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My Girlfriend

Good Afternoon, please pray for me, my fiances mum will not accept our relationship. He is seven seas across from me. I love him dearly and want to marry him. Please pray for a change of heart in her that she accepts me and allows her son to come spend time with me

My boyfriend is acting strange his mother doesnt want to accept me i need him to call me. please pray for me i desperately need him to call me


I was severely hurt by a Church scandal, involving the Pastor & his staff. As a result i have difficulty trusting. Please pray that God helps me forgive them & let people back in my life.

South Africa

Please pray for me? I can’t get out of the narcissists house, and away from his abuse. I’m an empath and this is making me physically and mentally ill. I have no job or nowhere to go, I’m depending on him for the neccesadies. He won’t let me out or I may not get a […]

D who claims to be a Christian but has not fruit. He curse a lot and curses at his wife as well as calls her names, with no remorse.


Please pray for me for a blessing of final freedom, so I can leave a very toxic relationship. Thank you for your time and prayer, R. T


Deep trouble financially fearing worst I’m giving it to Jesus I need to give it all not be afraid. I have said I want to become a pastor but ignored by those or was doubted by people like I’m lying or I’m not capable.. in the morning I have something I’m going to have to […]


I’m almost 80 years old, alone and in much debt. Please ask Jesus to help me. I made the mistake of not checking references of the dentist before I went. Their office has fooled me into a signing a $6,0000 contract which was originally to be $2,700, They already have mostly been paid by a […]


[We read] In KJV, Ezekiel 22:30: “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.” O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around […]

Complete remission of all cancer cells. 2. Full recovery of the function of eating and talking. Be free from all paralysis and aftereffects. 3. Send me prayer warriors who can pray along with me.


Will you please pray for S and I to be restored and renewed in our relationship? We have been together for over five years and I truly believe that God can not only heal our hearts but that He can and Will bring us back together and stop the enemy from destroying us. W

Know one will ever understand my situation but God! I have an elderly mother who is ill and extremely hard on me and my husband!! We take care of her and my father who has dementia. This has been going on now for 16 months 7 days a week! She made us give up my […]

I believe God has placed in my life the man im to be married to. I pray thay God will keep his hand on our relationship and strengthen and deepen it as we pray for each other and have faith and love grows between us. Thank you.