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Please pray for my Cat T to go use his potty. Has not urinated or pooped today. I don’t have much money. He is our family member,. He loves us and we him. lease ask God with me to heal him now. Thank you.


I need prayer for monday….if i dont have 1500 by 9am monday morning i will lose everything, my family, my house….if i dont pay we will be on the street


My Husband passed away a month ago and he left me in a bad way financially. He didnt put my name on a lot of things and now I;m having to fight his family for my house the insurance and the military stopped his pension we were together 25 years and im afraid of losing […]


I just need free from stress, debt, unforgiveness, I need a new home, possibly a new job, I just don’t know where to begin. People no longer speak to me, I lost friends & family, I want my son to be blessed, just lost all will to live at this point. God bless, even though […]


Please pray for my Cat to be well and healthy. I love him much and he is a sweet boy. My buddy, constant companion. Thank You pray that the info I have will be ok for my utilities to get paid. Pray that the dentist will accept my sister V. and help her. That she […]

my second request is that my husband file our 2018 taxes. He thinks it is not important be we don’t owe taxes; the gvt owes us thousands in a refund. I have spoken to him repeatedly and don’t know what to do. He doesn’t want to take time off from our ministries to do this. […]

I need peace,health guidance, financial miracles for my family and myself. I need direction for specific situations. We need health and healing for our family and pets. We need things to be fixed. In Jesus name and we will give God all the glory and honor. I am disabled single mother I need help.


I want to thank God for having Insurance give my vacation cancellation check back. God does answer our prayers, little or big. Thank All of those who prayed with me. I really needed this back.

aurora, Il

Please pray for MT and Cp for financial freedom to be able to provide for our children and buy a home together. To also pray for a healthy and loving relationship.

My sister K needs your prayers desperately. She was laid off from her job about a year ago and about two months later she had issues with her health where it got so bad she thought she was going to die. Now that she has gotten better she started looking fa Job again, and too […]

I need prayer andi need help in knowing how to handle my 34 year old son who is married to a wonderful girl and they are helping us in our home and they have set up 2 airbnb’s for us but they don’t have jobs or a career path and I am worried but I […]


i pray to find decent housing and the funds to move and help to move ,i have about 2 weeks left and have been looking since end of june,, i am about to be homeless. im worried but i know God got this. please pray for me all prayers greatly appreciated, in Jesus name i […]


Please pray for the table and chairs to be purchased that I have on my porch to sell in 2 days. I need the money and I cannot move the pieces to storage. Thank You.

I am elderly and disabled. I desperately need help with food and rent. Please pray for me.

South Africa

Good morning My name is A. I am a pensioner and in need of a second income. A advert on the internet led me to a Forex Trading Company. The person speaking to me convinced me to invest R160000. The short of it, I have lost every thing and I do not know what to […]