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Bozeman, MT

I am living in a stressful situation. My roommate and I have fallen out and the tension is so bad I don't want to go home after work anymore. I have applied for an apartment somewhere else and ask for prayer that my application will be approved. I am also asking for prayer that my […]

I have gone down a slippery slope and cant seem to rise out of it. I own a 3 family home and one of my tenants was cruel. I needed to evict her and a friend and I chose to vandalize my home in order to get her out. He cut the pipe to the […]

My nephews wife is severely mentally unstable. They have a small child who is somewhat underdeveloped because the mother lays in bed all day. She raises chicken in the house which is unhealthy. The dad does not have it in him to take his wife on I suspect t he is emotionally abused. The daughter […]


My son has gotten into some legal trouble that could result in incarceration. Hes always been a great kid but recently we found he was engaging in inappropriate behavior online. He is 20 years old and has social anxiety disorder. He is currently seeing a psychiatrist. We are so distraught as a family – we […]

Wisdom and employment. It's coming up on a year now.I am grateful for HIS provision, but am frustrated at this point.

I need a prayer for help. I hit rock bottom in my life at 44. I have nobody. I lost my family a good job and a nice place to live. I made the biggest mistake of my life!! I need to start all over but it's so damn hard. Please help me in prayer!!!

Chicago ill

Me and my family need a Miracle to happen today. Lord I am asking for the covering and protection of my family. Please Lord by your mercy and Grace to save my brothers life, protect him and help him in all areas of is life. Speak for him when he can not speak or understand, […]

please pray for me I am at the end of my rope and I am fired of trying to hold on when nothing is working and it seems no matter what I do nothing is working. I have no job, I have no home and I am sitting in this motel room hoping that God […]


In need of prayers for so many things. I really don't even know where to start. So please just pray for me and my family. For my childrens and husbands health and for financial help ad well.

Asking that God will open the door for a condo or house for my wife and I to rent and move into this month we need help!!! Thank You


I am asking for prayer for my husband. he found himself in a very difficult situation. pray for God's protection, wisdom, and guidance

I am in a bad place right now. Just Feel like I cant shake this stress. Only time, prayer, and God himself can help me. I have paid a price for my sins, but I could get even worse. Please pray for God to intervene in my life and save me from falling down even […]

I moved to a new state and I keep getting attacked, so much happening. I need to move again it looks like, and it is so hot here, I can't bear it. Only thing is, I don't have the finances to move again, and I'm not sure where to move to. I want to go […]

Sorry.Sometimes,I don't feel like I've much purpose in ;life except 2 pay bills.It's stressful.

Please pray our Heavenly Father will even now open the door for my wife and I to have a fulltime home [place to live] so we can have peace in our up and down lives.