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Dallas ga

My blood pressure is high please pray that it comes down and stays down.also my left leg hurts. I need to be able to take care of my 5 dogs.I live alone and I am 75 yrs young.please send me someone .thanks and God Bless you in Jesus name

I am getting laid off from work – and have feel completely lost. I feel self loathing I am lost and feel my fear hurting my relationship with my boyfriend. I do not want to hurt him. I love him but I know I am hurting him. I just ask that he give me the […]

Please pray for E W., her mom & dad, and brothers and sisters, and the rest of her family that they would be brought into a relationship with God via the blood and sacrifice of Christ.


Dear Lord. I pray that watch over ex girlfriend and my children. To give her strength to take care of them especially my autism child. I know was not very good person in the relationship. I pray that you help me not be so angry and mean against her. I try not have conflict but […]

I think my friend got hurt by a demon. Prayers for healing, strength, and guidance.

I feel lonely.

Hello. I am currently in a relationship and am trying to figure out if I should marry this man or not. While he is a man striving after God's heart (is saved) and has a lot of good qualities, there are things about him that make me hesitate (condescending attitude with me at times, lust, […]

Weston WV

hi im A and I just am heartbroken, broke, depressed, etc. I cannot stand my job, am overwhelmed with financial burdens and want the best for my 7 year old son. I want him to be blessed but I want to be blessed and forgiven and just give my whole life, past present and future […]

Please, Please pray for my friend PS. She is not saved and she may be homeless soon. She has suffered more in her life than anybody else I know of. Now she is facing an even worse situation…homelessness. Thank you and may God richly bless you and make His face shine upon you!!

Need prayer for my 23 year old son N. Hes in desperate need of deliverance from drugs and alcohol. And in need of deliverance from toxic friends. Asking the Lord to please give him protection wisdom and understanding. N is a born again Christian that has got with a bad group of friends. So Im […]

Please pray Gods will well be done, and if it is his well D and I reconnect and create a heathy loving relationship. Thank you


In the name of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus today is my anniversary and I am heavy hearted for my Husband that is caught up in bondage with addiction and adultery. I pray the Lord humbles him to come to repentance and come to his senses. I pray that his family also comes to […]

I'm asking for prayer for my Marriage. My husband and I have been separated almost a year…. I've been prayer for reconciliation and for us both to change ourselves to be better mates to one another that tore our marriage apart from the beginning. I pray for our minds, our hearts and the love we […]

Aldenm ,NY

My son is terrorizing me. We have a water leak in our mobile home, for which we cannot afford to fix. He needs to have surgery for a triple hernia surgery,and he is threatening to sell the house for $1.00. He is threatening to throw me out, and it upsets me as I am 70, […]

Austin, Tx

I need a lot of prayer. My husband and I are separated and I'm wanting to work things out but at the same time I'm staying with a friend who is telling me I'm not trusting God that I'm focusing on my marriage too much. I trust God as much as I know how but […]