After being involved in this prayer ministry for a while now, I have come to realize just how powerful prayer can be. It can become exponentially more powerful as more people join the cause. When someone submits a prayer request they are counting on people like you and me to be there for them and join them in their struggle through intercessory prayer. What a privilege we have to be invited into an army of prayer warriors for advancing the Kingdom of Christ. It is my prayer that you would join us and become a prayer partner on behalf of these hurting people.



You can have a daily email sent to you with a recap of the days prayer requests. Simply enter your email address in the box the right and follow the instructions provided. All information is private, safe and secure. —–>



if you would prefer to receive “Prayer Request Tweets” via your mobile device. Tweets are delivered per post so you will receive one with every new prayer request submitted with a link to the full prayer request. Our twitter account is found here.



You can subscribe to the RSS feeds at the top right hand section of the page. You will need an RSS reader to take advantage of this option.


This is my favorite option. I use Google Reader for all of my blog subscriptions. It is easy to set up and use. Go here to get started. Set up an account and then come back and copy this – – and paste it into the “add a subscription” section on the reader page. Then it will update itself whenever a new request is posted.



You can always go to the main blog page and bookmark it then come back and check it at your leisure.

Thank you for joining us in this Kingdom work.

The I Need Prayer team

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