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i’m in prison in Arkansas, an was given a disp. report for unlawful use of phone which takes 45 days away without any use of phone or freedoms. i called home phone and spoke to everyone there and you cant do that you can only speak to one phone is listed to. i pray they […]

I’m an older man and I need employment desperately. Please ask the Lord to open a door this week. Thank you and God bless.


Please pray that I get the job at the Law office this week Oct. 1st 2018. This is the one I want. Thank You.


I need financial blessing and breakthrough and healing, I lost my job today and have no money or income now and am aa single father with an 8 year old son. I don’t want to lose my home or not have food I just need so much prayer right now. I feel like killing myself […]

Please pray that I get the job I am interviewing for 9-13-18. At the top rate. Please pray for me to connect with each of them and do a wonderful job for them. Please pray that my Kitty T will heal on his leg and not need surgery. I have been looking for work since […]


Please pray for me. I was told today that in 4 weeks I would be let go from my job. I was told that I was too slow and could not keep up. I have asked for help and worked as hard as I can. Please pray that the Lord will help me and open […]

I need a job, I need income.

Please pray that I have not lost my job.

I have been struggling financially for the last five years. Things of gotten worse over the last few months though as the company I worked for had to eliminate my position due to lack of Business. Im currently a month behind on my mortgage and truck payment. Im also a single father with three teenagers. […]


Hello I need prayer for my husband. That he will have favor in getting the job he desires and that he will hear back from the company soon about getting the job. I also ask for prayer as we need help paying off so many bills that we've accumulated and that we will move forward […]

Pray the C call of e-mail me that she wants me to work for her. Thank You, P

Please ask the father to restore my happiness my family my job the enmy continues ti attack me please pray for me


Im hopeless about getting into a residency program in March next year. I really need prayers in passing my USMLE step 2 cs exam this year. Please pray for me to have enough finances to apply to over 50 residency programs. Thanks

My husband made a mistake at work Please not fire him.

I am concerned about losing my job. I admit some of it is my fault. I can't afford to lose my job and I need prayer that it won't happen. I ask God for forgiveness