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B was found on the floor in physical distress. He is being taken to the hospital now by EMTs. He is a good man who has had a very challenging life. Please give him another chance at life and touch his soul to renew his faith in you,

Elk Park, Nc

I am requesting prayer for me (B). I will break my addiction to wine today. I am tired of being tired. Please pray for me as I talk to my wife tonight

New Jersey

This prayer is for me my husband and my son. For protection for my husband at his job protection for our family so that we may be protected from our enemies. Bless us dear Lord bless us dear God bless us dear Jesus bless Us dear spirit..give us your blessing give us your guidance give […]


God, I ask in Jesus name and by his blood that Republicans take the Congress and Senate, Trump wins by a landslide. Thank You.

Yes I need prayer desperately. I am in a relationship with F and he has been hurt and I have been hurt he is suspicious with Christianity we have issues and right now I am trying to reach him and he wont respond because he thinks I didnt answer him. I dont know how to […]

Pray for Belarus that they will get freed from their 26 years of their dictator president that the people of Belarus will get to know God and see changes in their country


please pray for me and my situation. We need a wonder of god! His Salvation and shelter in my live. There is a problem but i believe there is nothing to big for god jesus. HE can help and save us and shelter us. Thank you so much! blessings from Germany


I have misplaced my father’s only set of car keys. He allows my three children and me to live with him as well as use his only car when I have errands and appointments. Now his car is sitting just outside the garage with the windows down. I’ve searched with no positive results and though […]

I have a houseguest that told me she sees dead people- as in departed spirits. Im really concerned about all of this and need counsel and prayers. Thank you.

Prayer for my left ear to work like it used to and for the water in my ear to get out prayer for me to stop lying and be a better Christian Prayer for Belarus to be free for their dictator president Alexander Lukashenko And for the people in Belarus to be safe especially in […]

i need help. please pray for my to my savior jesus. people accuse me and i need so much the intervene of the omnipotent God and his strengthens. please!! jesus help me. sorry, english is not my mothers tongue. blessings


Im trying to purchase my first house my credit score 580 i need a 620 or better ibeen praying i ask God for this house

Please pray for our son, Z (Panama City Beach, FL). He has been betrayed in the worst way by his wife of 7 years and has no hope at all right now. Please pray for his safety and ask the Holy Spirit to blanket him with comfort, peace and strength and the will to go […]

I’m a high school teacher, age 58, and COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED right now. TOO MUCH technology expected of us for remote learning students, on top of the already crazy load….PLUS, I’m a special ed. teacher, so there are tremendous pulls with kids, paperwork, added work…I’m TRYING to edify myself and be calm in the Lord….but struggling […]


Please pray for my family, we are struggling financially, through this season. We are holding fast to our faith and ask your help in praying for God to carry us out of this situation, to stabilize our finances, and to use us to bless others unto His glory.