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Please pray for my niece B, she has acute transverse myelitis and is paralyzed from neck down. They just moved her from hospital to rehab. She needs a miracle from God and she walks with him. Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you.

Please pray for my niece ( F. D) she has been fighting breast cancer, she went to the yesterday having trouble breathing, she has fluid in her left lung, which has cause her hands, feet and legs to swell. During chemo her skin started to blister, causing her skin to peel around her breast and […]

Tj, Mexico

I'm requesting a prayer for my fiance's mother MGM she was found unconscious this morning outside of her house by the people who pick up trash she's now in the hospital the clinic 20 Boulevard here in Mexico I just want to request a prayer that she's all right that God in the Holy Spirit […]

Hi my name is E. Today I found out that someone in my family has HIV. I'm in a state of panic and I don't know what to do. I want to pray for my family deliverance from HIV. Also Tomorrow I am going to go get tested me and this person in my family […]

Dear Lord, i am about at the most stressful and all time lowest ever. I need your help or i cannot make this. Please watch over A and her mother and my Dad as they try to recover from cancer. Please help me, i am spiraling down.

New York

Please pray for my dear friend,bats got into her house. Her dog caught them and her husband had them in a towel. She is so scared that they had rabies, I know the dear Lord will make things ok. She is having them tested.If they have rabies her husband would have to go for shots […]

I have had severe depression for the past few months, and daily fight against the suicidal thoughts that brings. I have told my parents and we are seeking help, but it hasn't gotten better. I have had so many problems with self-worth all my life and this is just making it worse. I feel so […]

I want to give my whole life past present and future and everyone/everything in it to God. I want forgiven of my sins, restoration/reconciliation with people from my past and my friends, my son to be blessed and be happy and healthy, a new job/more hours, to have my teeth fixed and to be healthy […]

Im a recovering meth am extremely embarrased of my few remaining rotting teeth. Ive been hiding behind a homemade partial denture for top (zero teeth) & few remaining bottom until now. One just broke off in front(no molars top & bottom) Ive become desperate enough to schedule an appointment and need prayers for forcing […]


In the name of Jesus I petition you to restore my marriage and give life to my husband, son, marriage and I and restore us in marriage, finances, health and everything the devil has taken. In Jesus name, thank you Lord I give you all the Glory Amen. Restore all the marriages that are broken […]

My son moved to another city and needs to find a job. Please pray he lands the job of his dreams. My daughter is trying to have a baby but there are issues. Please pray that it happens soon. My other daughter help her to succeed in her business and keep her safe. Thank you

Atlanta, Ga

I coming asking for prayer for (TM) have been going through something feeling crawling around the body as if something is eating at the body. I've been going through some personal things family, money and health, I'm not as close to my family as I should be,it's alot of things I hold on from the […]

Aldenm ,NY

My son is terrorizing me. We have a water leak in our mobile home, for which we cannot afford to fix. He needs to have surgery for a triple hernia surgery,and he is threatening to sell the house for $1.00. He is threatening to throw me out, and it upsets me as I am 70, […]

I'm in Italy, and I've got so many mosquiot bites, so many, at least 20 on each arm, and more on my legs and feet. I'm in so much pain, the cream isn't working, I can't sleep, and I'm crying because i feel so completely helpless, I just want the pain to go, I'm so […]

Please pray for me I am addicted to sugar and foods that contain it. I am a heart patient and a diabetic. I will have control and then the devil takes over and my diet is horrible to to point where I don't feel good. I can't believe this is happening to me. I never […]