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my son lost his job today and needs another job. i am trying to sell my house but no offers. also i need a healing in my back. thank you

New York

That I will recover from my cough and my son will get into the recital next week.

Pray for sister that he pancreas starts to work that she begin to control he appetite and get rid of diabetes, and any damage done to he body heal. Pray that my tires don’t go flat and that I get the part time job at the hospital Monday nov. 5th 2018. Everybody pray for this […]

Feeling like a complete failure! I really did it this time! God recently blessed me with the best job I have had and helped me get all of my children back in my life after 6 years! I recently turned 50 and while in my hometown I smoked weed with old friends from childhood. Then […]

I need prayer to save my small business. I am in over my head and need nothing short of a miracle. I can’t imagine doing anything else and can’t believe I got this far for it to fail. Any prayers would be much appreciated.

I am desperate for employment now, as I have no money, in debt, little food. As a Senior, jobs are not easy to come by. This Friday, I will be going to a Christian employment service. The process takes 2 hours, and I must arrive early as they are only capable of processing 5 people. […]


i’m in prison in Arkansas, an was given a disp. report for unlawful use of phone which takes 45 days away without any use of phone or freedoms. i called home phone and spoke to everyone there and you cant do that you can only speak to one phone is listed to. i pray they […]

I’m an older man and I need employment desperately. Please ask the Lord to open a door this week. Thank you and God bless.


Please pray that I get the job at the Law office this week Oct. 1st 2018. This is the one I want. Thank You.


I need financial blessing and breakthrough and healing, I lost my job today and have no money or income now and am aa single father with an 8 year old son. I don’t want to lose my home or not have food I just need so much prayer right now. I feel like killing myself […]

Please pray that I get the job I am interviewing for 9-13-18. At the top rate. Please pray for me to connect with each of them and do a wonderful job for them. Please pray that my Kitty T will heal on his leg and not need surgery. I have been looking for work since […]


Please pray for me. I was told today that in 4 weeks I would be let go from my job. I was told that I was too slow and could not keep up. I have asked for help and worked as hard as I can. Please pray that the Lord will help me and open […]

I need a job, I need income.

Please pray that I have not lost my job.

I have been struggling financially for the last five years. Things of gotten worse over the last few months though as the company I worked for had to eliminate my position due to lack of Business. Im currently a month behind on my mortgage and truck payment. Im also a single father with three teenagers. […]