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Hello prayer community… I am coming today to give a desperate prayer. I have been involved with a man almost 3 years now. We sinned by having sex before marriage and while I deeply regret it, I repented my sins to God and said no more. We grew into a romantic relationship for about 4 […]

I am elderly and disabled. I desperately need help with food and rent. Please pray for me.


Just wanted to let you know. I asked that you pray that all those people would come to my dinner. It was looking like no one would, but today it turned around and I actually had to buy more food to serve. If God does this small thing, and other than for me it is. […]

Prayers for peace and safety. Pray I can overcome my fears and anxieties. I believe God is always in control but my human flesh is feeling so afraid. Pray I can let this fear be released. I know God loves me and HE does not want me to feel this way. I ask all these […]

Thx!4 wisdom.Also,help with my pain.


Please pray for my strength through physical pain. I’ve already had 2 surgeries, and take strong medications. My arms, neck and back burn from nerve pain. It’s been 32 years. I have a dog, who I am quite attached to, who lays quietly beside me. I ask that you pray for his continued health. I […]

Pastors family needs a miracle, person in family has been falsely accused by an individual who has falsely accused a female relative of child sexual abuse, this is a horrible way to seek revenge on someone you dislike but it has happened. We need God to move on this female relatives side and clear her […]

South Africa

Good morning My name is A. I am a pensioner and in need of a second income. A advert on the internet led me to a Forex Trading Company. The person speaking to me convinced me to invest R160000. The short of it, I have lost every thing and I do not know what to […]


Please pray for my sister V. to be healed and blessed. that my Cat be well. That I P. be well and blessed and take good care of sister and kitty. That my car be ok. That God puts his light of love and safety around us. Thank You.


I need prayer, going through too much stuff, seems like it’s one thing after another. I’m worn out and I can’t sleep at night. I’m having health issues and I’m fatigued constantly. I need healing in my entire body, my emotions, and this fatigue. I have been through so much my entire life, and I […]


God you know what is going on please fix my problems with the car, the money, my sisters health. Please fix all of it. I am very tired, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, ad thigs are hitting my pocket. Please fix it now. I thank you.


My Mother passed away in 2915 and she was the only one who prayed for me. I’m 72, sgl. woman who has worked for the past 4 yrs. as a caregiver for a couple in their 90’s. The wife passed away 1 yr. ago, and him this past March. In April I injured my back, […]


God, please bless us with the total place to go, with all we need, 2/tvs in each, by the creek and mtn views, games and cat friendly not over $800 better under few miles to ctr of E. Bless us with safety, health and peace. Let V. really enjoy it. Let the auto be sound. […]

I need prayer for everything in my life right now. I’m sick disabled and all alone and no one cares. My whole life has been falling apart for 10 years. I can’t take it anymore. Nothing but sickness, pain, death in my family and financial hardships. My nerves are shot.

Hi! Please pray for the Homeless Horse Center…we are in serious need for hay for the horses and money to help take care of their hooves! Very serious situation…please pray for us!