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New York

My landlord wants to sell the house that I live in, but is willing to consider a rent-to-own arrangement to give me time to qualify for a mortgage. I need prayer that I’ll be able to raise a sufficient down payment to make this happen. Thank you.

I feel the presence of evil. Our world and politics are making lives miserable including mine. We are better people than what is happening today and what is on the news today. We need prayer warriors our election is coming soon. If it goes the wrong way America is over. The book of revelations is […]


I had to have police intervention for a violent situation in my household tonight. Verbal abuse made worse with alcohol. Tonight my 86 year old mother was the focus of his anger. He is a person Ive tried to help who had no where else to live, no vehicle and no job. Like most, he […]

Prayer for healing – received a troubling doctor’s report (maybe cancer). Please pray for me.


Please pray for my stomach issues. 5 years now and dozens of antibiotics. I feel like I cant handle this anymore. From strep B in my GI tract. Diverticulitis, UTI’s, gastric problems, IBS etc.I know God as my healer, but I just cannot handle anymore. Public prayer is fine. Thank you.

My Gf met a guy kayacking with her GF. But shes a good person it was 85 percent me. I was raised rough can be a jerk treated her rudely.. I did not deserve her. We both smoked weed backsliden Christians. I truly believe God sent her to me. And if i had been a […]


Please pray for my Nephews child. He has been visited by some type of unknown entity. His mother has personally witnessed it. She is so scared. They need prayers of protection. They live in Alaska and feel so alone. Thank and Godbless

My GF RD and I broke up been together six years. I was rotten to her sometimes. Never hit her but verbally abusive sometimes and did not show her respect she deserves.. Been a few weeks I cant sleep hardly can eat. I know it was mostly my fault.. I love her with all I […]

Va Beach

Asking God for directions on finding a place to live, my Wife and I are in need, homeless and thankful for a job that God open a door for me!!!

Renner, SD

I’ve been trying to put my ranch style home on a foundation on some land that we bought. The surrounding neighbors are against this. They don’t realize that my home is a home that was meant to be put on a foundation and not just a trailer. I need a miracle to help these people […]

I have been a nurse for 20 years. It’s been a long 20 years and I burned out. I couldn’t do it anymore. I quit my job, didn’t tell discuss it with him when I did it, and we can’t afford for me to be out of work. I have a life long struggle with […]

Dayton, OH

I have great fear of doctors and treatments since I watched my daughter die of breast cancer. I loved her so much, and as I was standing over her as she was dying, she let me know silently that she couldn’t see a way out. I lost another child when he was 22 to a […]


Prayer request: I am in need of a financial blessing, I want to be debt free. I am wanting a closer relationship with God. Peace and protection. The blood of Jesus to cover me, my home and family. That I find someone who will love me like Christ loves the church. To continue to help […]


Hi there Please can you pray for me. I am going through a very hard time. Someone said that I was going through a spiritual attack on my home and work. I have prayed and begged GOd for help….Please pray for me

I feel so ignored and hurt by God and everyone else around me I want to give up. I’m holding on as best I can. I have no friends. I have family but they don’t love me. I can’t ask for help because I know I will get rejected and judged more. I have no […]