Thx!4 me,my my diarea 2 go away.


please pray for V, she is schizophrenic and diabetic, had open heart surgery and a heart attach a year later. Please as God to let the Lamictal work as it is the safest and she has lost some weight, does not eat as much and it is overall the best for all the problems she has. It does make her blood sugar go high, which is very bad. All psychotic drugs do that and is the reason she has diabetes and with problem. Lamictal does not cause wt gain. but does make BS high. Overall it is the best otherwise. Please ask God to let it work for her. Thank all of you for being there. I am in the network to pray for others. I know God hears us and can do anything.

Thx!I’ve diarea.4 me,2 feel better.

Prayers for myself and my boyfriend, B to be able to come together for Christmas- or really just GODS WILL with the relationship, please? I need work or a way to provide for my bills. I am learning photoshop and just need the right connections? Favor. Open Doors. Wisdom. His Will. Also for my son, I. For God’s will in his life. He needs the Lord. He doesn’t understand the Bible or why he would need the Holy Spirit. Please pray for him to accept Jesus. Thank you.

Thx!My name’s Lisa.4 my diarea&belly pain 2 go away&nausea.4 me,with my depress.2.

Please pray for E W., and her salvation through Christ.

Please pray for my son E he is hearing voices and they are making him believe things that are not true. Please pray to have these voices removed from his mind.

Thx!That my muscle strain’d go away.4 Ron&(Cancer)J’s healing.4 T 2.

Thx! I accidentally fell on 11-13.Pray 4 the swelling&pain 2 go away. My face’ll never look the same.


Please pray for healing and restoration… Thanks so much!

In need of prayer for fear and torment D is my name

I cant sleep, i can hardly breathe! Im in fear my marriage is dying. Im twelve years into my second marriage. My first husband left me after emotionally abusing me for 24 years. Im so depressed i wish i was never born. My sleeping medication cant kick in fast enough. Im devastated. I cant talk to him because Im afraid he will leave me.

Family prayer needed- my eldest daughter and I are estranged. (Please pray that we both renew our hearts, spirit and mi do, and can gain forgiveness towards one another) This evening I found out that she may be abusing my 2 grand-daughters. Please pray for my daughter K (her mental state) and the welfare of her children K & N. Please Pray for the healing of their hearts, any bitterness, or unforgiveness. Pray that K seeks and acquires the mental health that she needs. Pray that she stops any drug use, and or drinking. Pray that she renews her heart, and receives clarity of mind, and peace within. (She’ s tormen ted) pray for all of their spirits and their self esteem. Pray against the circle that she surrounds herself and her children with. Please pray for them in any way you can. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy… pray for my family against the will of Satan to destroy my family. Thank you so much. M

Please pray for my son’s mental health . He hears voices in his head all the time. He doesn’t have any peace he can’t even sleep.

God I need you to let my house sell at the right time for the right price I have in my mind. I need the apt to be as I ask, and that it be on the end, corner, with a nice tree to shade , in front or court yard to the left, front left is possible. Hardwood floors, new glass doors for my kitty to look out of. Please coordinate selling and moving, so I don’t end up paying rent and mortgage, which would not end up well for me. Keep certain things away from me, you know what I mean. Help me to be calm. If apt is offered I will need to accept or be stuck here. I need to unload as I am overloaded here. Anyone who should pray on this , god know s of which I am saying. Thank all.P.