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Need prayer for my 23 year old son N. Hes in desperate need of deliverance from drugs and alcohol. And in need of deliverance from toxic friends. Asking the Lord to please give him protection wisdom and understanding. N is a born again Christian that has got with a bad group of friends. So Im […]

Please pray Gods will well be done, and if it is his well D and I reconnect and create a heathy loving relationship. Thank you


In the name of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus today is my anniversary and I am heavy hearted for my Husband that is caught up in bondage with addiction and adultery. I pray the Lord humbles him to come to repentance and come to his senses. I pray that his family also comes to […]

I'm asking for prayer for my Marriage. My husband and I have been separated almost a year…. I've been prayer for reconciliation and for us both to change ourselves to be better mates to one another that tore our marriage apart from the beginning. I pray for our minds, our hearts and the love we […]

Aldenm ,NY

My son is terrorizing me. We have a water leak in our mobile home, for which we cannot afford to fix. He needs to have surgery for a triple hernia surgery,and he is threatening to sell the house for $1.00. He is threatening to throw me out, and it upsets me as I am 70, […]

Austin, Tx

I need a lot of prayer. My husband and I are separated and I'm wanting to work things out but at the same time I'm staying with a friend who is telling me I'm not trusting God that I'm focusing on my marriage too much. I trust God as much as I know how but […]

"Hi I need prayer to completely defeat lust in my life and the after affects, it has been a source of many of my problems, thank you very much for your prayers… Blessings to you! A Also… I need prayers so that I can go to bed early, so that I can be productive during […]


I've never begged. Whoever sees this, my name is C. I'm a mother to five. Seriously ill now. 4 of the children have the same disease as me , two with serious complications. The fifth child is anorexic and delutional but was fine two yrs ago. I manage and care for everything alone, struggling now […]

In need of prayers. My life is in a turmoil. The Devil is destroying my relationship. I think my boyfriend is running from God. The Devil constantly uses him to destroy my joy. Pray to rebuke the Devil from me. Pray for us both.

My daughter is dating a young man who sexual violated his sister while they were minors. His Father is on Ms List for the rape of a 10 year old girl. This young man lives with his Father. My daughter has no concept the sorrows that will bestow upon her should she get married, move […]


I need deliverance from drugs I need help with my temper.I nred prayer to be answered because right now I'm ready to put a b to sleep


Please I need prayer for my son and grandson that they forgive ,over a really silly thing it is stressful on my son and myself with Rhumiod arthritis please pray that they forgive


I pray that me and my girlfriend reconcile our relationshuip and bestfriend and respect and understanding and love again how it was but better and constant attention

Rusk TX

I need a finically blessing now lord please and I also need to talk to and see my husband now and lord I'm very hungry I'm sad all I do is cry now please come and rescue me help me I'm alone and I feel myself going into a dark place

Pray that C finds job thais better than last one and that she one day forgives me for the mistake I made and that she is able to,reunite with her family