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I have a friend from high school named Jon my facebook page. She just cleaned up her life and got sober and was promised by her children’s father– that she could be back in her children’s life. She has posted her heartache as he took that promise back. Asking for breakthrough for her and her […]

My daughter, S, is a kind Christian woman with a tender heart. She and her 3 sons have been living with me and my husband for almost 2 years since she left her horribly verbal emotionally abusive husband. He lies relentlessly and is very manipulating. The court system where we live is extremely backed up. […]

I am being attacked by the Devil with having murderous intentions, yet I am a born again Christian who has the Holy Spirit and I am requesting help, it is overburdening me. Also, explosive anger (wrath) the Devil is using against me mightily! I’ve prayed to God and he told me to come on here […]

I have made shipwreck of my marriage. I have repented of great sin and pray that God would be moved with compassion as He looks on the misery and suffering in this relationship. I pray that He would turn our hearts towards each other again so that we might be able to reconcile and reunite.

corona, ca

Please pray our family will have justice and our baby will be returned to whom she loves.

Please pray for me. I am alone and have no one to talk to. I desperately need a friend that cares.

My daughter is 17. She has been sneaking around with a 20-year old African-American male who has been physically abusing her. She thinks she’s in love and despite my efforts to separate the two it is not working. Now, she hates me, is defiant and out of control. She’s lost all her friends for the […]

I pray for the salvation and deliverance of my son and hb from drugs, lies, fear and adultery. I pray the lord heals them and they overcome the bondage of the evil one and Lord will shine his powerful light on them for deliverance and with the Lords help they will seek the Lord. let […]


Help, I am in a bad way. I’m 74 years old without anyone of family and live in a fourplex apartment. Two of the three tenements are on psychotropic medication and have acted out against me. The neighbor across the hall is a violent drunk in his early 30’s and has physically confronted me with […]

Mental illness is rampant in our family. Currently 3 with schizophrenia and delusions. One nephew is so young and left his family and is on his own. I am afraid he will end up homeless and dead. The other 2 have homes and a source of income. Please pray for the one with no social […]

Me and my husband have been married since June 4 were both recovering drug attics and we both need to learn how to communicate with each other without violence and screaming we go to church faithfully and pay our times but at home we dont know how to communicate with each other I try to […]

my second request is that my husband file our 2018 taxes. He thinks it is not important be we don’t owe taxes; the gvt owes us thousands in a refund. I have spoken to him repeatedly and don’t know what to do. He doesn’t want to take time off from our ministries to do this. […]


I need prayer to forgive and forget , move on from someone I thought was a friend. They just started not calling, and when I called were very distant. I have quit bothering with them, but I would like to know why this went this way as I have no clue. I want to let […]

aurora, Il

Please pray for MT and Cp for financial freedom to be able to provide for our children and buy a home together. To also pray for a healthy and loving relationship.


Please pray for the salvation of L G. God ended our relationship as she is not a believer and is under heavy demonic strongholds. Pray that God surrounds her with a hedge of protection and with Holy angels. Pray that God mercifully grants her the gift of repentance and a mind to understand the truth […]