Lord please keep me safe and protected in your shield so no harm can come to me , keep me safe and protected from all demons and evil spirits sent to harm me. Lord there are peopkw who do not know me and seek harm on me from fakae news about me.. Please keep me safe and protected from all demons and evil spirits sent my way to harm me and help me to get my documents and status in order. Please help me. Amen.

Moving forward I ask you to bless me so that I can move forward I would like to see improvement in our daily lives .will you help me thanks .

I am I need of prayer. I have an appointment tomorrow ad could really use help from the Lord. Amen


Sister, V, going to Psychrist Thursday. Off of med causing lots of wt. gain, had stroke 1-4-20. I want all of you to pray for all her illnesses to be totally gone. Meds have caused all he health problems. At this point she has to have something , the only thing is for God to heal her. She cannot continue without some med. They are killing her with diabetes, heart disease, open heart in 2018, heart attack in 2019, stroke in 2021. This is a no win, on Lamictal and has some sores on mouth, Zyprexa, the wt and stroke, High bP, Hight BS. Please pry for her healing , body, mind spirit and total restoration. this mental disease has taken her ent ire life, she has never had one. It is time for her to be set free. Thank all you that will pray for her. I do pray for others.

Hi, my name is S and I have serious health problems.

Pray for our nation…it seems to be all about money, caring for the people just seems to be the least concern. I pray for christians around the world..the battles just seem to never end, getting stronger as time goes by..in this world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer…I have overcome the world…says the Lord. We need to pray for one another, so I pray for you today. I pray for strength, and healing and that my mind stays focused on God and His word..by his stripes we are healed. The greater the battle, the greater the victory. Oh God I cry out to you for protection from the enemy, for healing for our nation and fo r your w ill to be done, on earth, as it is in heaven. Blessings for every child of God, He is worthy to be praised…Amen.

My daughter was promoted to Campus Dean and tomorrow is the first day of class and it will be her first experience. Please pray that God be with her and lead her all throughout the day. Please pray. Thank you SOOOO MUCH.

I believe I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Please pray for me. Thank you.

My son K needs prayer that he passes his drug test for his new employer. He desperately needs this job. He is a believer and is turning his life around. He suffers from brain trauma due to concussions and might have smoked over new years but can’t remember. Please God give him your mercy and grace as he is at the end of his rope.

I desperately need your prayer for my husband! He contracted the covid virus on Dec 17 and has progressively gotten worse. He is in Tucson in the ICU at a hospital. We need a miracle. He is a healthy male, 52. Satan is trying to take him out. The docs have tried everything and the next step is the ventilator. OH GOD, we need a miracle. Heal his severe pneumonia, severe hypoxia and blood clot in his lungs. WE believe in your miracle working power!

Hello, I need prayer this evening. I am very nice and think I took too much pain medication and am afraid that I will pass away from the pain medication in my sleep. I am so scared and would love for someone to say a prayer for me. Please ask God to forgive me for not being more careful and see me through the night so I can be more vigilant with my medications and be with my family as long as I can? I would very much appreciate this. I am in a Great deal of pain and need my Doctor to recognize this and give me medication to meet my pain-needs. Thank you ever so much for those who choose to answer my prayer by saying a prayer f or me. Thank you and God Bless anyone that will do this for me. I love all of you that will pray for me to lessen the pain and to keep me alive. I will pray for others at another time starting tomorrow I have to think if I want my email made public , please forgive me for that. MS

Thx!4 me 2 become unconstipated


God heal my sister, now . All you prayer warriors thank you for praying for V to be healed totally and blessed totally . Thank You

Please pray for me…I pulled a muscle in my leg, I can’t walk on it without pain. Also I need prayer for finances…and for being tormented with fear. I pray and read the Bible every day…I need a break thru. I believe God can and does work miracles and that nothing is impossible. Also I need to move, hopefully out of state…this area is getting really bad. Also I have a dog next door that barks too much and the neighbors don’t respect other people to keep the dog quiet, it’s like they don’t care, the Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself. Thanks for your prayers, and your dedication to serving God. Blessin gs to al l who serve the Lord and pray for others.

Thx!4 T.L.with her back pain.Also,4 my diarea 2 go away.