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D in Florida–Self-loathing, shame, constant reminders in my mind that I am unloved, a very bad person who just can't believe I can be forgiven, and, most of all, the idea even belief that I am stupid, unable to learn and comprehend most information required to get a job. A voice says, in my mind, […]


Pray my son doesnt get expelled from school today. Thank you. Im just overwhelmed. In Jesus name


I need a new job, new car, new house, to lose weight, get my teeth fixed, to be forgiven of my sins, for my son's life to be blessed abundantly, for people to stop badmouthing me, I have no income, am severely depressed, have anxiety, health issues, am tired of life being the same bad […]


The day I sent a prayer request for my son is the day he lost his job. This is a huge blow. Please pray for him that he figures out where his weaknesses are as an employee and thatGod reveal to him where his place is on this earth. Thank you

I am in debt, and living on credit. Unable thus far to find a job. My debt is crushing my spirit. This is what I ask in prayer: Not that God should give me a lot of money to pay them off, rather, TO INCREASE MY FAITH IN HIM AND HIS'S PURPOSE IN MY SITUATION, […]


My son needs help. He has a hard time being a team player at work. He feels used and abused. I know he should help others at work but he only wants to be responsible for his own work. When he is assigned to help others then his work suffers. He does not like thisat […]

Orlando, FL

My name is D. and I live in Orlando, FL. I need a job desperately. I'm an older man, wife has passed away, my son and daughter have abandoned me and I'm in considerable debt. Please, Please intercede on my behalf to The Lord Jesus for a job, available even this week. I can not […]


I am struggling so badly. My family business is about to go under without a miracle. Im so scared. Im not scared for myself but for the people I owe money to, my employees and customers. I am so blessed to have such great people around me. Ive just not been able to get the […]

Not sure how to start but I'm in need of an instant miracle.i have been involved in a car accident today and I have no insurance,no job,no income and the other party wants me to fix the repairs.also,I'm under a lot of financial stress and I can't see myself getting out of this jam anytime […]

Please pray for HP and CS. Young girls who are making bad choices in college.

Please my son needs prayer right now…he is going thru anxiety right now. My son RJ has been dealing with this illness for years. My husband is driving to Austin to be with him in a little while. He starts a new job this week and he is stressing so much. He suffers from anxiety […]


Requesting prayer for S.H. She was laid off from her job on Monday. She is working from home. Asking that this situation is turned around and she is able to keep this job. Praying for God's favor in this situation. Thank you.

I am getting laid off from work – and have feel completely lost. I feel self loathing I am lost and feel my fear hurting my relationship with my boyfriend. I do not want to hurt him. I love him but I know I am hurting him. I just ask that he give me the […]


i want to pass geometry amen..


My husband is waiting to hear back from an interview he has last week and we really need him to get this job. My car wont start and since I lost my mom 18 months ago I live with a constant sadness in my heart. Please help me get thru this difficult time.