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Please pray for me…I pulled a muscle in my leg, I can’t walk on it without pain. Also I need prayer for finances…and for being tormented with fear. I pray and read the Bible every day…I need a break thru. I believe God can and does work miracles and that nothing is impossible. Also I […]

In need of prayer for fear and torment D is my name

I cant sleep, i can hardly breathe! Im in fear my marriage is dying. Im twelve years into my second marriage. My first husband left me after emotionally abusing me for 24 years. Im so depressed i wish i was never born. My sleeping medication cant kick in fast enough. Im devastated. I cant talk […]


God I need you to let my house sell at the right time for the right price I have in my mind. I need the apt to be as I ask, and that it be on the end, corner, with a nice tree to shade , in front or court yard to the left, front […]


Depressed and Anxious and surrounded by thugs. Criminals have moved into the house I am renting a room in, need an affordable place to live now! I’m desperate! Please pray for me. God bless you!


A mistake I made in my past has caught up with me. As a result, my family (wife and daughter) has been destroyed, I am homeless (but thank God I still have a job), I have a court date (my first ever) in the next few weeks and I have no support system to help […]

Just went to counseling for the fist time with my boyfriend of 2.5 years. Major issues for us both growing up. We both are like these little kids in these 40 year old bodies– we were both severely abused physically, sexually, mentally, spiritually and emotionally and as we try to go forward in love–we both […]


Please pray for me and my 2 young kids. My husband wants a divorce and I have no support group – no friends or family or enough money to support the 3 of us. Im afraid and alone and I dont know what to do. I really need something positive, anything to show to that […]

New Jersey

This prayer is for me my husband and my son. For protection for my husband at his job protection for our family so that we may be protected from our enemies. Bless us dear Lord bless us dear God bless us dear Jesus bless Us dear spirit..give us your blessing give us your guidance give […]


My fianc walked out on me and out daughter. Hed been cheating for quite some time. He used me for money. Im bitter and hurt. I dont know what to do. I dont know if I should wait for him or just walk away. I want our family healed I dont want to hurt any […]


I have misplaced my father’s only set of car keys. He allows my three children and me to live with him as well as use his only car when I have errands and appointments. Now his car is sitting just outside the garage with the windows down. I’ve searched with no positive results and though […]

I’m a high school teacher, age 58, and COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED right now. TOO MUCH technology expected of us for remote learning students, on top of the already crazy load….PLUS, I’m a special ed. teacher, so there are tremendous pulls with kids, paperwork, added work…I’m TRYING to edify myself and be calm in the Lord….but struggling […]

Jesus, Please save my job as I need this job to support my family and I ve worked at my job for over ten years. amen


God, please let the money I am paying out be the end of it. Pleased Lord, do not let them take all the money I have. Please God, in Jesus name and by his blood. I thank you.

I feel the presence of evil. Our world and politics are making lives miserable including mine. We are better people than what is happening today and what is on the news today. We need prayer warriors our election is coming soon. If it goes the wrong way America is over. The book of revelations is […]