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I have been hurt as child and all my life i have hurt others behind what they have done to me ,on my jobes an In my marrage,ITS me!!! their is something wronge with ME!!!MY SISERS BETRAD ME AFTER MY Mom DIE,SHE WAS IN WITCH CRAFE,NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE ABOUY THAT BUT,I THINK AS THE […]

Chester VA

I need prayer for my 21 year old son J.D. is becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol and just getting involved in things he shouldn't be. J.D. has been through alot because of my ex husband and he really is a good kid. Please pray that God heals him, I love this kid so much.

please pray for my health problems and my family's salvation. thank you

please pray for my son s he is over 2 1/2 years sober from substance and drinking to is a bad day for him and is thinking bad thoughts please please pray to help him get through this thank you I am so scared

Renton Wa

Please pray for my marriage. My husband has become very hard towards me and our kids. He is partying all the time. He doesn't come home. He has always loved the Lord and the word, but lately all he wants to do is go out. Please pray that he will come back to his relationship […]

Please oray for 4 yr okd ST is having kidney surgrey pray he has a theatg kidney an live to be a heahi strong young man god bless us all

Please anyone please pray for my new born baby girl S who is In the hospital presently and I just found out that this could be for a long time she could Be in there due to complications and illness and had to stay even when I' was released from the hospital 2 days ago […]


I am getting ready to purchase a home. I grew up hard with little to no money, in an antitheist family.with hard work and my quest for God a Jesus I found a light and a way. I need prayers because I feel like from here to closing I could lose it and I feel […]

Please pray for my health and forgiveness of my sins also protection against the people that are trying to destroy my family. Thank You

Sarasota, FL

I need prayer for my cat. He may have a blockage and I don't have the money to take him to the vet. I really need God's help with this.