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My name is GA I need a financial blessing have bills that needs to be paid especially my house tax before June 12th 2019. I am a very lonely person, i need a man in my life someone who will love me and me only me. I need a few good , true friends in […]

My son is in recovery at a very good year long recovery program. He is in his 4th month and feels like leaving the program. He has co-disorders as well as addictions. The program does not address the mental illness (anxiety/depression). I need prayers that my son fully commits and gives it to God. He […]

Hurry and pray for my son

please pray for my father RM. He has a debilitating lung infection. He has to use a neubalizer every four hours for an hour at a time and then a portable one for another half hour. He can’t do anything else. I know he is depressed. I know the power of prayer and I humbly […]

Please pray for my brother and my son to be saved.

I have strayed from the faith. My wife and I havent been to church in over a year. I seem give in to besetting sin frequently and Im Carrying a lot of guilt. Please pray that I would overcome this and that God would change my heart. Im so tired of this cycle in my […]


Please ask god to help D & S today. they are living with relatives who are using them. They have very little and lost several loved ones and today their car. Ask God to make those who have taken advantage of them and taken what they have to restore it and help them as they […]

Please pray for D.L who has been in surgery for the last 7 hours. Please pray that he makes it out of surgery and heals fully and for the L family who has been waiting anxiously in the hospital for there dear father to make it of surgery successfully. Thank you so much from the […]

Please, please pray for my daughter and her two boys who were hit by a car on purpose.Her boyfriend drove it into them. She has a broken leg and one son got numerous stiches in his leg. Now landlord is evicting them because of all the damage to the home. It was hit also and […]

Grand Rapids

My sister M is 53 years old & she was diagnosed with breast cancer on 12/21/18. It has now spread to her liver, lungs, lymph nodes & bones. The doctors give her no hope. She’s in the hospital, fighting for her life. I don’t want to lose my sister. Please pray with me for her […]


God my sister who is schizophrenic and diabetic, over weight, high blood pressures and blood sugars. He AC1 was 8.9. She is having nerve damage in her back and legs. Almost cries with the pain. Her teeth and eyes are being effected. God she is not capable of taking care of this disease. Please, will […]


Please lift me and my family up in prayer the last 10 yrs have been very rough. Have had lots of sickness, deaths, and seems to be never ending problems. I suffer from depression and am disabled with alot of health problems and it’s all feeling like it’s too much. I’m weary of it all. […]


My granddaughter just gave birth. She is on Meth and the baby was born addicted. I pray that God can direct my granddaughter to help for her addiction and that the precious baby can be cleaned up. I pray the baby does not have lasting problems from this.


I need prayers for my entire body, my nerves, joints, hand, feet, legs, back, pain, my health has been under attack. I ask for prayer for my daughter she has been going through head pressure. For strength to come against these attacks

Heavenly Father, my Wife and I are in need of a place to live, end of month and quickly running out of money. Father thank you for my job, please open up a door for us to get into a place to live. In Jesus name we pray!