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Pray for sister that he pancreas starts to work that she begin to control he appetite and get rid of diabetes, and any damage done to he body heal. Pray that my tires don’t go flat and that I get the part time job at the hospital Monday nov. 5th 2018. Everybody pray for this […]

i need god to help my husband DF he has stayed at his dad’s in NV away from our marriage he has emotional strains and social anxiety and anger about 1 of his cognitive theripist dicontinuing her therapy please help him come back to his God loving loyal wife in C A and a great […]

Feeling like a complete failure! I really did it this time! God recently blessed me with the best job I have had and helped me get all of my children back in my life after 6 years! I recently turned 50 and while in my hometown I smoked weed with old friends from childhood. Then […]

Dear prayer teams. Pls help us to pray for my dad. He was diagnosed early parkinsons disease. He is depressed which is not good for him n the medication. I pray for him every minute n try hard to lift up his spirit n mood. Pls help pray for God’s mercy so my father can […]

Please pray for my daughter and my son and their college years. They are experiencing a lot of anxiety and I know that its the enemy trying to take away their peace. They go to church every Sunday and get my daughter especially suffers from debilitating panic attacks. Please pray for both of them so […]

Please pray that my 3 yo daughter’s visa will be fixed smoothly in the immigration today so i can bring her with me to our country…i hope that the people in the immigration will be helpful to us and give us what we need so my daughter can travel with me…

I need a lot of prayers right now I feel threatened and my boyfriend could be too these frauds keep hacking this computer some how and my phone I feel and I feel threatened and violated and coerced and plotted against right now I feel bullied and harassed I have colon cancer and thyroid issues […]

I the real PK need a lot of prayers right now as I am being persecuted and stolen from including protection over my boyfriend C right now these frauds are hacking this computer and this phone I am being harassed right now I caught them like using witchcrafts and bullying me out of m,y life […]

Please pray for EW., her mom & dad, and brothers and sisters, and the rest of her family that they would be brought into a relationship with God via the blood and sacrifice of Christ.

I just lost my job and all my money, going to lose my home and all that I have. my best friend no longer talks to me and my family just embarrassed me in front of all my neighbors. no one cares about me and everyone makes fun of me. I no longer believe in […]


My prayer request is for my daughter who has been struggling for the last 10 yrs her name is Mrs H I talk to her but she does not listen I know there is a curse on her life I’m a Christan I see things she can’t plz Help Thanks in the name of Jesus

Prayer for my marriage restoration and for husband to get out of bondage with the other woman and addictions and my in laws from interfering and condoning the adultery. Our anniversary is Sat. 22nd. Prayer for my son to get out of bondage to his addictions and become a child of God. I prayer for […]

Please pray that I get the job I am interviewing for 9-13-18. At the top rate. Please pray for me to connect with each of them and do a wonderful job for them. Please pray that my Kitty T will heal on his leg and not need surgery. I have been looking for work since […]

I have a brother in law,whose name is P, who found out he has cancer in his bones throughout his body. He is in a lot of pain.


Please pray for my 19 year old daughter. She is having a breast lump removed. Please pray that it is 100% benign and that the surgery goes without complication. Please also pray that she receives complete healing and restoration….In Jesus Name.