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I need prayer right now for some financial needs in my life that I cannot meet.

Atlanta, Ga

I coming asking for prayer for (TM) have been going through something feeling crawling around the body as if something is eating at the body. I've been going through some personal things family, money and health, I'm not as close to my family as I should be,it's alot of things I hold on from the […]

Aldenm ,NY

My son is terrorizing me. We have a water leak in our mobile home, for which we cannot afford to fix. He needs to have surgery for a triple hernia surgery,and he is threatening to sell the house for $1.00. He is threatening to throw me out, and it upsets me as I am 70, […]


n the name of Jesus and the Blood of the Lord I fervently pray for my salvation, my husband R’s salvation and my son D’s salvation. I pray that they both come to repentance and I pray for their addictions to be overcome. I fervently pray for marriage restoration now and for the other woman […]

"Hi I need prayer to completely defeat lust in my life and the after affects, it has been a source of many of my problems, thank you very much for your prayers… Blessings to you! A Also… I need prayers so that I can go to bed early, so that I can be productive during […]


I've never begged. Whoever sees this, my name is C. I'm a mother to five. Seriously ill now. 4 of the children have the same disease as me , two with serious complications. The fifth child is anorexic and delutional but was fine two yrs ago. I manage and care for everything alone, struggling now […]


Help I let my bank account I'm having problems paying my bills, I need my husband back but it's not working his mom is gone now and his son does everything he can to stay in our way and my husband lies so much now. But I want him back home like he was before […]


Please pray for us to sell our house. It is such a financial burden, I am worried constantly. Please bring us a good buyer that will be happy in our beautiful house. My husband has taken a job 4 hours away and we have been living separately for over a year and it's hurting our […]


I am trying to find work right now…I am unable to pay my bills, I am afraid that me and my daughters will be homeless. I have no money and no one to turn to. I need prayers so much right now

New York

Please pray for my friend who is going through stressful times involving his family and financial burdens and doubts. Please help him realize God's grace once again and accept the peace that may come his way. Please pray for God's powerful guidance through these difficult times.


please, please say a prayer that we will rent our apt. a.s.a.p. if we don't we're in trouble and may loose our home. i'm a prayer warrior now i'm asking this time. please, please father help us soon. amen


i need a new job.. the one i am at i have to have and I have a car note.. everyday I cry and its making me sick

bills I don't no what to do I need help

I live in Altamonte Springs, Florida I am overwhelmed in trying to get my financial house in order. I'm in debt, but if I could just find a job, even one paying a modest salary, I would be able to eventually catch up and God willing be able to pay them off. I will confess, […]


Would you please keep me in prayer? I am struggling so very much, spiritually, financially and physically. Last few weeks I seem to have fallen into a deep dark hold of depression and can not get out and am just sinking further into it. God is still very silent with me. I still can not […]