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I have been a nurse for 20 years. It’s been a long 20 years and I burned out. I couldn’t do it anymore. I quit my job, didn’t tell discuss it with him when I did it, and we can’t afford for me to be out of work. I have a life long struggle with […]


To get out of a addiction. Depression anxteiy loneiness. And i fell fat and real ugly my husband doesnt pay atteion to me no more i think he seeing someone else

please pray for my marriage the devil has a stronghold on my wife’s heart and she has told me that after 14 years she doesn’t feel anything more than the general love we have for another for me. Now I don’t believe God brought us together to rip us apart, we have 3 young boys […]

I am so lonely. I live alone many years and pray to be married and have kids


Please restore my marriage. J is running away. Please pray!

I have made shipwreck of my marriage. I have repented of great sin and pray that God would be moved with compassion as He looks on the misery and suffering in this relationship. I pray that He would turn our hearts towards each other again so that we might be able to reconcile and reunite.

I pray for the salvation and deliverance of my son and hb from drugs, lies, fear and adultery. I pray the lord heals them and they overcome the bondage of the evil one and Lord will shine his powerful light on them for deliverance and with the Lords help they will seek the Lord. let […]

Me and my husband have been married since June 4 were both recovering drug attics and we both need to learn how to communicate with each other without violence and screaming we go to church faithfully and pay our times but at home we dont know how to communicate with each other I try to […]

I need to leave my husband. So I need money and guidance.

please pray for my husbands bipolar disorder to finally get managed, finally find the right medication NOW before he gets any worse. I am in great fear for what may happen if this does not get under control. thank you. also please pray for both of us to have strength to continue to deal with […]

Please pray for me and my anxiety and my panic attacks to stop I am recently divorced pray for my 17-year-old daughter to find a job to help her self-esteem and for her anxiety to go away also also pray for my 17-year-old son who has Aspergers syndrome That the Holy Spirit will guide him […]

My spouse wants to divorce. Seems like has already given up, there seems to be nothing I can say or do. Only God can influence this situation.

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My husband of 13 years has left me and I need him to come back home. Im so upset over this that Im falling into depression. I can eat or sleep. Ive lost 13 pounds since he left. Please pray for us to work this out and that God touches his heart and makes him […]

Please pray for me and my wife to get back together. They say my wife has cancer please pray for her. Thank you.

My wife and I are going to some tough times right now we are not together but were trying to work things out I desperately miss her please help please pray for us thank you