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Please pray for the salvation of L G. God ended our relationship as she is not a believer and is under heavy demonic strongholds. Pray that God surrounds her with a hedge of protection and with Holy angels. Pray that God mercifully grants her the gift of repentance and a mind to understand the truth […]

I need prayer andi need help in knowing how to handle my 34 year old son who is married to a wonderful girl and they are helping us in our home and they have set up 2 airbnb’s for us but they don’t have jobs or a career path and I am worried but I […]

I need prayer now for comfort peace and direction, and healing mentally and physically, financially. End to turmoil and confusion. My family and I need miracles. My friend whose going through the things I am. Pray for her and her family. Keep evil away from our lives. And God will get the glory.

Hello prayer community… I am coming today to give a desperate prayer. I have been involved with a man almost 3 years now. We sinned by having sex before marriage and while I deeply regret it, I repented my sins to God and said no more. We grew into a romantic relationship for about 4 […]


Please pray for my strength through physical pain. I’ve already had 2 surgeries, and take strong medications. My arms, neck and back burn from nerve pain. It’s been 32 years. I have a dog, who I am quite attached to, who lays quietly beside me. I ask that you pray for his continued health. I […]

Pastors family needs a miracle, person in family has been falsely accused by an individual who has falsely accused a female relative of child sexual abuse, this is a horrible way to seek revenge on someone you dislike but it has happened. We need God to move on this female relatives side and clear her […]

I request prayers for my grandson who is possessed by an evil spirit and is also addicted to weed. He also has mental health problems but refuses to seek help. His mother also has mental health problems and is an alcoholic. Both of them suffer from severe depression and anxiety. My husband also passed away […]


My Mother passed away in 2915 and she was the only one who prayed for me. I’m 72, sgl. woman who has worked for the past 4 yrs. as a caregiver for a couple in their 90’s. The wife passed away 1 yr. ago, and him this past March. In April I injured my back, […]

I need prayer for everything in my life right now. I’m sick disabled and all alone and no one cares. My whole life has been falling apart for 10 years. I can’t take it anymore. Nothing but sickness, pain, death in my family and financial hardships. My nerves are shot.

I do not like to ask for things for myself, but I’m at a point in life where I feel like I’m a warm body that can do for others and nothing more. I feel like what I can do matters more than I do and what I can do isn’t that important. It’s expendable. […]

I fear that I am to far gone for Got to help me. I am in an abusive relationship and I don’t know how to get out of it. I feel that if God would remove him from my life, I would be 100% better. I cry out to God, but I feel that I […]

Lord , Please hear my prayer . I feel so alone , heartbroken and alone. Everyone around me hates me . Its hard to get up each day and believe that everything will work out. I am so tied of wishing life away . I want to live . I never as for prayer because […]


Please, I need a prayer for healing for my fiancee ERA, from CAMIGUIN, PHILIPPINE, my name is VH from Amsterdam, Netherlands. My fiancee E have heart problems, she has the last weeks pain in her heart area. I will go to her to marry her in the Philippine and bring her with her daughter PVA […]


Please pray for me, my sister robbed me of all my money. The police say they can’t do anything about it. She also hurt me physically and emotionally. I can’t pay my bills, and she spends money on drugs. I need justice and a good job. Thank you, KW

Please pray for me im losing my wife because of my addiction to drugs i been battling my addition for years and she is fed up with it i have recently made plans to put myself into a mens home to get the help i need but she says it is too late i love […]