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Please for Gods peace i am going through awful scary anxiety and depression, it is very painful . thank you, i am at the end of my rope

Hi my name is R, would you please pray for me I am going through a real rough time. my heart is broken and i am in a lot of pain. I need Jesus so much right now. I recently lost my younger brother and i am crushed. Thank you


My Husband passed away a month ago and he left me in a bad way financially. He didnt put my name on a lot of things and now I;m having to fight his family for my house the insurance and the military stopped his pension we were together 25 years and im afraid of losing […]


I just need free from stress, debt, unforgiveness, I need a new home, possibly a new job, I just don’t know where to begin. People no longer speak to me, I lost friends & family, I want my son to be blessed, just lost all will to live at this point. God bless, even though […]


I’m terrified. I have made some bad mistakes lately and everything has fallen apart. It’s my fault, but I’m so far down I’m struggling to get back on my feet. God knows what I’ve done and that i want to make everything right. My best just isn’t enough right now and I would be grateful […]

Please, pray for me. That God will deliver me from religious bondage and give me again the joy of salvation in Christ and what he has done. Please pray for God to make a way for my son and I. Please that God would take away the guilt of my sins and give me a […]

Please pray for my family and I we have had several difficult years. Right now everyone has the flu. I am single disabled woman and everything keeps coming against me and my family. Everything has been broke down and non stop chaos, my mother is in the nursing home and my father has a lot […]


After suffering from a traumatic brain injury several years ago, I have struggled with my job to maintain focus, however depression and feeling worthless take over me. My sales have dropped and I fear I will be let go. I have applied for many jobs, have excellent credentials but never receive a call. I was […]


I need all the prayer I can get for my mental health, hurt and pain caused by my adult sons poor life choices that has now resulted in criminal charges. My world is shattered and Im helpless and blame myself for so much when I feel I did the best I could raising him. Please […]


My family is overwhelmed with anxiety and stress. I think my sons are having thoughts of not wanting to live. Please please pray for them.

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My husband of 13 years has left me and I need him to come back home. Im so upset over this that Im falling into depression. I can eat or sleep. Ive lost 13 pounds since he left. Please pray for us to work this out and that God touches his heart and makes him […]

I need prayer for my family and myself in every area and also my pets. I’m beyond ready to give up I’ve had nothing but stress and turmoil and tragedy my whole life. I pray but nothing gets better. I’m ready to give up completely I’m disabled alone and everything’s falling apart and no one […]


Please pray for my son B, he is struggling with MS and the symptoms are so tough and he is depressed and I am scared. Thank you, bless you, S


Please pray for my son. He is in a spiritual battle and is in a mental health facility. I believe people do have mental illness and as he is now he is in deep depression with racing thoughts and anxiety. He chose the wrong path but was forgiven and provided a clean slate but he […]

I request prayers for my grandson who is possessed by an evil spirit and is also addicted to weed. He also has mental health problems but refuses to seek help. His mother also has mental health problems and is an alcoholic. Both of them suffer from severe depression and anxiety. My husband also passed away […]