a new church home –


J-salvation, dosnt stop going to church, false positives on tests, good news fro doctors, the holy spirit speak to his heart and bring him salvation, restoration health and appetite me- healing of woman parts, fertility, pregnancy, my woman troubles going through be completely healed, restoration of faith, ease my pain of not having a child, […]


Dear Lord, I am in need of prayer today for my fiance j & I, I need you to humble our hearts and make the enemy flee from us! On 6-2-13 we were both baptized and the Lord has been doing amazing things in our lives since, J was blessed with a new job working […]