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I just lost my job and all my money, going to lose my home and all that I have. my best friend no longer talks to me and my family just embarrassed me in front of all my neighbors. no one cares about me and everyone makes fun of me. I no longer believe in […]


I need financial blessing and breakthrough and healing, I lost my job today and have no money or income now and am aa single father with an 8 year old son. I don’t want to lose my home or not have food I just need so much prayer right now. I feel like killing myself […]

Prayer for my marriage restoration and for husband to get out of bondage with the other woman and addictions and my in laws from interfering and condoning the adultery. Our anniversary is Sat. 22nd. Prayer for my son to get out of bondage to his addictions and become a child of God. I prayer for […]


I’m in excruciating pain, broke a tooth, may have an abcess, so tired exhausted, need sleep, needhealing.. can’t take it anymore, please pray its not abcessed and for total healing.. I don tknow if i have a fever.. its so hot in my apt, usuing washclothes to keep cool.. Need God to intervene.. live alone, […]

I need a job, I need income.

Rocky Mount

Please lift up B.Hall for healing after a car accident with head injuries. Very hard times right now. Asking for our Heavenly Father to bring a speedy recovery. Also funding to pay the bills!!! All in Jesus Name!!! Thank You!!!

I have been struggling financially for the last five years. Things of gotten worse over the last few months though as the company I worked for had to eliminate my position due to lack of Business. Im currently a month behind on my mortgage and truck payment. Im also a single father with three teenagers. […]


Hello I need prayer for my husband. That he will have favor in getting the job he desires and that he will hear back from the company soon about getting the job. I also ask for prayer as we need help paying off so many bills that we've accumulated and that we will move forward […]


We have had an awful thing happen in our home.One of the men who rents an apartment on the first floor o.d. and has passed away. Pray for his soul and his family please.We need prayer that we will rent the apartment quickly, so we can make our mortgage payment. Please ask daddy God to […]

Asking for prayer regarding court issues- very concerning and fearful- I have felt like giving up completely. Prayers for finances- phone- food- internet- laundry- etc- Prayers for my relationship with my boyfriend G- God's Will and our transportation and finances. I feel very helpless right now. I keep crying and so stressed out right now. […]


Im hopeless about getting into a residency program in March next year. I really need prayers in passing my USMLE step 2 cs exam this year. Please pray for me to have enough finances to apply to over 50 residency programs. Thanks

Bozeman, MT

I am living in a stressful situation. My roommate and I have fallen out and the tension is so bad I don't want to go home after work anymore. I have applied for an apartment somewhere else and ask for prayer that my application will be approved. I am also asking for prayer that my […]

Wisdom and employment. It's coming up on a year now.I am grateful for HIS provision, but am frustrated at this point.

I need a prayer for help. I hit rock bottom in my life at 44. I have nobody. I lost my family a good job and a nice place to live. I made the biggest mistake of my life!! I need to start all over but it's so damn hard. Please help me in prayer!!!

After losing my job and living off credit cards I fell behind and then they started adding fees and higher interest. At that point I could never recover. I have a huge amount of credit card and Dr bill debt. Im asking for prayer that my debt is forgiven. It was never my intention to […]