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I feel lonely, unloved, uncared for. I do not know why I am here, why I am breathing. I want to be loved, liked, someone that gets a call from people because they care. I do not get those. I am always the one that checks on people, cares for them. I Just want to […]

Thx!I’m having a M.R.I.of my back tod..NervousDon’t know if I’ve ever had 1.4 my depress..

Please please pray for me. Please pray that I am able to positively be permanently transferred to my old position at work. My supervisor in my new position has caused me deep anxiety, stress and my health has deteriorated under them in a short amount of time. I cannot take this stress anymore and need […]

for emotional pain and a place to live

Thx!4 J(hubby)2 feel better.Also,me depress..

Thx!Sorry.But,guess I’m sick(chronic pain,depress.&anxiety)&tired of being sick&tired.

Thx!4 me,with my dwepress.,anxiety&chronic pain.Life’s challenging!

Thx!Plz(thx)pray 4 me.I feel sorta weak due 2 my anx./depress…4 strength.

Thx!4 me,with my depress.&chronic pain.It’s hard!

Thx!Sorry.But,I’m pretty sucidal.I feel like whatever I do it’s not good enuf.

Thx!4 me&T,with our depress..4 me(L)with my chronic pain.

 I need prayers for peace within myself.I been hurt by so many people since my Veteran husband passed in 2019.I been hurt badly on Facebook bashed on someone’s wall.I have been lied to by many and threatened,I keep getting lied too.The pain just keeps on going.I can’t seem to find peace within myself as I […]

4 T &I with our stress&depress..4 K,with his macular degeneration.Thx!

encouragement, feeling lonely and depressed

 I am planning to retire in a year and a half. However, there are a lot of financial blocks and also emotional blocks and all I seem to do is worry about it all, That is not good because then it triggers my depression and anxiety. I certainly know worry is not from the Lord, […]