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After suffering from a traumatic brain injury several years ago, I have struggled with my job to maintain focus, however depression and feeling worthless take over me. My sales have dropped and I fear I will be let go. I have applied for many jobs, have excellent credentials but never receive a call. I was […]

Please pray for me man of God.I am addicted to masturbation And please man of God pray for to find a job and stop being lazy

Prayers please for God’s help, healing, Grace, Understanding, clarity (especially from drugs et all) and prosperity for daughter N, 9, her mother D and all family, C and M, T and J, all family. All coworkers.

I want God to take his vengeance on the people that took advantage of me and my family. I’m tired of corrupt people prospering off of poor disadvantaged disabled and elderly people. And if it’s wrong to feel this way I don’t even care!!!

Please pray that I would be granted U.S. Citizenship and keep our family together. My situation is complicated and citizenship could be denied. I trust the Lord and I know that He is able to grant this request. I pray that His will be done and that He would continue using me and my family […]


I want to thank God for having Insurance give my vacation cancellation check back. God does answer our prayers, little or big. Thank All of those who prayed with me. I really needed this back.


My husband who was in hospital for 3 weeks has lung cancer and it’s spread. Now in rehab 2 weeks unless he stays at same weight and try to walk there will be no treatment done. Please we need a miracle and it will happen for J.

Pray for D she needs all the love and support she can get.

I need prayer for my family, my son got put in jail , I had to have to places on my lip frozen, now my doctor wants to see if she will have to do a biopsy, my 3 month old grandsons daddy just got deployed to Turkey for one year. My husband is going […]

my wife and I are in need of a home asking for prayer God will open a door for us today. In Jesus Name Thank You


Please pray for the salvation of L G. God ended our relationship as she is not a believer and is under heavy demonic strongholds. Pray that God surrounds her with a hedge of protection and with Holy angels. Pray that God mercifully grants her the gift of repentance and a mind to understand the truth […]

I have no one to pray for me. Pray for my medical issues to go away and find a dr to help me. Thank you


Please pray for the table and chairs to be purchased that I have on my porch to sell in 2 days. I need the money and I cannot move the pieces to storage. Thank You.


Please pray that on oct 14th when I go to court for a traffic accident that I was sited on, that the judge will throe it out, my insurance will not go up, I cannot afford it. The person hit my car doing a left turn, much damage to my car none on her truck. […]

I need prayer now for comfort peace and direction, and healing mentally and physically, financially. End to turmoil and confusion. My family and I need miracles. My friend whose going through the things I am. Pray for her and her family. Keep evil away from our lives. And God will get the glory.