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Please let A be able to attend BD for M in K. on June 12th Please send me the right person to fix the things I need done in and for my home at a low price. Pleae send some one to fix my yard. Please heal V.and T. Thank you.

My name is GA I need a financial blessing have bills that needs to be paid especially my house tax before June 12th 2019. I am a very lonely person, i need a man in my life someone who will love me and me only me. I need a few good , true friends in […]

Phoenix, AZ

Dear Lord, Please purge the darkness from DKZ and renew his goodness of spirit, health, and return him to permanence of peace and mental well-being. Let his rage be safely consumed by its own flames and may the ash sprout blossoms of joyful renewal and grace.

I’m sad since 1 of my pals died.

I need prayer for my neighbor who smoke and she is not suppose to smoke in side I have problems with it.


I am a 53 year old mother, wife, nurse. I feel I am being spiritually attacked. I lost my job today after 7 months of harassment by management, including intentional acts to make me unhappy. I withstood it all. I complained privately to management and was fired. I just cant seem to find what I […]

Please pray for me. My work is killing me. I work non stop but my boss only looks for what I did not do because there is so much to do or tries to blame me for something being wrong. I have never felt so beaten down in all my life and I don’t see […]


Please ask god to help D & S today. they are living with relatives who are using them. They have very little and lost several loved ones and today their car. Ask God to make those who have taken advantage of them and taken what they have to restore it and help them as they […]

I need help to bring someone with me to the light. My faith is strong but he’s given up. Please show him how strong my army of angels is. Please show him how I’m not going to allow Satan’s persuasion anywhere near him. In Jesus’ name amen.

Please, please pray for my daughter and her two boys who were hit by a car on purpose.Her boyfriend drove it into them. She has a broken leg and one son got numerous stiches in his leg. Now landlord is evicting them because of all the damage to the home. It was hit also and […]


Please lift me and my family up in prayer the last 10 yrs have been very rough. Have had lots of sickness, deaths, and seems to be never ending problems. I suffer from depression and am disabled with alot of health problems and it’s all feeling like it’s too much. I’m weary of it all. […]

Please pray I will have friends who will love me and even want to help me. I am a recent widow and live far off from any church. I have one friend by phone, one hour away, but am very lonely since my husband went to Heaven.


I am going through terrible and painful health issues and a husband that basically demanded today that because I cannot have sex I should let him have sexual relations with others because the sacrifice is too much for him. He has a brain disorder and I am beginning to think he has early onset dementia […]

My name is T. My friend’s name is C. We’ve had a relationship for 15 yrs. We are both in our early 60’s. C is broken emotionally, mentally & physically. I have attempted for 10 years to help her to heal from the emotional abuse I put her through in the first 5 years of […]

Can you Please pray for me, that they treat me better at work. I feel like I don’t get any respect for the 25 years I put in at work. I want to be treated better. God please help me to be light/liked. God please help me to get along better with people. God please […]