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My son is an insurance inspector and is driving to Louisiana from Florida. He is an upright and compassionate man who always gives the full limits of the policy to the insured. I taught him to do onto others has they would do unto him. He may be there for a month and probably living […]

M cant get a oj ro go bk to work. God make a wat if his wilk. Mhs nerves r heal fast.

Thx!I’ve applied 4 5 jobs.I wish someone would call me 4 an interview

Thx!I’ve an interview tod..That it goes ok.4 B’s(Cancer)healing

Thank you for reading my prayer. I’m 77 and need a job desperately. After much searching and praying I was hired by a supermarket chain as a cashier. The job paid close to minimum wage bur I was thankful for it. They won’t hire full time so I only get to work about 22 hours […]

Dayton Ohio

Trouble at work, overwhealmed and having difficulty keeping up with the current workload and coping with the stress of it. There were layoffs and restructuring at work due to Covid leaving a smaller staff causing a massive increased workload on those remaining, A new boss was hired 8 months ago, but that person is not […]

[We read] In KJV, Ezekiel 22:30: “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.” O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around […]

I injured both legs and can’t function on my job, I go back to work this Wednesday and If not able I will lose my job. I need his jobs desperately for both financial and emotional needs. Please intercede for me. Thank you and my the Lord bless you.

Physical healing to save my job

My daughter was promoted to Campus Dean and tomorrow is the first day of class and it will be her first experience. Please pray that God be with her and lead her all throughout the day. Please pray. Thank you SOOOO MUCH.

My son K needs prayer that he passes his drug test for his new employer. He desperately needs this job. He is a believer and is turning his life around. He suffers from brain trauma due to concussions and might have smoked over new years but can’t remember. Please God give him your mercy and […]

Prayers for myself and my boyfriend, B to be able to come together for Christmas- or really just GODS WILL with the relationship, please? I need work or a way to provide for my bills. I am learning photoshop and just need the right connections? Favor. Open Doors. Wisdom. His Will. Also for my son, […]

Sullivan, MO

Please pray for me. I am going through time of betrayal, uncertainty, and anger mixed with cyr about my future career prospects. Please pray those who have my career in their hands make a decision based on facts not lies. Please pray for me. Please pray for me.