Please pray for J(13) -epileptic who requires very major/ serious surgery to repair his monitor Dec.11/23 8:00 a.m. Parents very worried about is life. Please pray for Jo (52) full of cancer-Family very worried. surgery

Thx!That my dog,B ‘ll feel better soon.My hubby&I’ll be heartbroken.

Please pray for my kids 17, and 25. My 17 year old son has asperger’s syndrome. His mother was his world. They lost their mother and she was 59. The kids are lashing out at their dad. There is a lot of hurt and we need healing. The family and the demons are attacking the dad. Please pray daily and please know I am praying for each of your needs. God will always prevail!!!! Keep the Faith my brothers and sisters.

Thx!Sorry,many times I feel weak in this life due 2 all my chronic pain.

Thx!I hurt(hairline fracture)my right shoulder.I ohnly did 2 of the phy.ther.since I have trouble affording the co-pay.So,my shoulder’s hurting a lot.

Thx!4 my dog,Buddy,2 feel better.He has been vomiting.

Please pray for MG to heal leukemia

please pray that I am able to rest and not have this much anxiety or pain. Please pray that I am able to get a transfer permanently to my kind old supervisor and away from my current Supevisor. Please pray I receive positivity in my life, positive people and guidance. Please all pray deeply that I am able to be removed from my supervisor permanently and in a positive way for me. I am in too much pain under this person and I need to please be in a better and healthier place.

Please pray for healing of my kidneys

I passed up a great job opportunity that had a lot of significance in making amends and showing I am a better person. Than in the past.. I need that opportunity to come back.

I need prayer for strength and guidance in some problems that have with roommates I have. What they are doing to me is affecting my health. I need gods help so much in this manner.

for emotional pain and a place to live

my wife wants a divorce she has already moved out and tells me she has a boyfriend. i don’t want to get divorce

tHX!4 endurance 4 me.

Thx!4 me,2(L)feel better Sorry.My¬†throatr’s dry&am anxious.