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D in Florida–Self-loathing, shame, constant reminders in my mind that I am unloved, a very bad person who just can't believe I can be forgiven, and, most of all, the idea even belief that I am stupid, unable to learn and comprehend most information required to get a job. A voice says, in my mind, […]

I need prayers, I have been out of work on medical leave for almost 12 weeks. I have 1 more week until I have to go back. I am 56 years old and have worked my whole life. My husband and I took on guardianship of a little boy who is now 11.5 years old. […]


I need a new job, new car, new house, to lose weight, get my teeth fixed, to be forgiven of my sins, for my son's life to be blessed abundantly, for people to stop badmouthing me, I have no income, am severely depressed, have anxiety, health issues, am tired of life being the same bad […]

I am in debt, and living on credit. Unable thus far to find a job. My debt is crushing my spirit. This is what I ask in prayer: Not that God should give me a lot of money to pay them off, rather, TO INCREASE MY FAITH IN HIM AND HIS'S PURPOSE IN MY SITUATION, […]


My parents had major negative financial issues. We are working on their estate and the problems are impossible & insurmountable. The authorities keep giving us very time-consuming requirements to fulfill. My husband has the business skills so he is saddled with almost all the responsibility of paperwork. He is burned-out and overwhelmed. The stress is […]


My mother 84 years old has degenerative spinal stenosis a fall has placed her in a rehab for 2 weeks she has been the matriarch of our family able to do everything and anything until this now she has to have a walker and someone to take care of her 24/7 this is extremely hard […]

Please my son needs prayer right now…he is going thru anxiety right now. My son RJ has been dealing with this illness for years. My husband is driving to Austin to be with him in a little while. He starts a new job this week and he is stressing so much. He suffers from anxiety […]

My friend is trying to summon demons and I know that is wrong but I am afraid. I need prayers that God will help us both because I am so confused.

Hi my name is E. Today I found out that someone in my family has HIV. I'm in a state of panic and I don't know what to do. I want to pray for my family deliverance from HIV. Also Tomorrow I am going to go get tested me and this person in my family […]

Dear Lord, i am about at the most stressful and all time lowest ever. I need your help or i cannot make this. Please watch over A and her mother and my Dad as they try to recover from cancer. Please help me, i am spiraling down.

I'm in a catch-22; my decisions over the next day will hurt the people I love most in this world. If I pursue one route it will hurt my spouse, if I pursue the other route it will hurt my parents (who are already hurt due to other events). Either way will hurt me. I […]


Dear Lord Jesus, I come before you to ask for a miracle blessing at this time of year. I pray for restoration in my marriage and husband to come to you. I pray to guide my son to the right path and give both husband and son strength and courage to do right. I also […]

I have requested prayer before. I am a small business owner and have had a very tough year in some ways but rewarding in others. The financial pressure has really gotten to me. I am trying to live up to my obligations but im falling behind. I have an angel investor that is willing to […]

Im a recovering meth am extremely embarrased of my few remaining rotting teeth. Ive been hiding behind a homemade partial denture for top (zero teeth) & few remaining bottom until now. One just broke off in front(no molars top & bottom) Ive become desperate enough to schedule an appointment and need prayers for forcing […]


please pray for me and my two daughters. We are homeless. We dont have anyone to help us right now. Im really lost and afraid because I feel like theres no more hope for my family. I dont understand whats goin on in my life right now.I feel so alone and I think that we […]