pray in Jesus name for his loving mercy that he by his will . bring in my life a long awaited need to be loved and be able to give love to a special person whom the lord will bring in my life a soulmate, life partner , someone who can bring joy and love. Long to be married. soon my years of loneliness will be a thing of the past ,by his will Amen Amen.

I have misplaced my father’s only set of car keys. He allows my three children and me to live with him as well as use his only car when I have errands and appointments. Now his car is sitting just outside the garage with the windows down. I’ve searched with no positive results and though this may seem minor, it effects our wellbeing and could possibly have dire consequences, as we live in the woods in a rural neighborhood. Please pray that we find the keys soon. Thank you so very much.

We just found out that my uncle has throat cancer and colon cancer and there putting in a PICC line and calling in hospice and a week ago he found out that he is going to be a grandpa he’s terrified that he won’t be here to see his grandbaby be born.

I have a houseguest that told me she sees dead people- as in departed spirits. Im really concerned about all of this and need counsel and prayers. Thank you.

Prayer for my left ear to work like it used to and for the water in my ear to get out prayer for me to stop lying and be a better Christian Prayer for Belarus to be free for their dictator president Alexander Lukashenko And for the people in Belarus to be safe especially in protest and prayer for Germany to be better prayer for people who live in Haiti to have strength and for God hands to be on them prayer for Christian and more people to come to God

Please pray for me to stop lying and being disobedient

I need a prayer to stop thinking sexually ,remaindering sexual things and having sexual dreams

I need prayer to be free from social media anxiety to share the gospel of Jesus Christ

Please pray for me to pass my toefl and get into the universities I am applying to

I need prayer for my family safety and for my dad to earn more money

Thx!4 me with my chronic pain.

Thx!My hubby,J has pancreatic cancer.4 his healing.I’m nervous.

i need help. please pray for my to my savior jesus. people accuse me and i need so much the intervene of the omnipotent God and his strengthens. please!! jesus help me. sorry, english is not my mothers tongue. blessings

My step mother C has breast cancer please will you pray for her healing… thank you God Bless You

Please pray that God will soften my husband’s heart towards me and reverse his desire for divorce.