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I need to rent a room now as I can’t afford to stay where I’m living, till the end of this month. I inquired at lest 40 times in the last week but no connection. It’s like Satan is blocking every opportunity. I have references, no vices or pets, quiet etc. My last resort is […]

Pray for my health to improve and for my test to come back cancer free. Pray for God peace and guidance.


please pray for V. She has diabetes, 3rd stage kidney failure, over weight. High blood pressure. Ask God to heal her now. Please pray for my cat, T, ask God to heal and keep him well. Please ask God to bless this small family of three. We are all we have. Thank You P. First […]


Help, I am in a bad way. I’m 74 years old without anyone of family and live in a fourplex apartment. Two of the three tenements are on psychotropic medication and have acted out against me. The neighbor across the hall is a violent drunk in his early 30’s and has physically confronted me with […]

Please for Gods peace i am going through awful scary anxiety and depression, it is very painful . thank you, i am at the end of my rope

Please pray for me undergoing medical test. Please pray that I am cancer free and healthy.

cannot sleep causing me to have panic attacks right now I feel like I am suffocating pray with me


My Husband passed away a month ago and he left me in a bad way financially. He didnt put my name on a lot of things and now I;m having to fight his family for my house the insurance and the military stopped his pension we were together 25 years and im afraid of losing […]


I just need free from stress, debt, unforgiveness, I need a new home, possibly a new job, I just don’t know where to begin. People no longer speak to me, I lost friends & family, I want my son to be blessed, just lost all will to live at this point. God bless, even though […]

please pray for my husbands bipolar disorder to finally get managed, finally find the right medication NOW before he gets any worse. I am in great fear for what may happen if this does not get under control. thank you. also please pray for both of us to have strength to continue to deal with […]

Please pray for me and my anxiety and my panic attacks to stop I am recently divorced pray for my 17-year-old daughter to find a job to help her self-esteem and for her anxiety to go away also also pray for my 17-year-old son who has Aspergers syndrome That the Holy Spirit will guide him […]


I need all the prayer I can get for my mental health, hurt and pain caused by my adult sons poor life choices that has now resulted in criminal charges. My world is shattered and Im helpless and blame myself for so much when I feel I did the best I could raising him. Please […]

I have prayed prayed and prayed a lot lately. My prayers are not being heard. I need for the infection around my eyes, to lose the excess weight I gained when I quit smoking and for the tendinitus in my foot to go away. I just don’t know anymore. I am ready to give up. […]


My family is overwhelmed with anxiety and stress. I think my sons are having thoughts of not wanting to live. Please please pray for them.

I need prayer for my family, my son got put in jail , I had to have to places on my lip frozen, now my doctor wants to see if she will have to do a biopsy, my 3 month old grandsons daddy just got deployed to Turkey for one year. My husband is going […]