Family prayer needed- my eldest daughter and I are estranged. (Please pray that we both renew our hearts, spirit and mi do, and can gain forgiveness towards one another) This evening I found out that she may be abusing my 2 grand-daughters. Please pray for my daughter K (her mental state) and the welfare of her children K & N. Please Pray for the healing of their hearts, any bitterness, or unforgiveness. Pray that K seeks and acquires the mental health that she needs. Pray that she stops any drug use, and or drinking. Pray that she renews her heart, and receives clarity of mind, and peace within. (She’ s tormen ted) pray for all of their spirits and their self esteem. Pray against the circle that she surrounds herself and her children with. Please pray for them in any way you can. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy… pray for my family against the will of Satan to destroy my family. Thank you so much. M

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