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Family prayer needed- my eldest daughter and I are estranged. (Please pray that we both renew our hearts, spirit and mi do, and can gain forgiveness towards one another) This evening I found out that she may be abusing my 2 grand-daughters. Please pray for my daughter K (her mental state) and the welfare of […]

Please pray for my son’s mental health . He hears voices in his head all the time. He doesn’t have any peace he can’t even sleep.


Please pray for V. Let her meds work and not cause any harm. Let her and T as well as me our home and lives be blessed with love and good. I ask this lord in Jesus name.Thank YOu

Thx!4 A’s healing from Cancer.


Please, please pray for V. She is schizophrenic, and taking a new med. Seems to work and not. She is diabetic, all psychotic drugs make Blood sugar rise. When that happens it is like the mental psychosis along with her already mental state. All is increased, along with Blood Pressure going up. How awful she […]

Please pray for me for to total wholeness, I need perfect health Let God send me my destiny helper I need help Let God bless me financial so I can start my business Let God fight my battles and give me peace. Let the Lord bless and keep me Let the Lord shine his face […]

pls pray for me to get heal heal from period pains, heal me from arm pains, heal me from all sickness in my body, lord heal me, heal my mother, help me a good high pay job with good team, help me , a good heart, help me lord to pls unblock my life, open […]

Thx!4 my diarea 2 go away.

Please pray for my CAT, B. He does not care his name is being used. He has lost a lot of weight and has a tennis ball size growth on this back which you can see. Vet says if he was a younger cat they would remove. He is not acting like the cat I […]

B was found on the floor in physical distress. He is being taken to the hospital now by EMTs. He is a good man who has had a very challenging life. Please give him another chance at life and touch his soul to renew his faith in you,


TD. Merses disease. In ICU at MSU Michigan in critical condition. Brain bleeds, Heart and lung complications. Please pray for him nothing short of a miracle.Thank You.


We just found out that my uncle has throat cancer and colon cancer and there putting in a PICC line and calling in hospice and a week ago he found out that he is going to be a grandpa he’s terrified that he won’t be here to see his grandbaby be born.

Prayer for my left ear to work like it used to and for the water in my ear to get out prayer for me to stop lying and be a better Christian Prayer for Belarus to be free for their dictator president Alexander Lukashenko And for the people in Belarus to be safe especially in […]

Thx!4 me with my chronic pain.

Thx!My hubby,J has pancreatic cancer.4 his healing.I’m nervous.