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Please pray for me to help my sister and be a blessing to her as well as others. Please pray that everyone comes to my dinner. Pray that our little cat is healthy and well. Pray for God to bless us in all ways . Thank You.


Please pray for my son B, he is struggling with MS and the symptoms are so tough and he is depressed and I am scared. Thank you, bless you, S


Please pray for my husband who was diagnosed with multiple cancers in his body. After 27 years to have this again is wrong. Please pray for a speedy recovery. Also for B battling cancer to that he’ll get up and walk so treatment can stat begin. Thanks so much and God bless you all.

Pastors family needs a miracle, person in family has been falsely accused by an individual who has falsely accused a female relative of child sexual abuse, this is a horrible way to seek revenge on someone you dislike but it has happened. We need God to move on this female relatives side and clear her […]

Please pray for my husband B as his cancer treatment has failed and we are running out of options.


Please pray for my son. He is in a spiritual battle and is in a mental health facility. I believe people do have mental illness and as he is now he is in deep depression with racing thoughts and anxiety. He chose the wrong path but was forgiven and provided a clean slate but he […]

I request prayers for my grandson who is possessed by an evil spirit and is also addicted to weed. He also has mental health problems but refuses to seek help. His mother also has mental health problems and is an alcoholic. Both of them suffer from severe depression and anxiety. My husband also passed away […]


Please pray for my sister V. to be healed and blessed. that my Cat be well. That I P. be well and blessed and take good care of sister and kitty. That my car be ok. That God puts his light of love and safety around us. Thank You.


God you know what is going on please fix my problems with the car, the money, my sisters health. Please fix all of it. I am very tired, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, ad thigs are hitting my pocket. Please fix it now. I thank you.

I need prayer for everything in my life right now. I’m sick disabled and all alone and no one cares. My whole life has been falling apart for 10 years. I can’t take it anymore. Nothing but sickness, pain, death in my family and financial hardships. My nerves are shot.

Please pray for me and my wife to get back together. They say my wife has cancer please pray for her. Thank you.

Hi! Please pray for the Homeless Horse Center…we are in serious need for hay for the horses and money to help take care of their hooves! Very serious situation…please pray for us!


my husband had cancer 27 years ago he had radiation chemo and also had a bone marrow trans. now he may have it again. please pray that his pet scan comes back clean. we’ll get results Friday.pray for a miracle which I believe will happen and he’ll get better. and pray for B that he’ll […]


Please pray for my sister V to be well, and blessed in every way. My big boy T (cat) to be well and live a long time. For me to be blessed and stay well, others need me. For those who may lie or try to abuse me in any way for gain to be […]


Please pray for my sister. She is in rehab for open heart surgery. She is schizophrenc , has diabetes. She is not coordinated. Needs to be able to remember to hold her chest, be able to sit correctly, move correctly. Sit up and lay, move her body as she should. Let me be able to […]