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please pray for my husbands bipolar disorder to finally get managed, finally find the right medication NOW before he gets any worse. I am in great fear for what may happen if this does not get under control. thank you. also please pray for both of us to have strength to continue to deal with […]

Please pray for me and my anxiety and my panic attacks to stop I am recently divorced pray for my 17-year-old daughter to find a job to help her self-esteem and for her anxiety to go away also also pray for my 17-year-old son who has Aspergers syndrome That the Holy Spirit will guide him […]


I need all the prayer I can get for my mental health, hurt and pain caused by my adult sons poor life choices that has now resulted in criminal charges. My world is shattered and Im helpless and blame myself for so much when I feel I did the best I could raising him. Please […]

I have prayed prayed and prayed a lot lately. My prayers are not being heard. I need for the infection around my eyes, to lose the excess weight I gained when I quit smoking and for the tendinitus in my foot to go away. I just don’t know anymore. I am ready to give up. […]


My family is overwhelmed with anxiety and stress. I think my sons are having thoughts of not wanting to live. Please please pray for them.

I need prayer for my family, my son got put in jail , I had to have to places on my lip frozen, now my doctor wants to see if she will have to do a biopsy, my 3 month old grandsons daddy just got deployed to Turkey for one year. My husband is going […]


Please pray for the salvation of L G. God ended our relationship as she is not a believer and is under heavy demonic strongholds. Pray that God surrounds her with a hedge of protection and with Holy angels. Pray that God mercifully grants her the gift of repentance and a mind to understand the truth […]


i pray to find decent housing and the funds to move and help to move ,i have about 2 weeks left and have been looking since end of june,, i am about to be homeless. im worried but i know God got this. please pray for me all prayers greatly appreciated, in Jesus name i […]


Please pray for my 4 year old Cat. He is playing less, stopped greeting me at the door or following me around, to the bathroom. He is sleeping more. I don’t know if he is sick, but he is not the same. His eyes are clear, and he eats ok, his urination and fecal duties […]

I need prayer for my family and myself in every area and also my pets. I’m beyond ready to give up I’ve had nothing but stress and turmoil and tragedy my whole life. I pray but nothing gets better. I’m ready to give up completely I’m disabled alone and everything’s falling apart and no one […]

Hello prayer community… I am coming today to give a desperate prayer. I have been involved with a man almost 3 years now. We sinned by having sex before marriage and while I deeply regret it, I repented my sins to God and said no more. We grew into a romantic relationship for about 4 […]

Prayers for peace and safety. Pray I can overcome my fears and anxieties. I believe God is always in control but my human flesh is feeling so afraid. Pray I can let this fear be released. I know God loves me and HE does not want me to feel this way. I ask all these […]


Please pray for my son B, he is struggling with MS and the symptoms are so tough and he is depressed and I am scared. Thank you, bless you, S


Please pray for my son. He is in a spiritual battle and is in a mental health facility. I believe people do have mental illness and as he is now he is in deep depression with racing thoughts and anxiety. He chose the wrong path but was forgiven and provided a clean slate but he […]

I request prayers for my grandson who is possessed by an evil spirit and is also addicted to weed. He also has mental health problems but refuses to seek help. His mother also has mental health problems and is an alcoholic. Both of them suffer from severe depression and anxiety. My husband also passed away […]