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My husband and I are in deep financial trouble. We are afraid we will lose our house we are both in our 60s and nowhere to go. Im worried it will lead to divorce. Please pray for us.Thank you

I give my whole life to God, and ask forgiveness of all my sins. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety, and have been through too much in my life. I just give everything to the Lord, its all I have left at this point. God bless all of you and hope your prayers are […]


My pray is was meeting D person to in Georgia. I’m scared now sent fake pictures download from the internet other woman . Know she real woman or fake text one year anniversary now sent pictures both falling love . Know this right woman sent to be together forever my life get married start family […]

Please pray for me for tomorrow and for the next 7 days. I have something that is frightening to me which is coming up and I need courage and strength to face it and get through it.

Asking for prayer regarding court issues- very concerning and fearful- I have felt like giving up completely. Prayers for finances- phone- food- internet- laundry- etc- Prayers for my relationship with my boyfriend G- God's Will and our transportation and finances. I feel very helpless right now. I keep crying and so stressed out right now. […]


Im hopeless about getting into a residency program in March next year. I really need prayers in passing my USMLE step 2 cs exam this year. Please pray for me to have enough finances to apply to over 50 residency programs. Thanks

My nephews wife is severely mentally unstable. They have a small child who is somewhat underdeveloped because the mother lays in bed all day. She raises chicken in the house which is unhealthy. The dad does not have it in him to take his wife on I suspect t he is emotionally abused. The daughter […]


My son has gotten into some legal trouble that could result in incarceration. Hes always been a great kid but recently we found he was engaging in inappropriate behavior online. He is 20 years old and has social anxiety disorder. He is currently seeing a psychiatrist. We are so distraught as a family – we […]


In Jesus name I pray for a hedge of protection around my son and help deliver him from his fear and addictions. In Jesus name I pray for a hedge of protection around my marriage and deliver my husband from his fear and addictions and lust and idolatry. Remove the other woman and Mother in […]

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My husband has been violent threatening my life,laughing and mocking my faith, wouldn't let me pay any bills. Now he wants all money out of joint account, but I had to pay mortage and some bills. He says he will get me into trouble for that. I feel so scared. please pray for me.

I am concerned about losing my job. I admit some of it is my fault. I can't afford to lose my job and I need prayer that it won't happen. I ask God for forgiveness

Please pray that God opens a door for a new job. A friend was going to see if his company had an opening for me. But I havent heard anything in a week. This has happened with 4 other jobs during the past six months. I dont hear a no, but I also dont hear […]

After losing my job and living off credit cards I fell behind and then they started adding fees and higher interest. At that point I could never recover. I have a huge amount of credit card and Dr bill debt. Im asking for prayer that my debt is forgiven. It was never my intention to […]

I am in a bad place right now. Just Feel like I cant shake this stress. Only time, prayer, and God himself can help me. I have paid a price for my sins, but I could get even worse. Please pray for God to intervene in my life and save me from falling down even […]


I am most concerned over my financial situation. I need a job badly but, for some reason, the open door to obtaining a one has been closing at the last moment. Surely, The Lord is aware of my situation and without doubt he loves me, but I feel so anxious and discouraged. The prayer of […]