Hello, I need prayer this evening. I am very nice and think I took too much pain medication and am afraid that I will pass away from the pain medication in my sleep. I am so scared and would love for someone to say a prayer for me. Please ask God to forgive me for not being more careful and see me through the night so I can be more vigilant with my medications and be with my family as long as I can? I would very much appreciate this. I am in a Great deal of pain and need my Doctor to recognize this and give me medication to meet my pain-needs. Thank you ever so much for those who choose to answer my prayer by saying a prayer f or me. Thank you and God Bless anyone that will do this for me. I love all of you that will pray for me to lessen the pain and to keep me alive. I will pray for others at another time starting tomorrow I have to think if I want my email made public , please forgive me for that. MS

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