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Awaiting cocos test results, having trouble breathing. Please help

Having health issue very scared . Need prayer

Please pray for my son, he was put into a drug treatment center. J

Dear Joyce Meyer Ministries, I had a back surgery over 3 years ago that left me in a world of pain, I kept going back to them asking for help. They kept telling me that I was okay.Last year I went to see another back Dr. to see if he could find what was wrong. […]

Im seeking prayer to ease my anxiety and cease my mental suffering. I pray for wisdom, guideance and strength. I seek a career path that will financially support my family and provide balance without robbing me of my mental health.


God, I am really trying to be better in all ways. Please let the thing at work be ok. Let communication be forgotten. No calls no problem. Thank You. One more, Please let V’s med work. They were doing well but now seem to not be. This is the only ones she can use. Thank […]

So much severe mental illness in my family. I cant take care of them or help them. We are talking delusions, schizophrenia, etc. I worry for my nephew he may be homeless. He is delusional wont talk to his family and makes up wild stories of abuse, etc. he lost his job and was bouncing […]

Prayer for healing

I pray for the salvation and deliverance of my son and hb from drugs, lies, fear and adultery. I pray the lord heals them and they overcome the bondage of the evil one and Lord will shine his powerful light on them for deliverance and with the Lords help they will seek the Lord. let […]

Please pray for my family and I we have had several difficult years. Right now everyone has the flu. I am single disabled woman and everything keeps coming against me and my family. Everything has been broke down and non stop chaos, my mother is in the nursing home and my father has a lot […]

Pray for my health to improve and for my test to come back cancer free. Pray for God peace and guidance.


please pray for V. She has diabetes, 3rd stage kidney failure, over weight. High blood pressure. Ask God to heal her now. Please pray for my cat, T, ask God to heal and keep him well. Please ask God to bless this small family of three. We are all we have. Thank You P. First […]

Mental illness is rampant in our family. Currently 3 with schizophrenia and delusions. One nephew is so young and left his family and is on his own. I am afraid he will end up homeless and dead. The other 2 have homes and a source of income. Please pray for the one with no social […]


I am new in my faith and trying desperately to live like Jesus. For the last 3 years I have experienced bleeding internally off and on for seemingly no rhyme or reason. Two doctors, neither have figured out exactly why. After 3 years of appointments and tests (and burying my mom) I am completely defeated […]


Please pray for V, and T, and P. For healing, safety, love and peace. Blood Pressure, diabetes, energy, wt loss. Need V to be healed and T, he is our kitty. Energy for all. Thank You