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I am struggling so badly. My family business is about to go under without a miracle. Im so scared. Im not scared for myself but for the people I owe money to, my employees and customers. I am so blessed to have such great people around me. Ive just not been able to get the […]

Please my son needs prayer right now…he is going thru anxiety right now. My son RJ has been dealing with this illness for years. My husband is driving to Austin to be with him in a little while. He starts a new job this week and he is stressing so much. He suffers from anxiety […]

Need prayer badly I am very suicidal and plan on doing it tonight please I'm lost I need someone or something in not big about this praying thing but idk who to get anymore


I have asked for prayer three times amd god did not hear my prayers or the ones who prayimg for myself . Pray that god will open ing my heart again to feel his presents to me and. Opem up roads for my life to get back on my feet .i am at the point […]

I am getting laid off from work – and have feel completely lost. I feel self loathing I am lost and feel my fear hurting my relationship with my boyfriend. I do not want to hurt him. I love him but I know I am hurting him. I just ask that he give me the […]

In need of prayer for my 23 year old son. Hes battling with depression and is self medicating with marijuana and alcohol. He has been through losing his car in a crash break up with girl friend. Now he socialize with very toxic people. He has accepted the Lord as his Saviour but for the […]


I have depression i'm lonely all so pray for a finacel blessing god knows all my needs pray the god would watch over my daughter bring her closer to home


My husband is waiting to hear back from an interview he has last week and we really need him to get this job. My car wont start and since I lost my mom 18 months ago I live with a constant sadness in my heart. Please help me get thru this difficult time.

Dear Lord, i am about at the most stressful and all time lowest ever. I need your help or i cannot make this. Please watch over A and her mother and my Dad as they try to recover from cancer. Please help me, i am spiraling down.

I have had severe depression for the past few months, and daily fight against the suicidal thoughts that brings. I have told my parents and we are seeking help, but it hasn't gotten better. I have had so many problems with self-worth all my life and this is just making it worse. I feel so […]

I feel lonely.


please pray for me and my two daughters. We are homeless. We dont have anyone to help us right now. Im really lost and afraid because I feel like theres no more hope for my family. I dont understand whats goin on in my life right now.I feel so alone and I think that we […]

Weston WV

hi im A and I just am heartbroken, broke, depressed, etc. I cannot stand my job, am overwhelmed with financial burdens and want the best for my 7 year old son. I want him to be blessed but I want to be blessed and forgiven and just give my whole life, past present and future […]


In the name of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus today is my anniversary and I am heavy hearted for my Husband that is caught up in bondage with addiction and adultery. I pray the Lord humbles him to come to repentance and come to his senses. I pray that his family also comes to […]


I am a member of this wonderful prayer site..however, now, I am asking for prayer. I am in a state of anxiety/depression. I worry about things that have not happened yet..knowing full-well that I am silly to do so. I worry because I have no family – nearby anyway. I have a life partner, but, […]