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My son moved to another city and needs to find a job. Please pray he lands the job of his dreams. My daughter is trying to have a baby but there are issues. Please pray that it happens soon. My other daughter help her to succeed in her business and keep her safe. Thank you

Atlanta, Ga

I coming asking for prayer for (TM) have been going through something feeling crawling around the body as if something is eating at the body. I've been going through some personal things family, money and health, I'm not as close to my family as I should be,it's alot of things I hold on from the […]

Aldenm ,NY

My son is terrorizing me. We have a water leak in our mobile home, for which we cannot afford to fix. He needs to have surgery for a triple hernia surgery,and he is threatening to sell the house for $1.00. He is threatening to throw me out, and it upsets me as I am 70, […]

I'm in Italy, and I've got so many mosquiot bites, so many, at least 20 on each arm, and more on my legs and feet. I'm in so much pain, the cream isn't working, I can't sleep, and I'm crying because i feel so completely helpless, I just want the pain to go, I'm so […]

Please pray for me I am addicted to sugar and foods that contain it. I am a heart patient and a diabetic. I will have control and then the devil takes over and my diet is horrible to to point where I don't feel good. I can't believe this is happening to me. I never […]

I am asking for prayer for my son's eyes. He has pigmentary glacauma. His eye pressure is very high. He has a optometrist appointment in the morning.Please pray there has been no worsening of his vision. May he be healed in Jesus name.


I've never begged. Whoever sees this, my name is C. I'm a mother to five. Seriously ill now. 4 of the children have the same disease as me , two with serious complications. The fifth child is anorexic and delutional but was fine two yrs ago. I manage and care for everything alone, struggling now […]

ca, usa

Asking prayers for my friend, DH, who is undergoing a stem cell operation for cancer today.


Please pray for my daughter H, she just had surgery on Thursday, they took her appendix out and it was very bad. She is not recovering the way she should. She's getting lots of fevers, she is on oxygen, her heart rate is way up. We are still in the hospital. Please pray for these […]


Im suffering chest pain left side, numbess both hand and sometime hard to breath. Please for me for the healing. IN JESUS NAME AMEN


Please I need prayer for my son and grandson that they forgive ,over a really silly thing it is stressful on my son and myself with Rhumiod arthritis please pray that they forgive

My husband is bi polar and was in a rage mood today… He threaten to hurt me… I tried to act tough, however he started raging…. I pray for safety…. for my life… and that darkness goes away from my home and he feels Gods presence…. I am really scared….. Please pray……


Im suffering chest pain left side, numbess both hand and sometime hard to breath. Please for me for the healing. IN JESUS NAME AMEN


i need a new job.. the one i am at i have to have and I have a car note.. everyday I cry and its making me sick

Va Beach

Help, I am in need of a pair of glasses, mind are broken and I have started a new job. My wife and I are in need of a full-time place to live. Ask for healing of my feet and leg also my wife blood pressure. Asking in Jesus name!!