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My friend is trying to summon demons and I know that is wrong but I am afraid. I need prayers that God will help us both because I am so confused.

Hi my name is E. Today I found out that someone in my family has HIV. I'm in a state of panic and I don't know what to do. I want to pray for my family deliverance from HIV. Also Tomorrow I am going to go get tested me and this person in my family […]

Dear Lord, i am about at the most stressful and all time lowest ever. I need your help or i cannot make this. Please watch over A and her mother and my Dad as they try to recover from cancer. Please help me, i am spiraling down.

I'm in a catch-22; my decisions over the next day will hurt the people I love most in this world. If I pursue one route it will hurt my spouse, if I pursue the other route it will hurt my parents (who are already hurt due to other events). Either way will hurt me. I […]


Dear Lord Jesus, I come before you to ask for a miracle blessing at this time of year. I pray for restoration in my marriage and husband to come to you. I pray to guide my son to the right path and give both husband and son strength and courage to do right. I also […]

I have requested prayer before. I am a small business owner and have had a very tough year in some ways but rewarding in others. The financial pressure has really gotten to me. I am trying to live up to my obligations but im falling behind. I have an angel investor that is willing to […]

Im a recovering meth am extremely embarrased of my few remaining rotting teeth. Ive been hiding behind a homemade partial denture for top (zero teeth) & few remaining bottom until now. One just broke off in front(no molars top & bottom) Ive become desperate enough to schedule an appointment and need prayers for forcing […]


please pray for me and my two daughters. We are homeless. We dont have anyone to help us right now. Im really lost and afraid because I feel like theres no more hope for my family. I dont understand whats goin on in my life right now.I feel so alone and I think that we […]

please please pray for my son E. He is in great need. He feels he is being demonically attacked and he is losing his mind. He needs to go into treatment for addiction. He recently stopped methadone cold turkey in order to get into a rehab today and had a psychotic episode that has left […]


I've never begged. Whoever sees this, my name is C. I'm a mother to five. Seriously ill now. 4 of the children have the same disease as me , two with serious complications. The fifth child is anorexic and delutional but was fine two yrs ago. I manage and care for everything alone, struggling now […]

My daughter is dating a young man who sexual violated his sister while they were minors. His Father is on Ms List for the rape of a 10 year old girl. This young man lives with his Father. My daughter has no concept the sorrows that will bestow upon her should she get married, move […]


Please pray for us to sell our house. It is such a financial burden, I am worried constantly. Please bring us a good buyer that will be happy in our beautiful house. My husband has taken a job 4 hours away and we have been living separately for over a year and it's hurting our […]


I am a member of this wonderful prayer site..however, now, I am asking for prayer. I am in a state of anxiety/depression. I worry about things that have not happened yet..knowing full-well that I am silly to do so. I worry because I have no family – nearby anyway. I have a life partner, but, […]


my husband, C, has been out of work for 4 years and is desperately looking for work and my son D is 21 in CO, with addiction problems to drugs and says had severe anxiety and depression…..he needs strong christian influences and mento

Hello Im a 40 year old single mother and I would like to ask that you help me in prayer. Im usually a firm believer in the power of God and prayer. It just seems that recently my prayers are not heard or at least I cant seem to find peace and my faith isnt […]