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Please pray for my brother, JM. He has Vertigo. He fell and is now in the hospital with bleeding on his brain. They are giving him medication for the bleeding, but he is really really scared. So, please pray for him. He is in his early 80’s.

Pray for my husband T to get the mental health counseling he needs

I am a Mom of 7 young children and have been struggling with severe dizziness and weakness and other significant health concerns. We are in alot of debt and my husband is working 60-70 hours a week. Please pray that I recover back to normal so I can be there for my kids and husband!

Thx!His name’s B.J’ll take Bud 2 the vet tom..Sorry.That it won’t cost a real lot.

Thx!That my dog, B’ll be ok so he won’t’ve 2w go 2 the vet’s on Tue..

Thx!That my dog,B ‘ll feel better soon.My hubby&I’ll be heartbroken.

Please pray for my kids 17, and 25. My 17 year old son has asperger’s syndrome. His mother was his world. They lost their mother and she was 59. The kids are lashing out at their dad. There is a lot of hurt and we need healing. The family and the demons are attacking the […]

My husband is missing. i;m at my breaking point. his name is RS

Prayer for Jesus to abate my family’s caustic manner of living, restore our spiritual life to completion past the scars, save us from misjudging religion as a bondsman’s life to those unbelieving, calm our life from evil practices to the best of us, and pardon before Christ so we can start the day repentant for […]

Torrance, CA

Please pray for my mom L’s salvation and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and high blood pressure. Pray for excellent health. Pray for a long life for L.Pray for the removal of debt and financial blessings and financial security for L. Pray L’s possessions last […]

For being a Christian, my family has shafted me as crazy for honoring my culture since I was a child. They keep away from me because the works of God are good raising up points about living a squeaky clean life when they have addictions like in Proverbs. This was my grandparents culture that I […]

My grandson’s wife is being unfaithful, trying to turn their children against him, too much to go into here. Thank you.

That my hubby, J’ll,work on not being rude towards me.That I can get some more training(My hubby’s blind.)2 guide J .Now,I’m more depress..I didn’t drag him.

My son, P is in very real danger of giving in to sin. This would rob him of the happiness that only a life with Jesus can provide and it could cost his soul. The devil has lied to P about the key to happiness, and he’s convinced P to set a deadline. This deadline […]


My husband – needs a shunt in his heart. He first needs an appointment, the vets are delaying him a lot. Pray for not delays, and a successful surgery. Thank you!!!!! His name is B.