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Pray for restoration of my family marriage wife I children J E i am J i feel powerless my wife and kids do not acknowledge me i just want peace love and respect i am desperate and depressed at my situation

I am struggling to gain control over my life. My ex husband has manipulated me for years and i need to get away from his lies. pray for me to find a way out. Live in peace and not rely on him if that means losing child support then fine God is my support i […]

In the name of the Lord Jesus please come to me and my son and marriage and restore what the devil has taken seven fold. Restore my husband and son back to you for their deliverance. Remove the spirit of lust, pride, adultery, gluttony, fear and addiction now! restore us today! Hedge us up and […]

My wife of 20 years told me, out of nowhere, that she doesn't want to be married any more. We have been together for 31 years. We have 3 kids. Please pray for my 3 kids, my wife and myself. Thank you

I pray for my husband R’s salvation and for him to come to his senses now suddenly and break the evil soul ties and bondage from his adultery, addiction, lust, pride, lies and gluttony. Remove the scales off his eyes to see and do what Jesus says. Restore our marriage and remove this other woman […]

Please pray for my husband D, that he comes home to me and restores our marriage and heals completely. He left yesterday and has been having an affair the last year. Im believing that God will break that connection and turn his heart and thoughts to me. And his soul to God.


Dear Lord Jesus, I come before you to ask for a miracle blessing at this time of year. I pray for restoration in my marriage and husband to come to you. I pray to guide my son to the right path and give both husband and son strength and courage to do right. I also […]

Please pray for my marriage, my husband J filed for divorce and initiated a relationship with another woman. I do not want the divorce.


In the name of Jesus I petition you to restore my marriage and give life to my husband, son, marriage and I and restore us in marriage, finances, health and everything the devil has taken. In Jesus name, thank you Lord I give you all the Glory Amen. Restore all the marriages that are broken […]

Please pray my Husband, D and I see our way back to each other and we create the love God intended. Thank you


In the name of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus today is my anniversary and I am heavy hearted for my Husband that is caught up in bondage with addiction and adultery. I pray the Lord humbles him to come to repentance and come to his senses. I pray that his family also comes to […]

I'm asking for prayer for my Marriage. My husband and I have been separated almost a year…. I've been prayer for reconciliation and for us both to change ourselves to be better mates to one another that tore our marriage apart from the beginning. I pray for our minds, our hearts and the love we […]

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I need a lot of prayer. My husband and I are separated and I'm wanting to work things out but at the same time I'm staying with a friend who is telling me I'm not trusting God that I'm focusing on my marriage too much. I trust God as much as I know how but […]


n the name of Jesus and the Blood of the Lord I fervently pray for my salvation, my husband R’s salvation and my son D’s salvation. I pray that they both come to repentance and I pray for their addictions to be overcome. I fervently pray for marriage restoration now and for the other woman […]


Help I let my bank account I'm having problems paying my bills, I need my husband back but it's not working his mom is gone now and his son does everything he can to stay in our way and my husband lies so much now. But I want him back home like he was before […]