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I just need prayers, and lots of them for open communications, restoration, reconciliation, forgiveness, God knows all I need and to be with all those I care about and to heal and fix everything wrong in my life. I am so depressed and lonely and lost all my friends and don't feel like anyone loves […]

Please pray for me…I need healing in my body. I would also like to help people in some way, not sure what the Lord would desire, I have dreams but I'm not sure if it's the Lord's will or not or even if the dreams are from Him? I have desires in my heart on […]

Plz(thx)pray 4 me with my depress.&chronic pain.It's really hard!Also,4 T.

Please pray for me to truly become reliant on God's will for every aspect of my life so that I do not continue to fall back into the bad habits and attitudes that I struggle with. I know troubles will come, but I deeply desire the Lord's help to no longer give into worry, dread, […]


Please pray for my daughter A. She is serving her country at a service academy. She is not being treated fairly by her roommates. Her boyfriend is not treating her well. She doesn't really feel as if she has anyone to help her. Her heart is hurting and I'm worried that she'll quit. Please pray […]

I am struggling to gain control over my life. My ex husband has manipulated me for years and i need to get away from his lies. pray for me to find a way out. Live in peace and not rely on him if that means losing child support then fine God is my support i […]

Plz(thx)pray 4 me 2 not be mad @ J..Also,with my chronic pain&depress.Sorry,tired of life&its challenges.

Plz(thx)pray that I'll forgive my friend.She(my pain)didn't listen 2 to me.

Hello, my name is I, I'm facing being homeless if my rent isn't paid on the 20th of April . I have prayed asked God don't know what to do . I have just given up a job and have done before due to can't cope I have axiety and fear which has effected everything […]

Nashville TN

My pastor hates me and does not allow me to do anything in the church because He does not teach me on Wednesday night. I work 2nd shift, but others also work nights and they are allowed. He yells at me and tells me that I am no use to him. Many members are leaving […]

In the name of the Lord Jesus please come to me and my son and marriage and restore what the devil has taken seven fold. Restore my husband and son back to you for their deliverance. Remove the spirit of lust, pride, adultery, gluttony, fear and addiction now! restore us today! Hedge us up and […]

My wife of 20 years told me, out of nowhere, that she doesn't want to be married any more. We have been together for 31 years. We have 3 kids. Please pray for my 3 kids, my wife and myself. Thank you

I'm in a group home setting and some days it feels like no one is there for me. There is no way for me to tell anyone how I feel without getting sent back to the mental hospital. There is only is only one staff I can talk to about my plans with my boyfriend […]

Please pray for E W., her mom & dad, and brothers and sisters, and the rest of her family that they would be brought into a relationship with God via the blood and sacrifice of Christ.