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My name is GA I need a financial blessing have bills that needs to be paid especially my house tax before June 12th 2019. I am a very lonely person, i need a man in my life someone who will love me and me only me. I need a few good , true friends in […]

Phoenix, AZ

Dear Lord, Please purge the darkness from DKZ and renew his goodness of spirit, health, and return him to permanence of peace and mental well-being. Let his rage be safely consumed by its own flames and may the ash sprout blossoms of joyful renewal and grace.

Asking God to open a large door for my wife and I to move into a furnished condo!! we are homeless and I do have a job but funds are low. WE need help!!! Thank You God!!!


I am a 53 year old mother, wife, nurse. I feel I am being spiritually attacked. I lost my job today after 7 months of harassment by management, including intentional acts to make me unhappy. I withstood it all. I complained privately to management and was fired. I just cant seem to find what I […]


Dear prayers, Years ago you prayed for me almost daily. Thank you for that, it helped, I felt the loving power of God. Now I need your prayers again. I feel weak, sad, out of balance, lonely, afraid, deserted, lost. I need God to give me strength, guidance, and lots of love. I need to […]


I need prayers facing financial difficulties car trouble I know it seems small but I feel hopeless and need prayers for Gods help


Please, I am in desperate need. Please provide the solutions, the resources, the protection, and Your Guidance that we, and those under our care, need, dear God. Dear Lord, this is a time of great distress for Your vulnerable people. Please protect the unborn, infants, the elderly, disabled, all those targeted for abortion and euthanasia. […]

Please, please pray for my daughter and her two boys who were hit by a car on purpose.Her boyfriend drove it into them. She has a broken leg and one son got numerous stiches in his leg. Now landlord is evicting them because of all the damage to the home. It was hit also and […]

Please PRAY Diligently that God will: 1. Give B 36 (thirty six) FUNDED loans in 2019 & 6 (SIX) before March 29, 2019 & 2. Show B clearly God’s way of getting this done, so I can obey Him. Thanks.


Pleaese pray that I can get a leak in bathroom fixed very cheaptly. I don’t have a job and bathroom wall and adjo-inning wall in bedroom is warping. So I know something is not right. Getting estimates for it. I of course don’t have much money for anything much less this. Thank you

Please pray for our President and America. That the evil in the White house will get cut down. Pray that some of the dems who know why they are there do the right thing and job, for the people. Let them go against Pelosi. She is evil and demented. Trump is the best President we […]


Please pray for our president for wisdom as 7,000 people seek to INVADE our country illegally

I need prayer to be made whole came to jesus but soon after attacked by invisable forces my name is j

Please pray I will have friends who will love me and even want to help me. I am a recent widow and live far off from any church. I have one friend by phone, one hour away, but am very lonely since my husband went to Heaven.

I have long felt lost and have pursued many things hoping to find fulfillment. I realise that those have been distractions and so have been trying to put God first in my life and that has meant giving up things that I enjoyed because they weren’t what God wanted for me. However, there is something […]