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Please pray our Heavenly Father will even now open the door for my wife and I to have a fulltime home [place to live] so we can have peace in our up and down lives.


I'm R and we are facing some financial problems and the banks have refused to pay out the cheque we gave out, the business is down I have nowhere or anyone to ask for help or assistance, my father is depressed an I'm tired of praying for better things only for them to turn worse […]

I just need prayer; I feel overwhelmed and worn out with life..

Please help me pray for strength. My faith has grown weak. I struggle with my addictions. I also struggle to lead my family to have a strong faith. My wife has stepped away from her faith, and I'm afraid our kids will follow.

Please pray that I see another day. Right now my mind is racing and my thoughts are to give up fighting.


I need prayer in allowing me to forgive myself for past mistakes made several years ago. I know has forgiven me, but I live in constant fear of future punishment for these mistakes. I cant sleep well or relax. Im constantly replaying thing from the past in my mind. Its driving me crazy!

My seventeen year old son has gone out this evening and has not returned home he told me he was going to look for shoes. he is not answering his phone and has not answered my text. Please pray that the Lord will bring him safely home. I do not know who he is with–but […]

I am struggling to gain control over my life. My ex husband has manipulated me for years and i need to get away from his lies. pray for me to find a way out. Live in peace and not rely on him if that means losing child support then fine God is my support i […]

Plz(thx)pray 4 me 2 not be mad @ J..Also,with my chronic pain&depress.Sorry,tired of life&its challenges.

I am a mom of 5 who has clinical depression. Severely depressed and severe anxiety. I am unable to care for my family. I am a committed Christian who loves the Lord, but not sure how much more I can endure. I live in s rural area so access to help is limited. I am […]

lancaster CA

Need emergency prayer for my 23 year old son NC. He is really going through emotionally pain depression and stress. Today was very stressful my husband ended up calling the sheriffs because our son had text him some very threatening comments. NC has had a few stressors like break up with his girl friend wrecking […]

Joliet ill

AJ once again in need of prayer awaken in the am With anxiety about a job situation well I have this job that I never filled out an application for it's was Word of Mouth but I took the job but now training is over and the job seem like it's going to be a […]

I'm in need of prayer that o can get money by the 9 of this month they cut hours at work and a mom one kid still home after my divorce 4 yr ago it been rough on us we was homeless

I'm feeling completely overwhelmed. I don't know why, it's terrible. I went through some hard stuff recently, but overall I felt okay. Today I feel like I can't go on. Despairing, suicidal thoughts that aren't normally me.

I'm in a group home setting and some days it feels like no one is there for me. There is no way for me to tell anyone how I feel without getting sent back to the mental hospital. There is only is only one staff I can talk to about my plans with my boyfriend […]