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Please pray for my daughter S. She grew up with her mom (who passed away 4 years ago) and her very abusive step dad. She came to live with me for the 1st time right after her mom passed away. Due to just about everything imaginable happening to her growing up, she has many psychological […]

Buchanan, GA

I lost my husband amount ago to a horrendouse auto accident caused by a drunken woman. I have been an emotional wreck ever since and need prayer I nee prayer to help me get over the thoughts that I am having…..I am finding it so difficult not to have him near me.I know that there […]

I’m asking for protection for my daughter. Her father who suffers from mental health issues, alcohol abuse, prescription meds abuse, and suicidal threats is taking me back to court only 5 months after divorce to try for unsupervised time with our daughter. She is only 2 years old and he has never had unsupervised visitation. […]

I was diagnosed with breast cancer today. Please pray for me.

Omaha, NE.

B H. Deliverance from bondage, victory over the enemy, patience, peace of mind, freedom from Kratom. (Drug)

Thx!I wish I’d(Sorry.)not keep waking up&being so anxious&depress..I’ve(chronic)ben having trouble coping with it 2.


Salvation – I am a professing g Christian ho has been struggling with doubts/depression for months now. Please pray that I would be truly converted to Christ.

Thx!That our power(electricity)won’t get shut off.4 me,with my anxiety.

I need help. My life is a mess and I am deeply depressed. My son is a drug addict and needs help. i want to move but my house is worth less than I thought. I can’t sleep,eat or do anything I normally do. i need help out of this miserable mess

Dayton Ohio

Trouble at work, overwhealmed and having difficulty keeping up with the current workload and coping with the stress of it. There were layoffs and restructuring at work due to Covid leaving a smaller staff causing a massive increased workload on those remaining, A new boss was hired 8 months ago, but that person is not […]

I injured both legs and can’t function on my job, I go back to work this Wednesday and If not able I will lose my job. I need his jobs desperately for both financial and emotional needs. Please intercede for me. Thank you and my the Lord bless you.

I’m feeling numb from all the weight of my sins and pain from my past. I want to give it all the God, but I don’t know how or if I’m even taking the right path. I really need that peace God gives, to discern his voice, and commit back to him.

Have been obstinate and strayed further from God. Don’t feel like I can pray to him. I feel hollow but also overwhelmed. Confused as to how to ‘be right’ need guidance.

Lord please keep me safe and protected in your shield so no harm can come to me , keep me safe and protected from all demons and evil spirits sent to harm me. Lord there are peopkw who do not know me and seek harm on me from fakae news about me.. Please keep me […]

Please pray for me…I pulled a muscle in my leg, I can’t walk on it without pain. Also I need prayer for finances…and for being tormented with fear. I pray and read the Bible every day…I need a break thru. I believe God can and does work miracles and that nothing is impossible. Also I […]