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Prayer for healing – received a troubling doctor’s report (maybe cancer). Please pray for me.


Please pray for my stomach issues. 5 years now and dozens of antibiotics. I feel like I cant handle this anymore. From strep B in my GI tract. Diverticulitis, UTI’s, gastric problems, IBS etc.I know God as my healer, but I just cannot handle anymore. Public prayer is fine. Thank you.


my daughter M is in the er sick . i dont know what for. she does have serious ulcerative colitis. i am waiting to hear back from her.

I need god to healed my thyroids and my throat

Thx!That my next caregiver’ll be just as good as last 1.

Please pray for my brother. He has covid 19 and please pray for my husband. He is very sick as well.

Im in need of prayer warriors for a dear friend. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 8 years ago and has been cancer free ever since undergoing a double mastectomy and chemo. She has recently had fluid on her lungs and difficulty breathing. She tested negative for Covid 19 and they ran a chest x-ray […]


Please pray for my husband, his name is F. My husband needs a miracle. His doctor stated his illness is progressing. Please, please pray for him. He loves Jesus, He is a follower of Christ. Please pray for him.

please pray for me. im having extreme panic and anxiety. thanks.

I am sick with breast cancer and I have the COVID virus. My job is going very badly since I told them I have breast cancer, there is talk of me being laid off. I have not lost any time at work and schedule all appointments after work, but boss still is making it miserable […]

Upstate NY

My MOM F is in Comfort care – End of Life Care. They are giving her Morphine, it keeps her asleep – it starves her. It’s not letting go of her, its in the way they are doing it. How do I find peace in this?


Please pray that my mammogram and ultra sound turn out good today. Thank you and God Bless


Please pray for V. She has diabetes, had open heart surgery 8 months ago. She is over weight, high blood pressure and due to a drug for her mental illness her sugar stays high now. She is swelled and has a kidney problem. She is not able to care for these problems, because of the […]

Just rushed my dad to the emergency room. He had bad abdomen pain. He wanted to faint. Please pray for healing. His name is R. Thank you.

Awaiting cocos test results, having trouble breathing. Please help