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Thx!Diarea’s gone.4 my belly pain 2 go away 2.

Thx!Plz pray I get over the diarea&belly pain’ll go away.Sorry,tired of being sick.

Thx!Diarea seems 2 be gone.Now,if this belly pain’d go away 2.

Thx!4 my belly pain 2 go away.Also,4 my pal,Kris,with her bad back pain.

Va Beach

Please pray for my wife and I that our Heavenly Father will open a door for us to get into a house/condo for a full time place to live. Also we are in need of funds a deposit for this place. I do praise God for the now full time job I have and hope […]

Hammond La

I have just gotten a call from my Dr. who said I could likely have hepatitis, cirrohsis, or liver cancer. Hard to concentrate right now, I’m feeling anxious, and also confused. Please…PRAY for me and that my ultrasound does show anything life threatening. Thank you


Thx!I think my diarea’s gone.2 my belly pain 2 go away.Hurts a lot.

Thx!Plz pray(diarea&belly pain)I get better soon.

I need a lot of prayers right now I feel threatened and my boyfriend could be too these frauds keep hacking this computer some how and my phone I feel and I feel threatened and violated and coerced and plotted against right now I feel bullied and harassed I have colon cancer and thyroid issues […]

Thx!That I’ll get over the diarea&belly pain’ll go away.

Thx!Now,I’ve been sick 4 4 days.2 get over diarea&belly pain 2 go away.

Please pray that I get the job I am interviewing for 9-13-18. At the top rate. Please pray for me to connect with each of them and do a wonderful job for them. Please pray that my Kitty T will heal on his leg and not need surgery. I have been looking for work since […]

I have a brother in law,whose name is P, who found out he has cancer in his bones throughout his body. He is in a lot of pain.

Please pray for me I am so sick. Only God can heal me. I have a kidney stone,congestive heart failure,C.O.P.D and always in pain. Thank you LF


Please pray for my 19 year old daughter. She is having a breast lump removed. Please pray that it is 100% benign and that the surgery goes without complication. Please also pray that she receives complete healing and restoration….In Jesus Name.