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Upstate NY

My MOM F is in Comfort care – End of Life Care. They are giving her Morphine, it keeps her asleep – it starves her. It’s not letting go of her, its in the way they are doing it. How do I find peace in this?

Hello and I beg for your prayers I am currently worried about some legal issues I was away from my family for two years and I pray that God would help me not go back and be away from them again I want and I pray for one last chance from God I ask him […]

My name is G and I need prayer please pray that God never takes me away from my family again Im sorry for my sins please I beg for your forgiveness thank you

My daughter, S, is a kind Christian woman with a tender heart. She and her 3 sons have been living with me and my husband for almost 2 years since she left her horribly verbal emotionally abusive husband. He lies relentlessly and is very manipulating. The court system where we live is extremely backed up. […]

Just rushed my dad to the emergency room. He had bad abdomen pain. He wanted to faint. Please pray for healing. His name is R. Thank you.

Please pray for my son, he was put into a drug treatment center. J

Im seeking prayer to ease my anxiety and cease my mental suffering. I pray for wisdom, guideance and strength. I seek a career path that will financially support my family and provide balance without robbing me of my mental health.

I have made shipwreck of my marriage. I have repented of great sin and pray that God would be moved with compassion as He looks on the misery and suffering in this relationship. I pray that He would turn our hearts towards each other again so that we might be able to reconcile and reunite.

corona, ca

Please pray our family will have justice and our baby will be returned to whom she loves.

Please pray for my wife and I as we are in need of a furnished condo/house here in Va. Beach, VA God has given me a job and it is working out. But we don’t have the deposit and rent at the same time! God open a door wide for us soon and very soon. […]

So much severe mental illness in my family. I cant take care of them or help them. We are talking delusions, schizophrenia, etc. I worry for my nephew he may be homeless. He is delusional wont talk to his family and makes up wild stories of abuse, etc. he lost his job and was bouncing […]

Please say a prayer for my family my husband is out of work and we need all the prayers we can get to make it through. Thank you D

My daughter is 17. She has been sneaking around with a 20-year old African-American male who has been physically abusing her. She thinks she’s in love and despite my efforts to separate the two it is not working. Now, she hates me, is defiant and out of control. She’s lost all her friends for the […]

I pray for the salvation and deliverance of my son and hb from drugs, lies, fear and adultery. I pray the lord heals them and they overcome the bondage of the evil one and Lord will shine his powerful light on them for deliverance and with the Lords help they will seek the Lord. let […]

Please pray for my family and I we have had several difficult years. Right now everyone has the flu. I am single disabled woman and everything keeps coming against me and my family. Everything has been broke down and non stop chaos, my mother is in the nursing home and my father has a lot […]