We would like to pray for you at I need prayer now.org
Prayer is a powerful tool in reaching God
I need prayer now.org is a free and confidential web site dedicated to prayer and praying for your needs.
The Biible has much to say about prayer and praying for others.
Prayer makes a difference, Prayer changes things, prayer matters.
Bible Verses about prayer and praying.
Bible Verses about prayer and praying.
1John 3:22  
And whatever we ask, we
receive from Him,
because we keep His
commandments and do
those things that are
pleasing in His sight.
Philippians 4:6  Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer
and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.
How it works.
It is really very simple. In the form below, let your request be known. Indicate whether
you would like your prayer request to be kept private and our staff will maintain your
privacy while still praying with you and your need. Or indicate that you prefer the
request to be made public and our network of prayer partners will join you in your

When making either public or private requests we ask that you keep all names,
places and specific events confidential. Your full name will never be made public by
us and we ask that if you use names of other individuals in your request that you use
the following format: John Doe = (J.D) or the Smith family = the (S.) family.  Never use
addresses, telephone numbers or any other traceable information when placing your
requests. We also do not permit any type of product, personal or website promotion
through our network or public debate of theological or spiritual concepts.
We will pray for you and you can pray for others.
Our Mission - Connecting People and the Creator
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"Cry out and be heard!"
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