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Please pray for my husbands and sons deliverance to come to Christ. My husband to leave the other woman and let the truth be known as they will celebrate two years tomorrow :(. Take away the addictions, fear, pride lies of the enemy from my son and husband and the ow open their eyes suddenly. […]


I'm R and we are facing some financial problems and the banks have refused to pay out the cheque we gave out, the business is down I have nowhere or anyone to ask for help or assistance, my father is depressed an I'm tired of praying for better things only for them to turn worse […]

Please help me pray for strength. My faith has grown weak. I struggle with my addictions. I also struggle to lead my family to have a strong faith. My wife has stepped away from her faith, and I'm afraid our kids will follow.


Please pray for my daughter A. She is serving her country at a service academy. She is not being treated fairly by her roommates. Her boyfriend is not treating her well. She doesn't really feel as if she has anyone to help her. Her heart is hurting and I'm worried that she'll quit. Please pray […]

My seventeen year old son has gone out this evening and has not returned home he told me he was going to look for shoes. he is not answering his phone and has not answered my text. Please pray that the Lord will bring him safely home. I do not know who he is with–but […]

Pray for restoration of my family marriage wife I children J E i am J i feel powerless my wife and kids do not acknowledge me i just want peace love and respect i am desperate and depressed at my situation

Help. Deliverance from depression. My son needs deliverance from schizophrenia. I feel sick. Im a Christian and feel so lost. Too much pain. Too much trauma. God help. I am desperate I have no reason to live.

Plz(thx)pray 4 me in my sorrow.My ma died 9 yrs. ago.Miss her

I am a mom of 5 who has clinical depression. Severely depressed and severe anxiety. I am unable to care for my family. I am a committed Christian who loves the Lord, but not sure how much more I can endure. I live in s rural area so access to help is limited. I am […]

Please pray for E. W., her mom & dad, and brothers and sisters, and the rest of her family that they would be brought into a relationship with God via the blood and sacrifice of Christ.

lancaster CA

Need emergency prayer for my 23 year old son NC. He is really going through emotionally pain depression and stress. Today was very stressful my husband ended up calling the sheriffs because our son had text him some very threatening comments. NC has had a few stressors like break up with his girl friend wrecking […]

In the name of the Lord Jesus please come to me and my son and marriage and restore what the devil has taken seven fold. Restore my husband and son back to you for their deliverance. Remove the spirit of lust, pride, adultery, gluttony, fear and addiction now! restore us today! Hedge us up and […]

Please pray for my son to do great this evening. Pray for him to have confidence and pay for him to be pain free. Thank you kindly

Plz(thx)pray that J'll go 2 the dr.tod..I know he has 2 plugged ears.He may've bronchitis 2.Doesn't seem 2 be getting better.Also,4 me with my chronic pain.4 Teresa 2.Thx!


I need prayer for my son MH. He had an incident with the law an got it resolved. In the meantime he lost everything, car job and home, then when it snowed he dropped his phone and ruined it. He's at the point where he is very depressed and not sleeping. We are in 2 […]