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Please pray for my 19 year old daughter. She is having a breast lump removed. Please pray that it is 100% benign and that the surgery goes without complication. Please also pray that she receives complete healing and restoration….In Jesus Name.

4 my hubby,as he recovers from surgery.4 me,with my chronic pain.

Thx!4 me with my depress.&chronic pain.It’s hard.


L.M.M. age 6 needs prayers for healing and health.

Plz(thx)pray 4 me.I fell today.So,4 my recovery.

4 my(Thx!)recovery.From my fall that I had on 9-1.Still in lot of pain.


Please pray for my sister to be healed of diabetes and to be able to lose weight. Ask that God bless her in every way and give her a life and love and some interest. Self worth. Her name is V. Thank You.


I’m in excruciating pain, broke a tooth, may have an abcess, so tired exhausted, need sleep, needhealing.. can’t take it anymore, please pray its not abcessed and for total healing.. I don tknow if i have a fever.. its so hot in my apt, usuing washclothes to keep cool.. Need God to intervene.. live alone, […]

Please pray for me. I have unknown abdominal problems and get pain whenever I eat.

Plz(thx)pray 4 me.I’m sick.

Please pray for me now. I am have a lot of physical problems and have so much pain. Please pray the pain will let up.

Rocklin Ca

My husband and I have not had a vacation or been away alone together in over 5 yrs. We have two small children and no family. We are scheduled for a vacation Aug 30,31,and Sept 1st I’m extremely nervous to leave my children and fear I won’t enjoy my time with my husband. I also […]

Please pray for my husband. He has a biliary drain that was placed 2mos ago, but he has caused problems every so often with it (moving, leaking), etc. then he has to be transferred from the Skilled Nursing facility back to the hospital. He was due to come home in a week. Now I don’t […]


Please pray for me. I was told today that in 4 weeks I would be let go from my job. I was told that I was too slow and could not keep up. I have asked for help and worked as hard as I can. Please pray that the Lord will help me and open […]

Hi!Plz(thx)pray I’ll get better.I’m sick.