Sister, V, going to Psychrist Thursday. Off of med causing lots of wt. gain, had stroke 1-4-20. I want all of you to pray for all her illnesses to be totally gone. Meds have caused all he health problems. At this point she has to have something , the only thing is for God to heal her. She cannot continue without some med. They are killing her with diabetes, heart disease, open heart in 2018, heart attack in 2019, stroke in 2021. This is a no win, on Lamictal and has some sores on mouth, Zyprexa, the wt and stroke, High bP, Hight BS. Please pry for her healing , body, mind spirit and total restoration. this mental disease has taken her ent ire life, she has never had one. It is time for her to be set free. Thank all you that will pray for her. I do pray for others.

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