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please pray for God’s blessings and his protection while driving especially. I find I am almost getting into accidents out of the blue. I don’t know why. I know I need God to take control of this problem. Please pray for my sis V, my cat T. They are my only family and I want […]

cannot sleep causing me to have panic attacks right now I feel like I am suffocating pray with me


I need prayer for monday….if i dont have 1500 by 9am monday morning i will lose everything, my family, my house….if i dont pay we will be on the street

Hi my name is R, would you please pray for me I am going through a real rough time. my heart is broken and i am in a lot of pain. I need Jesus so much right now. I recently lost my younger brother and i am crushed. Thank you

South Africa

Please pray for me and my family. There are too many issues to mention and I pray that I am not judged and mocked by what is going on. I pray for mercies upon me and my family. Please pray for me, the whole world seems to be closing in on me 🙏


I’m terrified. I have made some bad mistakes lately and everything has fallen apart. It’s my fault, but I’m so far down I’m struggling to get back on my feet. God knows what I’ve done and that i want to make everything right. My best just isn’t enough right now and I would be grateful […]


please pray for V, had open heart surgery 4 months ago. Trouble with blood pressure, diabetic, over weight. She is trying real hard to lose weight and eat right. Insulin causes this to be very hard, as well as meds. Ask God to take this and heal her. She has had some problems with dizziness. […]


After suffering from a traumatic brain injury several years ago, I have struggled with my job to maintain focus, however depression and feeling worthless take over me. My sales have dropped and I fear I will be let go. I have applied for many jobs, have excellent credentials but never receive a call. I was […]

Please pray for me man of God.I am addicted to masturbation And please man of God pray for to find a job and stop being lazy

Prayers please for God’s help, healing, Grace, Understanding, clarity (especially from drugs et all) and prosperity for daughter N, 9, her mother D and all family, C and M, T and J, all family. All coworkers.

I want God to take his vengeance on the people that took advantage of me and my family. I’m tired of corrupt people prospering off of poor disadvantaged disabled and elderly people. And if it’s wrong to feel this way I don’t even care!!!

Please pray that I would be granted U.S. Citizenship and keep our family together. My situation is complicated and citizenship could be denied. I trust the Lord and I know that He is able to grant this request. I pray that His will be done and that He would continue using me and my family […]


I want to thank God for having Insurance give my vacation cancellation check back. God does answer our prayers, little or big. Thank All of those who prayed with me. I really needed this back.


My husband who was in hospital for 3 weeks has lung cancer and it’s spread. Now in rehab 2 weeks unless he stays at same weight and try to walk there will be no treatment done. Please we need a miracle and it will happen for J.

Pray for D she needs all the love and support she can get.