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Please pray that I get over this bladder/kidney/UTI infection. I am starting on the third antibiotic, praying this one works and the infection will be gone for good. Thank you and God bless all who remember in prayer/

New York

That I will recover from my cough and my son will get into the recital next week.

Pray for sister that he pancreas starts to work that she begin to control he appetite and get rid of diabetes, and any damage done to he body heal. Pray that my tires don’t go flat and that I get the part time job at the hospital Monday nov. 5th 2018. Everybody pray for this […]

Bartow Ga

God I ask the following: Heal V. Let me get the PT job and let the hrs and days, money be conductive to do my at home responsibilities. Let me be off TG, x-mas. Bless us in health, money, enough to be free and do the business I want to do. Bless T and keep […]

i need god to help my husband DF he has stayed at his dad’s in NV away from our marriage he has emotional strains and social anxiety and anger about 1 of his cognitive theripist dicontinuing her therapy please help him come back to his God loving loyal wife in C A and a great […]


V needs to be cured of diabetes today. Prayed too many times it needs to go NOW. I ask that you pray for her to be healed of this awful disease this very day. God heal her today, now. Thank You

Dear prayer teams. Pls help us to pray for my dad. He was diagnosed early parkinsons disease. He is depressed which is not good for him n the medication. I pray for him every minute n try hard to lift up his spirit n mood. Pls help pray for God’s mercy so my father can […]

Thx!4 my diarea&belly pain 2 go away again.

Thx!Diarea’s gone.4 my belly pain 2 go away 2.

Thx!Plz pray I get over the diarea&belly pain’ll go away.Sorry,tired of being sick.

Thx!Diarea seems 2 be gone.Now,if this belly pain’d go away 2.

Thx!4 my belly pain 2 go away.Also,4 my pal,Kris,with her bad back pain.

Va Beach

Please pray for my wife and I that our Heavenly Father will open a door for us to get into a house/condo for a full time place to live. Also we are in need of funds a deposit for this place. I do praise God for the now full time job I have and hope […]

Hammond La

I have just gotten a call from my Dr. who said I could likely have hepatitis, cirrohsis, or liver cancer. Hard to concentrate right now, I’m feeling anxious, and also confused. Please…PRAY for me and that my ultrasound does show anything life threatening. Thank you


Thx!I think my diarea’s gone.2 my belly pain 2 go away.Hurts a lot.