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my daughter M is in the er sick . i dont know what for. she does have serious ulcerative colitis. i am waiting to hear back from her.


Please pray for my Nephews child. He has been visited by some type of unknown entity. His mother has personally witnessed it. She is so scared. They need prayers of protection. They live in Alaska and feel so alone. Thank and Godbless

Please pray for my 17 year old daughter. She is severely depressed. Thank you.

Please pray for my brother. He has covid 19 and please pray for my husband. He is very sick as well.

Va Beach

Asking God for directions on finding a place to live, my Wife and I are in need, homeless and thankful for a job that God open a door for me!!!

Renner, SD

I’ve been trying to put my ranch style home on a foundation on some land that we bought. The surrounding neighbors are against this. They don’t realize that my home is a home that was meant to be put on a foundation and not just a trailer. I need a miracle to help these people […]

My daughter is gay and tries to upset me by repeating perverted memes. Pray that God will help me to love her and minister to her.

Dayton, OH

I have great fear of doctors and treatments since I watched my daughter die of breast cancer. I loved her so much, and as I was standing over her as she was dying, she let me know silently that she couldn’t see a way out. I lost another child when he was 22 to a […]


Please pray for my husband, his name is F. My husband needs a miracle. His doctor stated his illness is progressing. Please, please pray for him. He loves Jesus, He is a follower of Christ. Please pray for him.

please pray for my marriage the devil has a stronghold on my wife’s heart and she has told me that after 14 years she doesn’t feel anything more than the general love we have for another for me. Now I don’t believe God brought us together to rip us apart, we have 3 young boys […]

I feel so ignored and hurt by God and everyone else around me I want to give up. I’m holding on as best I can. I have no friends. I have family but they don’t love me. I can’t ask for help because I know I will get rejected and judged more. I have no […]

Upstate NY

My MOM F is in Comfort care – End of Life Care. They are giving her Morphine, it keeps her asleep – it starves her. It’s not letting go of her, its in the way they are doing it. How do I find peace in this?

Hello and I beg for your prayers I am currently worried about some legal issues I was away from my family for two years and I pray that God would help me not go back and be away from them again I want and I pray for one last chance from God I ask him […]

My name is G and I need prayer please pray that God never takes me away from my family again Im sorry for my sins please I beg for your forgiveness thank you

My daughter, S, is a kind Christian woman with a tender heart. She and her 3 sons have been living with me and my husband for almost 2 years since she left her horribly verbal emotionally abusive husband. He lies relentlessly and is very manipulating. The court system where we live is extremely backed up. […]