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We are planting a church, and the stress has become very difficult on our family. Please pray for a breakthrough for our family and for our church.


Pray please that Discover case is dropped today for J now and all debt is miraculously cancelled today.

South Africa

Please pray for me? I can’t get out of the narcissists house, and away from his abuse. I’m an empath and this is making me physically and mentally ill. I have no job or nowhere to go, I’m depending on him for the neccesadies. He won’t let me out or I may not get a […]


Please pray for my family. I am beyond knowing what to do. Husband has poorly managed adhd and is too lazy to improve his job situation. We need better income. My child has adhd & anxiety. I work very hard and am the breadwinner, but it’s not enough. I pray about my situation. All this […]

Please pray for me and my children, to be returned home. I have court cases im dealing with and i need your prayers. I need God right now, please pray for us to be reunited, and that my cases get thrown out in jesus name.

Physical problem, medicine prescribed has side effects that are really dragging me down worse than the original problem. Please pray for complete healing, rest and refreshing that come from the times of the presence of the Lord. Thank you!

I am alone, feeling fearful of the future, aware of my sin and have no one to talk to I know that I am feeling sorry fo my self.

D who claims to be a Christian but has not fruit. He curse a lot and curses at his wife as well as calls her names, with no remorse.

Please pray for my husband to be delivered from negative thoughts in his mind. amen


I need prayer for MSB she is my teen niece that I helped get out of a abusive relationship, pray she stays away from TD , pray for protection over her and guidance, healing, and favor. Thank you.


Deep trouble financially fearing worst I’m giving it to Jesus I need to give it all not be afraid. I have said I want to become a pastor but ignored by those or was doubted by people like I’m lying or I’m not capable.. in the morning I have something I’m going to have to […]



Prayer over the world’s despondency, hatred, inforgiveness, painful memories, forgotten honor, and Christliness. Christ save us all

Please pray for our situation, for protection, finances, and provision in our situation Thank you.


Desperate intervention needed