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Please pray for V, and T, and P. For healing, safety, love and peace. Blood Pressure, diabetes, energy, wt loss. Need V to be healed and T, he is our kitty. Energy for all. Thank You


please pray for God’s blessings and his protection while driving especially. I find I am almost getting into accidents out of the blue. I don’t know why. I know I need God to take control of this problem. Please pray for my sis V, my cat T. They are my only family and I want […]

Please pray for my Cat T to go use his potty. Has not urinated or pooped today. I don’t have much money. He is our family member,. He loves us and we him. lease ask God with me to heal him now. Thank you.

Hi my name is R, would you please pray for me I am going through a real rough time. my heart is broken and i am in a lot of pain. I need Jesus so much right now. I recently lost my younger brother and i am crushed. Thank you

South Africa

Please pray for me and my family. There are too many issues to mention and I pray that I am not judged and mocked by what is going on. I pray for mercies upon me and my family. Please pray for me, the whole world seems to be closing in on me 🙏


My Husband passed away a month ago and he left me in a bad way financially. He didnt put my name on a lot of things and now I;m having to fight his family for my house the insurance and the military stopped his pension we were together 25 years and im afraid of losing […]


I just need free from stress, debt, unforgiveness, I need a new home, possibly a new job, I just don’t know where to begin. People no longer speak to me, I lost friends & family, I want my son to be blessed, just lost all will to live at this point. God bless, even though […]


Please pray for God to tell me, lead me in what to do for my sister to be well. diabetes, high blood pressure, over wt, swelling, kidney problems because of this and all the meds, that are not good. Pray for his leadership and guidance now. She needs to be healed now. The meds are […]

I need to leave my husband. So I need money and guidance.

Please, pray for me. That God will deliver me from religious bondage and give me again the joy of salvation in Christ and what he has done. Please pray for God to make a way for my son and I. Please that God would take away the guilt of my sins and give me a […]

Please pray for my family and I we have had several difficult years. Right now everyone has the flu. I am single disabled woman and everything keeps coming against me and my family. Everything has been broke down and non stop chaos, my mother is in the nursing home and my father has a lot […]

I am having a meeting at 2pm that is so important for my son’s future. it is about a disability. thank you!


Please pray for my Cat to be well and healthy. I love him much and he is a sweet boy. My buddy, constant companion. Thank You pray that the info I have will be ok for my utilities to get paid. Pray that the dentist will accept my sister V. and help her. That she […]

please pray for my husbands bipolar disorder to finally get managed, finally find the right medication NOW before he gets any worse. I am in great fear for what may happen if this does not get under control. thank you. also please pray for both of us to have strength to continue to deal with […]

Please pray for me and my anxiety and my panic attacks to stop I am recently divorced pray for my 17-year-old daughter to find a job to help her self-esteem and for her anxiety to go away also also pray for my 17-year-old son who has Aspergers syndrome That the Holy Spirit will guide him […]