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praise Jesus, my prayer request is to get a loving, faithful and hardworking partner, may God bless you all,

Asking for prayer regarding court issues- very concerning and fearful- I have felt like giving up completely. Prayers for finances- phone- food- internet- laundry- etc- Prayers for my relationship with my boyfriend G- God's Will and our transportation and finances. I feel very helpless right now. I keep crying and so stressed out right now. […]

That someone I care about deeply returns soon and everything works out. He left going through a lot and is or was at least homeless without even a phone and no one has heard from him. Please pray that if it is in Gods will he returns and we find the answer to a fresh […]


My mom 84 has dementia. I care for her. I am feeling very depressed today. It's not a good day for her. My son is also struggling with depression. I believe we are all under a spiritual attact because I am trying to get back to living a Christian Life. My son has lost his […]


I got separated from my husband. He is my second husband because of his family he left me. I can't live without him. Please pray for me.i want him to come back to me.

Bozeman, MT

I am living in a stressful situation. My roommate and I have fallen out and the tension is so bad I don't want to go home after work anymore. I have applied for an apartment somewhere else and ask for prayer that my application will be approved. I am also asking for prayer that my […]

My family is falling apart over the political environment that is affecting our country right now. We are divided. Please help.Thank you JJ


In Jesus name I pray for a hedge of protection around my son and help deliver him from his fear and addictions. In Jesus name I pray for a hedge of protection around my marriage and deliver my husband from his fear and addictions and lust and idolatry. Remove the other woman and Mother in […]

calumet mi

My husband has been violent threatening my life,laughing and mocking my faith, wouldn't let me pay any bills. Now he wants all money out of joint account, but I had to pay mortage and some bills. He says he will get me into trouble for that. I feel so scared. please pray for me.


Please pray for a relationship. I have reached out to a woman–E–that I have liked for about 1 1/2 years. Found out she is in a relationship from a family member. Kinda confused–it may be a way to let me down easy–conflicting signs. Love her very much. Pray that now that she knows my feelings/heart–that […]



I just need prayers, and lots of them for open communications, restoration, reconciliation, forgiveness, God knows all I need and to be with all those I care about and to heal and fix everything wrong in my life. I am so depressed and lonely and lost all my friends and don't feel like anyone loves […]

Please pray for me…I need healing in my body. I would also like to help people in some way, not sure what the Lord would desire, I have dreams but I'm not sure if it's the Lord's will or not or even if the dreams are from Him? I have desires in my heart on […]

Plz(thx)pray 4 me with my depress.&chronic pain.It's really hard!Also,4 T.

Please pray for me to truly become reliant on God's will for every aspect of my life so that I do not continue to fall back into the bad habits and attitudes that I struggle with. I know troubles will come, but I deeply desire the Lord's help to no longer give into worry, dread, […]