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My friend is trying to summon demons and I know that is wrong but I am afraid. I need prayers that God will help us both because I am so confused.

I think my friend got hurt by a demon. Prayers for healing, strength, and guidance.

restoration and growth. take a burden off me.

I have had severe depression for the past few months, and daily fight against the suicidal thoughts that brings. I have told my parents and we are seeking help, but it hasn't gotten better. I have had so many problems with self-worth all my life and this is just making it worse. I feel so […]

I'm in a catch-22; my decisions over the next day will hurt the people I love most in this world. If I pursue one route it will hurt my spouse, if I pursue the other route it will hurt my parents (who are already hurt due to other events). Either way will hurt me. I […]

I want to give my whole life past present and future and everyone/everything in it to God. I want forgiven of my sins, restoration/reconciliation with people from my past and my friends, my son to be blessed and be happy and healthy, a new job/more hours, to have my teeth fixed and to be healthy […]

My son and I need prayer. We have no money, no food and things are being turned off. Live with family but they only take. They do not help us. Don't know what to do. Have been praying but things only getting worse. Please.

I feel lonely.

Asking for prayer, my wife and I need a place to live full time. we have to live as we have money to stay somewhere I do thank our God I am working!! we just want to settle down in one house we can afford.

please please pray for my son E. He is in great need. He feels he is being demonically attacked and he is losing his mind. He needs to go into treatment for addiction. He recently stopped methadone cold turkey in order to get into a rehab today and had a psychotic episode that has left […]

Please, Please pray for my friend PS. She is not saved and she may be homeless soon. She has suffered more in her life than anybody else I know of. Now she is facing an even worse situation…homelessness. Thank you and may God richly bless you and make His face shine upon you!!

Need prayer for my 23 year old son N. Hes in desperate need of deliverance from drugs and alcohol. And in need of deliverance from toxic friends. Asking the Lord to please give him protection wisdom and understanding. N is a born again Christian that has got with a bad group of friends. So Im […]

My son moved to another city and needs to find a job. Please pray he lands the job of his dreams. My daughter is trying to have a baby but there are issues. Please pray that it happens soon. My other daughter help her to succeed in her business and keep her safe. Thank you

I'm in Italy, and I've got so many mosquiot bites, so many, at least 20 on each arm, and more on my legs and feet. I'm in so much pain, the cream isn't working, I can't sleep, and I'm crying because i feel so completely helpless, I just want the pain to go, I'm so […]

I would like prayers for my hometown of Houston. They really need us right now. I am also asking for a prayer for myself, we are trying to close Sept 15th, on our very first house. It's been a grueling road, 45 years to be exact. If you can't pray for both. Please pray for […]