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Hi!Plz(thx)pray 4 my hubby,John,2 get over his cold.I've been worried that he may get bronchitis.Also,4 me,with my chronic pain.

I need prayers, I have been out of work on medical leave for almost 12 weeks. I have 1 more week until I have to go back. I am 56 years old and have worked my whole life. My husband and I took on guardianship of a little boy who is now 11.5 years old. […]


Pray my son doesnt get expelled from school today. Thank you. Im just overwhelmed. In Jesus name

My son is suicidal and people are out looking for him, please pray for his safety and comfort and knowing that God loves him as well as his friends and family.

Pray and agree with me for my daughter and myself to get a financial blessing. Pray we both keep our homes and for my blessing to enough to help her. Thank you RD


The day I sent a prayer request for my son is the day he lost his job. This is a huge blow. Please pray for him that he figures out where his weaknesses are as an employee and thatGod reveal to him where his place is on this earth. Thank you


Pray for my son who needs God in his life and guidance to help him find his place on earth.


I have been bound by pornography addiction and i have tried to stop but it feels very hard. I ask that you would pray for my addiction and also pray for me to get know god personally. I also request prayer for my dad so he could become believer and be saved. (he don't believe […]


My son needs help. He has a hard time being a team player at work. He feels used and abused. I know he should help others at work but he only wants to be responsible for his own work. When he is assigned to help others then his work suffers. He does not like thisat […]


My parents had major negative financial issues. We are working on their estate and the problems are impossible & insurmountable. The authorities keep giving us very time-consuming requirements to fulfill. My husband has the business skills so he is saddled with almost all the responsibility of paperwork. He is burned-out and overwhelmed. The stress is […]

I hope I find a home soon for my family and I.

I hope I find a home soon for my family and I.


My mother 84 years old has degenerative spinal stenosis a fall has placed her in a rehab for 2 weeks she has been the matriarch of our family able to do everything and anything until this now she has to have a walker and someone to take care of her 24/7 this is extremely hard […]

Orlando, FL

My name is D. and I live in Orlando, FL. I need a job desperately. I'm an older man, wife has passed away, my son and daughter have abandoned me and I'm in considerable debt. Please, Please intercede on my behalf to The Lord Jesus for a job, available even this week. I can not […]

Please my son needs prayer right now…he is going thru anxiety right now. My son RJ has been dealing with this illness for years. My husband is driving to Austin to be with him in a little while. He starts a new job this week and he is stressing so much. He suffers from anxiety […]