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I have depression i'm lonely all so pray for a finacel blessing god knows all my needs pray the god would watch over my daughter bring her closer to home


My husband is waiting to hear back from an interview he has last week and we really need him to get this job. My car wont start and since I lost my mom 18 months ago I live with a constant sadness in my heart. Please help me get thru this difficult time.

My daughter is new in recovery from addiction, I pray she stays clean. thank you

Hi my name is E. Today I found out that someone in my family has HIV. I'm in a state of panic and I don't know what to do. I want to pray for my family deliverance from HIV. Also Tomorrow I am going to go get tested me and this person in my family […]

Dear Lord, i am about at the most stressful and all time lowest ever. I need your help or i cannot make this. Please watch over A and her mother and my Dad as they try to recover from cancer. Please help me, i am spiraling down.

I'm asking that as many of you joining me in prayer for God's supernatural intervention in a horrible injustice that is about to destroy our family. Join me in declaring God's victory over the enemy's attack, in Jesus name.

Please pray for E W., her mom & dad, and brothers and sisters, and the rest of her family that they would be brought into a relationship with God via the blood and sacrifice of Christ.


Dear Lord Jesus, I come before you to ask for a miracle blessing at this time of year. I pray for restoration in my marriage and husband to come to you. I pray to guide my son to the right path and give both husband and son strength and courage to do right. I also […]

Please pray for my marriage, my husband J filed for divorce and initiated a relationship with another woman. I do not want the divorce.

I have requested prayer before. I am a small business owner and have had a very tough year in some ways but rewarding in others. The financial pressure has really gotten to me. I am trying to live up to my obligations but im falling behind. I have an angel investor that is willing to […]

I want to give my whole life past present and future and everyone/everything in it to God. I want forgiven of my sins, restoration/reconciliation with people from my past and my friends, my son to be blessed and be happy and healthy, a new job/more hours, to have my teeth fixed and to be healthy […]

My son and I need prayer. We have no money, no food and things are being turned off. Live with family but they only take. They do not help us. Don't know what to do. Have been praying but things only getting worse. Please.

Asking for prayer, my wife and I need a place to live full time. we have to live as we have money to stay somewhere I do thank our God I am working!! we just want to settle down in one house we can afford.


Please pray for my husband. It is a long journey, I pray for the protection of God during the journey and all the circumstances associated with it.


please pray for me and my two daughters. We are homeless. We dont have anyone to help us right now. Im really lost and afraid because I feel like theres no more hope for my family. I dont understand whats goin on in my life right now.I feel so alone and I think that we […]