Please pray for me. I am going through time of betrayal, uncertainty, and anger mixed with cyr about my future career prospects. Please pray those who have my career in their hands make a decision based on facts not lies. Please pray for me. Please pray for me.

I need a prayer for success in my exam result.


Please pray for V. Let her meds work and not cause any harm. Let her and T as well as me our home and lives be blessed with love and good. I ask this lord in Jesus name.Thank YOu

Thx!4 A’s healing from Cancer.

Please, please pray for V. She is schizophrenic, and taking a new med. Seems to work and not. She is diabetic, all psychotic drugs make Blood sugar rise. When that happens it is like the mental psychosis along with her already mental state. All is increased, along with Blood Pressure going up. How awful she must feel with all that going on. It is very hard for the people who love her and must deal with the problem and worry of her health. I want you to pray for her physical, spiritual, mental, healing, totally, all of it. Ask God to release her from the demons who hold her life in this state of terrible pain, effecting her entire s elf and all those around her. Blessings on her, completely. Thank You please pray all the evils will be thrown out and Trump will continue to make our country free and filled with the love he gives us all.

Please pray for my friend E. I don’t think she nor her two children are saved. Also, the father of the children is in and out of prison and they are having issues. She wants to leave but stays. Please pray for my fiance G and I. We are in counseling. I just want God’s will. Also for my son, S– his girlfriend broke up with him and all his friends sided with his ex girlfriend so he now has NO girlfriend and NO friends. I want to take him on a date… I also feel very depressed lately .. like I want to give up. Please pray for me.. thank you!

Depressed and Anxious and surrounded by thugs. Criminals have moved into the house I am renting a room in, need an affordable place to live now! I’m desperate! Please pray for me. God bless you!

Please I want to marry, I am tired of being a single lady let God grant me a God fearing husband this year

Please pray for me for to total wholeness, I need perfect health Let God send me my destiny helper I need help Let God bless me financial so I can start my business Let God fight my battles and give me peace. Let the Lord bless and keep me Let the Lord shine his face upon mr and be graciously to me Let the Lord lift his countenance upon me and give peace Let the Lord make a way for me Let the peace of the Lord fall upon me Let God have mercy on me and deliver me. Let the devices of wicked be turn to foolishness Above all let the Lord always be my salvation shield and let God preserve my life in Jesus name Amen I asked .

Please pray for my marriage. I need to have peace and tranquility within. I appreciate your prayers!

My husband of 25 years passed away and he did not put my name on the house or anything which I found about after his death and I now have to pay a probate attorney and pay his daughter a share of the home please pray that I can find a job I am 69 years old and I know they are not allowed to discriminate on age but they do. Thank You

A mistake I made in my past has caught up with me. As a result, my family (wife and daughter) has been destroyed, I am homeless (but thank God I still have a job), I have a court date (my first ever) in the next few weeks and I have no support system to help me through this. I’m a faithful believer in Christ Jesus as my Savior. Please pray for God’s strength, peace, joy and healing for my family and me, and that the court would be lenient on me. Thank you sincerely, Tom

pls pray for me to get heal heal from period pains, heal me from arm pains, heal me from all sickness in my body, lord heal me, heal my mother, help me a good high pay job with good team, help me , a good heart, help me lord to pls unblock my life, open my life, unlock me lord, help me to restore our love with low, lord remove a between us, remove all evil blocking us to restore back, lord unity us, in your true love , be with us be our foundation, guide us lead us to a blessed marriage life, lord forgive me, help me to do good @my current job , be with me work with help me be my boss father, help me to pay me my all over time ho urs tht I worked for ,lord help that this boss not ever cut off my over time, lord help me, rebuke him when he want to cut it off and direct him to my true hours that I have worked for , pls end the relation ship of me&samel , help that he do no evil in my life, lord help me, my heart loves low, bind me &low in your protection wings, lord help us to love each in truth,help that he ask me to marry him , lord turn his heart to me, clean me, shine in me, let no man evil ever separate us come between us, lord help in jeus name , protect me from all evil enmies, lord return all evil back to sender, witch V, withc a, lord free me from all their evil deliver me father, keep me safe far away from them in jesus name amen!

A friend is fighting to get her daughter back from her mother. She needs a miracle to find a lawyer to help her. Or better she and her mother reconcile, stop fighting, and her mother returns her daughter to her. She is a single mother and has no money or income. She has been feeling depressed and mad at God. She is starting to see hope again. I am afraid if she doesn’t get a lawyer and support she will lose and I know she will not be able to continue living. She was devasted and is punishing herself. Please pray for her.

Just went to counseling for the fist time with my boyfriend of 2.5 years. Major issues for us both growing up. We both are like these little kids in these 40 year old bodies– we were both severely abused physically, sexually, mentally, spiritually and emotionally and as we try to go forward in love–we both get triggered by things. WE NEED GODS HELP. We are both believers and know CHRIST, HIS BLOOD, the HOLY SPIRIT, the FATHER! — certainly.. what God has brought together let no man tear apart. (even the enemy of our past!) I sit here in tears after another outburst from him– it can be very HARD to ride out and not RUN!!!!!! Love is pati ent, love is kind– I keep trying to think good things as the Word says to do. Edify– don’t give up. Don’t flight or fight but it’s so hard cause this protector in me wants to rise up and remove any possible threat of hurt or heartache, you know? Sometimes I just wish God would come get me cause life has been so hard. I’m sober, I’m seeking– and it’s like I’ll never get out of this….. satan is a liar! God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ever ask, think or imagine!