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Thx!4 my dog,Buddy,2 feel better.He has been vomiting.

Thx!4 me,2(L)feel better Sorry.My┬áthroatr’s dry&am anxious.

Thx!4 my hubby(J)&I,2 get along.Can be somewhat hard.

Thx!That(We pay rent 2 em.)my dad’ll stop yelling @ J(my hubby).Then,J yells @ me.4 strength..

Thx!I’m nervous about my situation! I see the Dr.on the 29th.Hopefuly,then,I’l just have a biopsy&it’ll be ok.4 my mass situation.

hx!4 our Marriage.Also,4 me with my pains.4 healing.

Thx!I’ll’ve an apt. with the OB/GYN on the 29th.Now,found out I’ve some masses in my uterus.Now,nervous.


4 my ankle 2 heal.4 me,with my chronic pain.

Pray for RF to install new fence for J on Monday with no issues using the highest quality boards and rails and posts would be set as deep as possible, gates would be installed correctly and no sprinkler or utility lines would be cut. Pray for no rain for the entire week for cement for […]

Please pray for my wife. She is going through something new that will.her distroy her if God does not undertake now. I know Jesus is here .pray for peace and forgiveness for her. I love my wife and will not loose her to the devils that are trying to kill her. Her name is C.


Missouru pray for healing for my best friend, T. He is a brave and beautiful man and I love him dearly. Dear God, please heal T,

Hi!Plz(thx)pray that(Sorry.)I’ll be up 2 going 2 Bible Study tonight.Since I don’t feel very well.y


Pray for Dunrite Co. to send out the highest qualified techs to repair all broken a/c equipment at J’s home on august 18 & for all a/c problems to be resolved completely on the same day. -Pray for Recon Co. to get approval for fence permit for J today & for the best staff members […]