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We are believing that the sale of our business to go through. We have a buyer but there seems to be delay after delay. My husband and I are excruciatingly stressed. He is almost 67 and I am 64. PLEASE PRAY the bank releases the funds this week and the business is transferred to the […]

Troy, NY

I request a prayer to pay off my debts and sustain an income where I can have the opportunity to help animals in need.

Detroit, MI

I need a huge financial blessing right now. please pray for my family and me.

 I am planning to retire in a year and a half. However, there are a lot of financial blocks and also emotional blocks and all I seem to do is worry about it all, That is not good because then it triggers my depression and anxiety. I certainly know worry is not from the Lord, […]


I go back to the dentist this Friday with fear and uncertainty. I’ve gone into great debt for the work he has done, and one of the teeth which he put a crown on came lose and fell out. It was part of the dental appliance that held the partial in place. He is not […]

please pray for mercy, we need my husband employed, our family healed and our taxes resolved


Pray please that Discover case is dropped today for J now and all debt is miraculously cancelled today.

South Africa

Please pray for me? I can’t get out of the narcissists house, and away from his abuse. I’m an empath and this is making me physically and mentally ill. I have no job or nowhere to go, I’m depending on him for the neccesadies. He won’t let me out or I may not get a […]


Please pray for my family. I am beyond knowing what to do. Husband has poorly managed adhd and is too lazy to improve his job situation. We need better income. My child has adhd & anxiety. I work very hard and am the breadwinner, but it’s not enough. I pray about my situation. All this […]

help me pray for my childrens school fees and my inlaws health problems with mine as well

Please pray for our situation, for protection, finances, and provision in our situation Thank you.


I’m almost 80 years old, alone and in much debt. Please ask Jesus to help me. I made the mistake of not checking references of the dentist before I went. Their office has fooled me into a signing a $6,0000 contract which was originally to be $2,700, They already have mostly been paid by a […]

Praying for financial blessing for my son to pay the rent for his business today

Please pray for quick sale of my condo- urgent situation and need to leave here ty and GBU


I pray that my retirement pension and social security meet most of my financial needs. C