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Prayer for my health. I have ongoing issues and hope for a complete healing. thank you


I have been having deep muscle pain and joint pain, especially in my shoulders and arms. The pain is getting worse and is killing me. It will be months before I can get to a specialist to find out what’s wrong. Please pray for me.

 I have Deep muscle pain and joint pain, especially in my shoulders and arms. Sometimes it travels around my body. I can’t sleep good at night. The pain is horrible. It will be months before I can get to a specialist to find out what’s wrong. I’ve tried several things but nothing has helped. I […]


I’m almost 80 years old, alone and in much debt. Please ask Jesus to help me. I made the mistake of not checking references of the dentist before I went. Their office has fooled me into a signing a $6,0000 contract which was originally to be $2,700, They already have mostly been paid by a […]

need a dental miracle…. Lord in Jesus name heal my mouth…. wipe out disease …. grow back missing teeth and bone loss…. tighten the few remaining teeth …. THANK YOU Lord in Jesus name , amen….

Complete remission of all cancer cells. 2. Full recovery of the function of eating and talking. Be free from all paralysis and aftereffects. 3. Send me prayer warriors who can pray along with me.

Please pray for my daughter S. She grew up with her mom (who passed away 4 years ago) and her very abusive step dad. She came to live with me for the 1st time right after her mom passed away. Due to just about everything imaginable happening to her growing up, she has many psychological […]

I need prayer, i am in so much pain in my left leg. a month ago i was walking and active, now i can barely walk. i have tried everything i know to do and still no relief. i want to be active again, just to get outside and walk would be awesome. please pray […]


Please add DMC to your prayer list. He is a 34 year old husband, father, and grandfather. D is a strong, courageous, loving man who is also an Army Ranger and former Police Officer. D is fighting for his life on a ventilator in Billings, MT due to COVID. He is a beloved friend and […]

God please cure my PCOS. It is so bad I am losing all of my hair and I don’t have periods any more

Know one will ever understand my situation but God! I have an elderly mother who is ill and extremely hard on me and my husband!! We take care of her and my father who has dementia. This has been going on now for 16 months 7 days a week! She made us give up my […]

Buchanan, GA

I lost my husband amount ago to a horrendouse auto accident caused by a drunken woman. I have been an emotional wreck ever since and need prayer I nee prayer to help me get over the thoughts that I am having…..I am finding it so difficult not to have him near me.I know that there […]


Total hopelessness and need a true complete healing.

Hello my name is A, I am the daughter of AA, We currently reside in Wichita Kansas and we are in need of prayer. I found your website’s option to request prayer. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and the God who hears every single one. Which is why I am […]

I’m asking for protection for my daughter. Her father who suffers from mental health issues, alcohol abuse, prescription meds abuse, and suicidal threats is taking me back to court only 5 months after divorce to try for unsupervised time with our daughter. She is only 2 years old and he has never had unsupervised visitation. […]