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Please pray for me that I can get transferred away from my supervisor who is causing me so much anxiety and stress that I do not want to live. I do not have a support system, my family is deceased. I please ask that you pray I can get transferred in a positive way soon, […]

I feel lonely, unloved, uncared for. I do not know why I am here, why I am breathing. I want to be loved, liked, someone that gets a call from people because they care. I do not get those. I am always the one that checks on people, cares for them. I Just want to […]

Please please pray for me. Please pray that I am able to positively be permanently transferred to my old position at work. My supervisor in my new position has caused me deep anxiety, stress and my health has deteriorated under them in a short amount of time. I cannot take this stress anymore and need […]

Please pray for my kids 17, and 25. My 17 year old son has asperger’s syndrome. His mother was his world. They lost their mother and she was 59. The kids are lashing out at their dad. There is a lot of hurt and we need healing. The family and the demons are attacking the […]

please pray that I am able to rest and not have this much anxiety or pain. Please pray that I am able to get a transfer permanently to my kind old supervisor and away from my current Supevisor. Please pray I receive positivity in my life, positive people and guidance. Please all pray deeply that […]

I passed up a great job opportunity that had a lot of significance in making amends and showing I am a better person. Than in the past.. I need that opportunity to come back.

I need prayer for strength and guidance in some problems that have with roommates I have. What they are doing to me is affecting my health. I need gods help so much in this manner.


my wife wants a divorce she has already moved out and tells me she has a boyfriend. i don’t want to get divorce

Praying for the brotherhood of Jesus’ scriptual academics, whetting their appetite for the Word, brotherly love than aloofness, visiting each other, and power of Christ to loosen their family from the enslavement of doubt, limitedness or ungratefulness as the Judges story. 

Thx!4 J(hubby)2 feel better.Also,me depress..

I need prayer for my dear brother D in Ocala who has been in a hospital and is having problems with lung function and swallowing food. May the Lord Jesus bless him with healing. He is a christian- I pray that he will cry out to God in prayer for help. may he be cooperative […]

Thx!Sorry.I’m happy with my hubby but I’m not.I wisj that he’d try 2 be happy.Despite his blindness.

Thx!4 me,with my chronic pain.4 me&my hubby(Jon)2 get along.He seems 2 enjoy getting after me.

Very Very long 37 year story but he’s in a bad place right now, this very minute . His relationship with his girlfriend is on the verge of breaking but there is so much more to this! PLEASE! Please, I just ask that you prayer for God to intervene! Prayers for God to fix his […]

Thx!I’d like 2 request prayer 4(She said she was good.)a gal that just walked up my street..I guess she’s mad @ someone cause she was cussing a lot.