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Rusk TX

I need a finically blessing now lord please and I also need to talk to and see my husband now and lord I'm very hungry I'm sad all I do is cry now please come and rescue me help me I'm alone and I feel myself going into a dark place

Pray that C finds job thais better than last one and that she one day forgives me for the mistake I made and that she is able to,reunite with her family


Dear Father God, I come to you with a heavy heart praying for my marriage restoration and for my son D and husband R’s salvation. Lord in the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus cover us and protect us for all the wickedness of this world. I pray you hedge us up with […]


I need prayers for my family. Something may brake our family apart and I need prayers for us to stay together and keep us close with each other and God. And may this bring us closer and stronger with the Lord.

Hello my name is jd. I need some serious prayer right now. Im feeling overwhelmed stressed emotional fed up an not knowing which way to go. And im in a relationship with my man we been together for10 months and i feel scared that he might try to hurt me really bad because he has […]


There is a girl that our paths keep crossing. I really like her and her kids but she is afraid of a relationship because of her past marriages. I have never been married before but I feel that God has allowed our paths to keep crossing for some reason. Please be in prayer with me […]

Depression is setting in and I am afraid God isn't answering my prayers. I have been praying for so long for the same request and something needs to happen. I love LP and even though I am an older widow woman my heart aches. Please help me to pray that I hear an answer either […]

Hello, please pray for me as I've been recently separated from the Military due to a mistake, I'm at home and my whole family is grieving and crying, I know I let them down but I want to make them all proud again. Please pray that I find a apartment to stay at and be […]

houston tx

I need prayer for mine and FSV relationship. He is in another state. Our relationship being strain by many obstacles. I pray these obstacle be removed. That both of us surrender everything to God. I tend to try to do things myself and need God always. Please pray that we both stand still and listen […]


In the name and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ I humbly come to you for answers to my prayers of Marriage reconciliation with my husband by our anniversary. Take the scales off his eyes and soften his heart to his wife. Remove the OW now I boldly ask. I pray both come to know […]


God surely must hate me. I truly suffer from pain and financial problems and now my adult daughter is taking her problems out on me. I love her with all my heart but being disabled and single after 26 years of being married to a C I just don't know how much more I can […]

I am in financial trouble due to my husband cheating and my divorce took all my savings. I live in my duplex and my adult daughter lives on the other side and she won't pay her part or her phone bill that is in my name. She knows I am disabled and on as fixed […]


My wife has left me and I am wanting her to return home so as we can fix our marriage.

Pembroke, NC

Pray for me everyone. God knows all about it! I'm stress to the point of not being able to eat, sleep and now sick (affected my health). Asking for the Devil to be removed in my situation. He's controlling my boyfriend tremendously. He's affecting my entire life. Please pray for him that he'll see the […]

Please pray with us as my wife and I are asking for help to move into a condo in VA Beach. We need more funds and wise way to do all we have to get done. Have been homeless for a time, looking for God's hand to show us how, also friends to help in […]