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Our daughter is getting married to someone we do not approve of. He has called her names, even called his soon to be mother in law names and states it is his way of “humbling” others. He has not worked a single day he has known our daughter. Nor does he show interest. He says […]

 I am asking that prayers for my husband to show me signs of love for me I hurt so bad when he hugs and gets so excited to see his old girlfriends. I have told him that it hurts me to see them hug and carry on about all the good times that they have […]

I need faith. I need hope. I am trapped in a negative marriage that once was my light every day. Things change. People change. I am empty and controlled. I wish I could wake up in heaven. Please pray for strength and guidance. Where do I go from here. What is my purpose?

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My son is an insurance inspector and is driving to Louisiana from Florida. He is an upright and compassionate man who always gives the full limits of the policy to the insured. I taught him to do onto others has they would do unto him. He may be there for a month and probably living […]

Thanks giving – Not long ago I requested urgent prayer for my son who decided to have nothing more to do with me, most of which was my fault, and was being talked into legally changing his name. I’m an old man and he is my only son. Today, after several months I felt led […]


PI have driven my only son away from me. I love him dearly but through careless words and actions and unduly leaning on him financially he has disowned me. A wicked person is trying to get him to legally change his’ name and castigates me often as a human being. He is being influenced. I […]

I need help. My life is a mess and I am deeply depressed. My son is a drug addict and needs help. i want to move but my house is worth less than I thought. I can’t sleep,eat or do anything I normally do. i need help out of this miserable mess

Thx!4 J’s health.4 me,L,2 get over this bacterial infection in my hurts a lot.

Need Prayer for my son J who is in prison.

Dayton Ohio

Trouble at work, overwhealmed and having difficulty keeping up with the current workload and coping with the stress of it. There were layoffs and restructuring at work due to Covid leaving a smaller staff causing a massive increased workload on those remaining, A new boss was hired 8 months ago, but that person is not […]

Thx!4 G &his family. His wife(C)died about 1 mo.ago&left behind 3 little kids.Also,4 her ma.So,it’s sad!4 me,with my depress.2.


Prayers for my two young adult daughters. They have both rejected God, and my oldest hates Christians. They see a lot of hate for Christians in posted videos.*

My daughter was promoted to Campus Dean and tomorrow is the first day of class and it will be her first experience. Please pray that God be with her and lead her all throughout the day. Please pray. Thank you SOOOO MUCH.

My son K needs prayer that he passes his drug test for his new employer. He desperately needs this job. He is a believer and is turning his life around. He suffers from brain trauma due to concussions and might have smoked over new years but can’t remember. Please God give him your mercy and […]