Physical problem, medicine prescribed has side effects that are really dragging me down worse than the original problem. Please pray for complete healing, rest and refreshing that come from the times of the presence of the Lord. Thank you!

I am alone, feeling fearful of the future, aware of my sin and have no one to talk to I know that I am feeling sorry fo my self.

Pleas pray for healing for my pinched nerve and pain and weakness that has effected my whole body for the past 7 weeks. Also for freedom from all my anxiety.

D who claims to be a Christian but has not fruit. He curse a lot and curses at his wife as well as calls her names, with no remorse.


i am going through physical problems and the medicine isn’t helping much. side effects are not good. I am weak.

deliverance from illness

Kidney stones stop. Kidney stays healthy

To whoever might be awake.. I need immediate prayer for healing and deliverance from a condition called twisted gut. It’s extremely painful and I don’t want it to escalate so I won’t have to go to the hospital. I need all-over healing in my physical body. For anyone who takes the time to pray for me, I ask the Lord to be with you and to move mightily on your behalf in every situation you need Him to., to bless you and heal you and deliver you- and that you will know Him and love Him and serve Him all the days of your life. In Jesus name, Amen.

Please pray for my daughter. Her doctor just told her she has an inflamed carotid artery. She is trusting in the Lord but going to do everything she can.


Please pray for me for a blessing of final freedom, so I can leave a very toxic relationship. Thank you for your time and prayer, R. T

Please pray for my husband to be delivered from negative thoughts in his mind. amen

Please pray for healing and peace of mind for MA (my mom)! Thank you, I appreciate it!

Asking prayer for 2 young men in car accident . One is being life flighted to seattle the other one is at our hospital. thank you

I need prayer for MSB she is my teen niece that I helped get out of a abusive relationship, pray she stays away from TD , pray for protection over her and guidance, healing, and favor. Thank you.

help me pray for my childrens school fees and my inlaws health problems with mine as well