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My mom 84 has dementia. I care for her. I am feeling very depressed today. It's not a good day for her. My son is also struggling with depression. I believe we are all under a spiritual attact because I am trying to get back to living a Christian Life. My son has lost his […]

My family is falling apart over the political environment that is affecting our country right now. We are divided. Please help.Thank you JJ

My nephews wife is severely mentally unstable. They have a small child who is somewhat underdeveloped because the mother lays in bed all day. She raises chicken in the house which is unhealthy. The dad does not have it in him to take his wife on I suspect t he is emotionally abused. The daughter […]

My husband made a mistake at work Please not fire him.


My son has gotten into some legal trouble that could result in incarceration. Hes always been a great kid but recently we found he was engaging in inappropriate behavior online. He is 20 years old and has social anxiety disorder. He is currently seeing a psychiatrist. We are so distraught as a family – we […]


In Jesus name I pray for a hedge of protection around my son and help deliver him from his fear and addictions. In Jesus name I pray for a hedge of protection around my marriage and deliver my husband from his fear and addictions and lust and idolatry. Remove the other woman and Mother in […]


Marriage Restoration and deliverance for my son and husband break bondage of lust greed addictions lies fear gluttony idolatry pride covetness in Jesus name. Husband come to himself leave the other woman and have her find her own husband.

I really need prayer for my little family.. I have questions about my husband.. I wonder about making the right decision about our relationship. Something is wrong.. but Im being left in the dark.. Need a spiritual breakthrough. Thanks for praying..

Please pray for my husband! He is having a bad day in the hospital where he has been for two weeks. If he doesn't stop throwing up they will have to put the tube down his nose again and he hates that. Until he improves and is mobile he can't go to rehab and he […]

I need a prayer for help. I hit rock bottom in my life at 44. I have nobody. I lost my family a good job and a nice place to live. I made the biggest mistake of my life!! I need to start all over but it's so damn hard. Please help me in prayer!!!


My husband, J, who is a Christian, has been in the hospital since June 12, 2008, and is quite ill. He had to be transferred by ambulance to two different hospitals and was in much pain. He was starting to get better recently after surgery. Now after being off pain meds since yesterday, he is […]

Chicago ill

Me and my family need a Miracle to happen today. Lord I am asking for the covering and protection of my family. Please Lord by your mercy and Grace to save my brothers life, protect him and help him in all areas of is life. Speak for him when he can not speak or understand, […]

please pray for divine intervention for my family. we are facing some huge financial problems right now and are at our wits end. thank you


In need of prayers for so many things. I really don't even know where to start. So please just pray for me and my family. For my childrens and husbands health and for financial help ad well.

New Jersey

Please pray for my mom A.S she is in the hospital she needs healing prayers! She had a bit of congested heart failure but her legs were swollen, but no fluid in her lungs. They got her legs back to normal but now her sodium levels are low and she is very weak and dizzy. […]