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Im seeking prayer to ease my anxiety and cease my mental suffering. I pray for wisdom, guideance and strength. I seek a career path that will financially support my family and provide balance without robbing me of my mental health.

Please pray for my wife and I as we are in need of a furnished condo/house here in Va. Beach, VA God has given me a job and it is working out. But we don’t have the deposit and rent at the same time! God open a door wide for us soon and very soon. […]

Court on 24th. I ask for prayer that the case be thrown out and will not cost me anything. If the police officer does not show up automatically thrown out. But either way, let it be thrown out. Thank You

I need to rent a room now as I can’t afford to stay where I’m living, till the end of this month. I inquired at lest 40 times in the last week but no connection. It’s like Satan is blocking every opportunity. I have references, no vices or pets, quiet etc. My last resort is […]

Please say a prayer for my family my husband is out of work and we need all the prayers we can get to make it through. Thank you D

Please pray for my family and I we have had several difficult years. Right now everyone has the flu. I am single disabled woman and everything keeps coming against me and my family. Everything has been broke down and non stop chaos, my mother is in the nursing home and my father has a lot […]


Help, I am in a bad way. I’m 74 years old without anyone of family and live in a fourplex apartment. Two of the three tenements are on psychotropic medication and have acted out against me. The neighbor across the hall is a violent drunk in his early 30’s and has physically confronted me with […]

Mental illness is rampant in our family. Currently 3 with schizophrenia and delusions. One nephew is so young and left his family and is on his own. I am afraid he will end up homeless and dead. The other 2 have homes and a source of income. Please pray for the one with no social […]

Please pray for my Cat T to go use his potty. Has not urinated or pooped today. I don’t have much money. He is our family member,. He loves us and we him. lease ask God with me to heal him now. Thank you.


I need prayer for monday….if i dont have 1500 by 9am monday morning i will lose everything, my family, my house….if i dont pay we will be on the street


My Husband passed away a month ago and he left me in a bad way financially. He didnt put my name on a lot of things and now I;m having to fight his family for my house the insurance and the military stopped his pension we were together 25 years and im afraid of losing […]


I just need free from stress, debt, unforgiveness, I need a new home, possibly a new job, I just don’t know where to begin. People no longer speak to me, I lost friends & family, I want my son to be blessed, just lost all will to live at this point. God bless, even though […]


Please pray for my Cat to be well and healthy. I love him much and he is a sweet boy. My buddy, constant companion. Thank You pray that the info I have will be ok for my utilities to get paid. Pray that the dentist will accept my sister V. and help her. That she […]

my second request is that my husband file our 2018 taxes. He thinks it is not important be we don’t owe taxes; the gvt owes us thousands in a refund. I have spoken to him repeatedly and don’t know what to do. He doesn’t want to take time off from our ministries to do this. […]

I need peace,health guidance, financial miracles for my family and myself. I need direction for specific situations. We need health and healing for our family and pets. We need things to be fixed. In Jesus name and we will give God all the glory and honor. I am disabled single mother I need help.