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please pray for my son s he is over 2 1/2 years sober from substance and drinking to is a bad day for him and is thinking bad thoughts please please pray to help him get through this thank you I am so scared

Hello need a prayer for bad anxiety and depression whicho been having for 5 years and its very scary. There are times when i feel hopeless but i pray and think of god and feel hope again. Please pray for me and all the people in the world who feel this horrible fear and depression […]

Please anyone please pray for my new born baby girl S who is In the hospital presently and I just found out that this could be for a long time she could Be in there due to complications and illness and had to stay even when I' was released from the hospital 2 days ago […]

I have fellowshiped with Christ for 32 years. I was saved at 22. I recently disobeyed Him and have gone through trail. I feel empty and alone at times but thankfully there have been times of encouragement. Tonight I feel empty and alone and just need prayer please.

East Texas

My job has me so stressed I'm thinking suicide. My husband treats me like a roommate rather than his wife. My entire blood family are dead. I feel alone and sad and fed up with all this life. I think god hates me and has forsaken me. I believe in Christ and begged him to […]

overwhelmed with emotional pain, maybe from the past. i struggle to release. not in my body most the time. can't get back in. ongoing physical exhaustion and insomnia. getting to the end of my strength to continue. feeling lost and alone.

I'm currently under persistent attack from the enemy using my coworkers and various situations to block my blessing and make things worse in my life at home and work. Its starting to effect me to the point I haven't ate all day and dont have the will too. I dont know what to do but […]


I need prayer​ for my family and for housing we have been dealing with a lot and I just feel like giving up


hi i need prayer for reconciliation between me and my sister B.A.R., its been eight months since she wont be talking to me and im in a deep depression, also i need prayers for her to be set free and find another church cause these people manipulate her and allow her having sex relations with […]


I am not perfect. Came from abuse and neglect as a child through adulthood.. married an alcoholic who was emotional abusive. I am sure I am damaged but I am highly aware of things. Daughter is rude to me. She always has been. My daycare worker said I would have problems with her as she […]