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My friend is suffering life threatening complications from chemotherapy. Im not sure how to pray, so Im putting this out to the universe.

My name is T. My friend’s name is C. We’ve had a relationship for 15 yrs. We are both in our early 60’s. C is broken emotionally, mentally & physically. I have attempted for 10 years to help her to heal from the emotional abuse I put her through in the first 5 years of […]

Ive had a very hard life. Ive lost 2 husbands and a son. Now my daughter whom is using herion is in jail. My finances are getting very low. Im just so scared. I have no home I renting and Im disabled. I take care of my grandson who is trying to go to college […]

I need prayer for my high blood pressure and Anxiety attacks. Both related to my work. First can our prayer for the Holy Spirit to calm me on a daily basis as I begin to fight this. Pray for my Doctor and my therapist that God will work through them to get these issues taken […]


My mri came back with an aneurysm but further testing is needed please pray for healing or that this is a mistake please pray that I have the strength to face this and get through this I am scared thank you


I am 14 years old and Female. This is honestly the last resort for me. I have been struggling with mental illness for four years. I am self harming after being two months clean and now I am very suicidal. I really do not know if prayer will help but I really need prayer. It […]


I have health issues. Addiction to food. I fight the devil daily and have no joy. My life is make believe..


Hello..I am an active prayer warrior for the I NEED PRAYER NOW org. and, I am now, myself, in need of prayer. I haven’t seen any requests for prayers for ones’ pets, but, I am asking for healing for my beloved dog, L. I don’t want to go into details because Satan knows what we […]

I am a sigle mother of a 17 year old girl who just told me she is not getting an abortion and wants to keep it. she is a senior in high school and had a great future ahead of her self in sport and academicly. When she first told me i lost my trust […]

my son lost his job today and needs another job. i am trying to sell my house but no offers. also i need a healing in my back. thank you

Please pray that I get over this bladder/kidney/UTI infection. I am starting on the third antibiotic, praying this one works and the infection will be gone for good. Thank you and God bless all who remember in prayer/

New York

That I will recover from my cough and my son will get into the recital next week.

Pray for sister that he pancreas starts to work that she begin to control he appetite and get rid of diabetes, and any damage done to he body heal. Pray that my tires don’t go flat and that I get the part time job at the hospital Monday nov. 5th 2018. Everybody pray for this […]

Bartow Ga

God I ask the following: Heal V. Let me get the PT job and let the hrs and days, money be conductive to do my at home responsibilities. Let me be off TG, x-mas. Bless us in health, money, enough to be free and do the business I want to do. Bless T and keep […]

i need god to help my husband DF he has stayed at his dad’s in NV away from our marriage he has emotional strains and social anxiety and anger about 1 of his cognitive theripist dicontinuing her therapy please help him come back to his God loving loyal wife in C A and a great […]