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I was diagnosed with breast cancer today. Please pray for me.

North Idaho

Healing….I’m a backsliding Christian who has been drinking heavily for several years….no excuses. I have quit, but now belive I have some physical issues with my liver. I’ve been seeking forgiveness and healing through prayer from the Savior. I’m asking for him to make me whole again and to become a better husband, father, and […]


Pray for Gods intervention for my sister S. She has copd and has been diagnosed with covid.

opelika alI

i am a vietnam veteran that was exposed to agent orange. AO causes 14 diseases. I have had parkinson for about 10 years. there is no cure for parkinson. Please pray me..WP

 please pray for me cause my mind is messed up but not on drugs just confused

To have heart failure condition healed and to stop smoking

Omaha, NE.

B H. Deliverance from bondage, victory over the enemy, patience, peace of mind, freedom from Kratom. (Drug)

Job baby mental health

┬áPlease pray for Strength, Healing, Protection and God’s merciful blessings for S, M, C and R. Asking this request in the Name of Jesus. Thank you for praying at this time of need and God Bless all of you.

M cant get a oj ro go bk to work. God make a wat if his wilk. Mhs nerves r heal fast.

Thx!4 me,in my(tod.)recovery from my fall.4 me,with my depress..

Thx!My left foot’s bothering me more than normal.

Thx!I’ve an interview tod..That it goes ok.4 B’s(Cancer)healing

Thank you for reading my prayer. I’m 77 and need a job desperately. After much searching and praying I was hired by a supermarket chain as a cashier. The job paid close to minimum wage bur I was thankful for it. They won’t hire full time so I only get to work about 22 hours […]

Thx!2 get completely over my infection.