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Stomach pain

Pray for my wife, P, and the doctors in their treatment plans for cancer. Keep us all brave in this time of stress and we pray for your will Lord, give us strength when we feel weak.

My name is C…..I need prayer to lose weight for health reasons. I have tried everything to lose the weight , but nothing has worked. I do believe that God can step in and help me with my weight, so please pray for me . I really need your prayers. In Jesus name , Amen*

Healing for my body from a recent diagnosis of osteoarthritis and fracture

 pray for my lower back


My husband – needs a shunt in his heart. He first needs an appointment, the vets are delaying him a lot. Pray for not delays, and a successful surgery. Thank you!!!!! His name is B.


I go back to the dentist this Friday with fear and uncertainty. I’ve gone into great debt for the work he has done, and one of the teeth which he put a crown on came lose and fell out. It was part of the dental appliance that held the partial in place. He is not […]

hi I would like some prayer please for my Tinnitus.

Please pray for a personal female problem to go away In the name of Jesus.


Please be in agreement for my physical healing. (Heart, back, neck, knees),. Thank you


Please pray for my family. I am beyond knowing what to do. Husband has poorly managed adhd and is too lazy to improve his job situation. We need better income. My child has adhd & anxiety. I work very hard and am the breadwinner, but it’s not enough. I pray about my situation. All this […]

Physical problem, medicine prescribed has side effects that are really dragging me down worse than the original problem. Please pray for complete healing, rest and refreshing that come from the times of the presence of the Lord. Thank you!

Pleas pray for healing for my pinched nerve and pain and weakness that has effected my whole body for the past 7 weeks. Also for freedom from all my anxiety.


i am going through physical problems and the medicine isn’t helping much. side effects are not good. I am weak.

deliverance from illness